Minutia Men – Elvis Weddings Have Left the Building

The late Yes drummer Alan White, a cereal that doesn’t seem like a great idea for breakfast, Cockroaches, Sex-Ed through fishing, and the end of the great Elvis wedding tradition are among the topics discussed this week by Rick and Dave. [EP273]

Minutia Men – Nantucket Limericks

Misconceptions of recent college graduates, Nantucket topless beaches, Kent State photographer, the dangers of being late for your wedding, another embarrassing death, and a brush with a 1970’s sitcom star are discussed by Rick and Dave. [Ep270]

Minutia Men – Hitler’s Bathtub

A man pays over a half-million dollars for a worthless football, the most controversial photograph of the twentieth century, Jenkins in Taiwan, a celebrity prank, a how-not-to guide, and a brush with Hollywood icon Gene Kelly are discussed by Rick and Dave. [Ep268]

Minutia Men – Keep My Wife’s Name Out Of This Podcast’s Mouth

Should you ever hire family members, Fake plaques on park benches, Carl Giammarese from the Buckinghams tells about his Ed Sullivan show appearance, Kids say the darndest things, Jenkins in Miami, Hillary in Arkansas, and a tremendous listener story about Abe Vigoda are discussed by Rick and Dave. [Ep266]

Minutia Men – A Very Special Studio Wall

Rick and Dave chat with Andrew Lloyd Webber lyricist Glen Slater, Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner, Fee Waybill of the Tubes, Paul Michael Glaser from Starsky & Hutch, and uncover a rare 1955 interview with Ernie Banks. [Ep265]

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