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Back 2 You! – The Dodgers WIN!

Howard and Steve enjoyed the Dodgers winning the World Series but they’re mad at an LA player—Steve’s childhood nightmare Halloween and the guys have some words of wisdom from billionaire Warren Buffet. On the next Back 2 You! (Ep56)

Back 2 You – Don’t Explain!

Howard and Steve explore a variety of topics, from annoyances, social media, and yes, Dr. Phil. On the next Back 2 You! (Ep55)

Back 2 You – Funnyman Tom Dreesen

Howard and Steve visit with comedian Tom Dreesen who talks about the new Showtime Series “The Comedy Store” that launched the careers of so many comedians—including his.  On the next Back 2 You! (Ep54)

Back 2 You – Show Me The Money!

Howard and Steve think that you may know where your money is, but they doubt that you know what’s on it.  Plus a special birthday parade, all on the next Back 2 You! (Ep53)

Back 2 You – Informed Automotive Edition

Howard and Steve are joined by fellow podcasters, The Car Guys: Marc Vernon, and Lou Costabile. You’ll find everyone’s car stories funny, and you might learn something about their love affair of cars and the road. (Ep52)

Back 2 You – Let It Be!

Interesting facts about man’s best friend, plus someone discovers the show Schitt’s Creek, and then which celebrity was born all in the same year. It may shock you.  Join Howard & Steve on Back 2 You. (Ep51)

Back 2 You – Pet peeves!

Things that bother everyone, and do you have a superpower? Howard says he does….you be the judge. (Ep50)

Back 2 You – Shaken not Stirred!

Chicago drinkologist and master private bartender who can tell you how to impress your friends with your cocktail making skills. Steve and Howard welcome Ross Hunt, Owner/Chief Cocktail Nerd at unMuddled Bartending Company. [EP49]

Back 2 You – It’s Finger Lickin’ Good

The most famous ad slogans, plus Steve and Howard ramble on about fearing the trip to the doctor. (EP48)

Back 2 You – No Ketchup On Your Steak

Steve and Howard talk about everybody’s favorite subject—food. They are joined by a best-selling cookbook co-author, private chef to Chicago pro-sports players, Mike Kubiesa, who can up your cooking game in the kitchen or on the grill. [Ep47]