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Minutia Men – Back in the Saddle

Rick and Dave discuss cops with a sense of humor, sex ed teachers with no imagination, a dating app for one guy, Rick’s brush with 60s/70s singer Lou Christie, and they interview comedian/playwright/radio guy Spike Manton.  [Ep159]

Minutia Men – From Charleston to Bangkok

Rick and Dave discuss what causes Chinese mothers to have heart attacks, anatomically correct mannequins, Rick’s brush with conservative columnist Robert Novak, and they interview rock and roll author Bill Paige (live from Bangkok)  [Ep158]

Minutia Men – Loerzel & Lorne Greene

Rick and Dave discuss Jews arguing in Afghanistan, a misunderstanding about a mom’s profession, chicken that tastes like feet, Rick’s brush with Lorne Greene, and we interview Chicago journalist and Twitter influencer Robert Loerzel. [Ep157]

Minutia Men – Hash & Potash

Rick and Dave discuss a dead boyfriend, a lady in Red, a hash funeral, Rick’s brush with guitarist Adrian Belew, and they interview WGN-TV newscaster Larry Potash.  [EP156]

Minutia Men – Yes, Please

Rick and Dave discuss Jenkins in Mattoon, Jesus’ shoes, a man who can make it rain, Rick’s brush with Paul McCartney, and they interview Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Alan White–the drummer from Yes.  [Ep155]

Minutia Men – Johns and Johnsons

Rick and Dave discuss things inserted where they shouldn’t be, iPhones that turn you gay, airline improvements, Rick’s brush with Marshall Crenshaw, and they interview Chicago broadcasting legend, Catherine Johns.  [Ep154]

Minutia Men – Fat Bees and Sting Please

Rick and Dave discuss fat bees, he really is just happy to see you, scamming scammers, Rick’s brush with Sting, and they interview great Chicago photographer Barry Butler.  [Ep153]

Minutia Men – Hops, Skip, and a Jump

Rick and Dave discuss Jenkins at the White House, spotted cows, Dave’s awards, Rick’s brush with David Lee Roth, and they interview singer/comedian Skip Griparis.  [Ep152]

Minutia Men – Mind The Gap & Watch the Crap

Rick and Dave discuss the pigeon poop problem, the science of semen extraction, the Cubs we lost this week, Rick’s brush with Walter Payton, and they interview the voice of the London Underground, Emma “Mind the Gap” Clarke.  [EP151]

Minutia Men – Chopping Heads & Burning Sheds

Rick and Dave discuss a kid who chopped off his dad’s head, castration limericks, Harry Caray & Ron Santo, Rick’s brush with Dennis Hopper, and they interview She-Shed Cheryl (Nicole J. Butler) from the State Farm commercial. [Ep150]