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And Friends – Banned from China

Kimmy gives a story on why you should terminate all subscriptions before you die. Tommy asks a question about the male anatomy. Samuel gets everyone started on an “I hate this state…” conversation, but this time Florida wasn’t one of those states!  All this and more on “And Friends!”  […]

And Friends – The One Where They Find Jesus

Kimmy brings in a new way to talk about current events by playing a little game of “Guess The Price”. Samuel goes into the crazy world of Florida, and the serial scooter brake cutter. While Tommy ends us out with a Music without Music that really gets you moving.  […]

And Friends – That’s Not A Rolling Pin!

Samuel talks about Clearwater Florida’s possible new sea turtle mayor. Kimmy gets excited about some vintage sex toys. Tommy seems to think that anyone in dire need of a bong would use a dead baby shark. All this and more on “And Friends!”  (Ep06)

And Friends – Not Dead Yet!

Kimmy explains to Tommy and Samuel what woman do with tampons. Samuel’s Florida stories start a debate on who deserves to be robbed; elderly or oil companies. Plus a Cajun man joins the team!  All this and more on SEASON 2 of “And Friends!”  (Ep05)

And Friends – Tastes like chicken!

Kimmy shares some issues Peta is having with Idaho, Tommy gets into his feelings with nostalgia trap, and Samuel shares Chai’s song Gyaran-Boo.  Plus, what tastes like chicken?  All this and more on “And Friends!”  (Ep04)

And Friends – Icelandic Style Yogurt

Tommy silently shares a new song, Samuel gives us some Florida man stories and gives us information on a little town he’s made called “Friendsville”. Kimmy gets into a story of a Chicago company who forwarded an email to the wrong person, uh oh. All this and more on […]

And Friends – Keanu Reeves

Kimmy starts us off with the most important topic in the news. Samuel gives us some stories with some shi##y ending, no pun intended. While Tommy takes us down memory lane in a nostalgia trap with old video games. All that and more on “And Friends!”  (EP2)

And Friends – A Spin-off

Kimmy shares a way you could possibly get $1000.  Samuel finds Florida stories, especially about a naked man hiding in chicken coops.  Tommy gives a movie review, with an interesting spin-off idea.  Plus the gang gets into some sex talk!  All this and more on “And Friends! EP1