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Minutia Men

Minutia Men – Mind The Gap & Watch the Crap

Rick and Dave discuss the pigeon poop problem, the science of semen extraction, the Cubs we lost this week, Rick’s brush with Walter Payton, and they interview the voice of the London Underground, Emma “Mind the Gap” Clarke.  [EP151]

Minutia Men – Chopping Heads & Burning Sheds

Rick and Dave discuss a kid who chopped off his dad’s head, castration limericks, Harry Caray & Ron Santo, Rick’s brush with Dennis Hopper, and they interview She-Shed Cheryl (Nicole J. Butler) from the State Farm commercial. [Ep150]

Minutia Men – Brexit, Beatles, Bacon and Ballplayers

Rick and Dave discuss Dave’s visit to England, dog porn, a Minutia quiz, Leo Durocher audio outtakes, Rick’s brush with Valerie Harper, and they interview former White Sox slugger Eric Soderholm. [Ep149]

Minutia Men – A very special Cubs episode

Rick and Dave tackle one topic–the Chicago Cubs. They also interview ex-Cubs Carmen Fanzone and Adam Greenberg. [Ep148]

Minutia Men – The Head of the Bobbles

Rick and Dave discuss gruesome injuries, the brattiest kid ever, bacon butter essence, a brush with Werner Klemperer, and an interview with the CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum.

Minutia Men – An improv hero

Rick and Dave talk about sweaty centers, tech-savvy kid savants, inappropriate funeral gifts, Rick’s brush with Jay Leno, and they interview improv artist/author/radio guy Brendan Sullivan. (Ep146)

Minutia Men – Tom Dreesen & Friends!

A very special Minutia Men.  Rick and Dave share the microphones with two Emmy winning journalists (Dane Placko and Jay Shatz) who just happen to be their college buddies. Plus, an interview with Tom Dreesen. (Ep145)

Minutia Men – 08/03/19

EP144: Rick and Dave discuss litigious dodgeball, cathedral putt-putt, Nazi amusement parks, Warren G. Harding, Rick’s brush with Marilu Henner, and interview rock and roll photographer Mick Rock.

Minutia Men – 07/27/19

EP143: Rick and Dave discuss fast food fights, Obscene wedding invitations, branding problems, the day Rick was born, Rick’s brush with former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar, and they interview Schoolhouse Rock’s Essra Mohawk.

Minutia Men – 07/20/19

EP142: Rick and Dave discuss a parent of the year, the grossest furniture possible, Jenkins in Israel, an ex-Cub who was murdered, Rick’s brush with former Beatle Pete Best, and they interview and play audio genius from production wizard Vince Argento.