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Back 2 You – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Steve and Howard discuss how they were feeling as the US Capitol Building was stormed. Plus they recommend some great music that helped capture history 50 years ago. [EP66]

Back 2 You – What is in it for me?

Steve and Howard see how well you know your hit tv shows, why you’ll break your New Year’s resolutions, and what’s in it for me? (Ep65)

Back 2 You – We have questions. Answers, not so much

Howard and Steve ask each other some off the wall questions that get some off the wall answers & you may have fun answering them yourselves. (Ep64)

Back 2 You – Best Foot Forward

Steve and Howard, both currently unemployed offer their tips on things you should….and should not say in your next job interview. Some valuable–and maybe humorous advice on Back 2 You. (Ep63)

Back 2 You – Watch Your Manners!

Howard and Steve explore the world of good…..and bad manners. And we’ll see if they practice what they’re preaching…. on the next Back 2 You. (Ep62)

Back 2 You – Chicago’s Christmas Music Podcast

Steve and Howard are making a list and checking it twice… about their favorite Christmas songs and movies. Some may surprise you on the next Back 2 You. (Ep61)

Back 2 You – The 1st Annual Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Howard and Steve make your holiday shopping easy with their unique gift ideas… completely gift wrapped with their usual nonsense. On the next Back 2 You. (Ep60)

Back 2 You – Dr. Ian Smith

Howard and Steve are honored to visit with doctor, author, television host, Dr. Ian Smith who will talk about his latest novel which is set in Chicago. He’ll also get into how to stay in shape mentally and physically and what it’s like to be in the Oval Office. […]

Back 2 You – Looking like an old elf!

Some of Howard and Steve’s embarrassing moments—and what does Howard say way too often on this show and it even drives him crazy. On the next Back 2 You! (Ep58)

Back 2 You – A Presidential Bubbly Wubbly

Howard quizzes Steve on some American history and is stunned at how well he did! Then they take some surprising twists and turns into a conversation. On the next Back 2 You! (Ep57)