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Minutia Men – Jeffrey, Joel & John

Rick and Dave discuss the exploits of Jeffrey (Toobin), pay tribute to Joel (Daly) and Rick tells about his brush with former NFL coach John Madden. [Ep201]

Minutia Men – Kids, Cougars, and Covid

Rick and Dave discuss the problems with the sports name Cougars, a boy that eats only sausage, college kids getting Covid on purpose, and a brush with comedian Don Rickles.  [Ep200]

Minutia Men – Bad songs, bad men, and bad hair

Rick and Dave discuss the worst songs of all time, a man who stole over a million dollars in toner ink, McDonald’s french fries saving baldness, and a brush with Gilligan Island star Dawn Wells. [Ep199]

Minutia Men – Nixon’s Half-Eaten Sandwich

Rick and Dave discuss Florida’s College party bill of rights, Nixon’s half-eaten sandwich, the worst job in the world, and Rick’s brush with comedian Bill Maher. [EP198]

Minutia Men – Fido vs. Phones

Rick and Dave discuss dogs versus phones, wacky radio names, a Hooters mask, and a brush with Ann Margret. [EP197]

Minutia Men – On the Roof Again

Rick and Dave go on the roof again with Willie Nelson & Chip Carter, discuss embarrassing injuries, sum up all political ads, recall a viral Rick and Dave hoax, and a brush with television star Marilu Henner. [Ep196]

Minutia Men – Packets Of Pot And Bottles Of Booze

Rick and Dave discuss packets of pot falling from the sky, being banned from an airline, free-lance license plate art, Rick’s brush with one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and they play a clip from their interview with Amy Landecker & Bradley Whitford. [Ep195]

Minutia Men – Tweets, Toilets & Tiger Balls

Rick and Dave discuss tweets from a dead man, things found in porta-potties, tiger balls, Rick’s brush with a rock and roll icon, and they feature a clip of their interview with “Mob-Adjacent” author, Jeffrey Gentile. [Ep194]

Minutia Men – Noodles, Nukes, And Nudes!

Rick and Dave discuss noodles for drivers license, blessing nuclear weapons, nude Zoom calls, Rick’s brush with a political spouse, and they play a preview to their celebrity interview with Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner! [Ep193]

Minutia Men – China Pulls A Hildegard

Rick and Dave discuss a $900 million bank mistake, a Chinese restaurant is a little too obsessed with cleaning plates, a Lego up your nose, Rick’s brush with a comedy superstar, and more! [Ep192]