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And Friends – Don’t Fork With Me, Buddy

The daredevil of Florida, some NSFW questions from Reddit, and who soon may be phoning in their portion of the show from jail?  Tommy, Samuel, and Kimmy only on “And Friends!” (Ep86)

And Friends – Bust A Grape Nut

Liking Squirt while learning about squirting, and a tribe that worships a Prince as their God, plus things the pandemic has caused a shortage of. Samuel, Kimmy, and Tommy only on “And Friends!” (Ep85)

And Friends – Denizens of Pen Island

Lesson in queening and felching. Why booze and botox don’t mix. A hard look into streaming.  Kimmy, Tommy, and Samuel only on “And Friends!” (Ep84)

And Friends – The Snyder Haircut

Tommy goes live online to show off his new look. Samuel explores Florida’s obsession with hurting kids. Kimmy tries to protect the guy’s genitals. All only on “And Friends!” (Ep83)

And Friends – And Cancelled

Kimmy gives a lesson on what being ‘canceled’ means. Samuel gives a prediction on who may be canceled next. Tommy cancels ‘And Friends’?  All only on “And Friends!” (Ep82)

And Friends – Feminine AF

Samuel gets curious about Lola Bunny. Tommy tackles his hunger issues throughout the show. Kimmy talks about her elastic, muscular part of her female genital tract. Plus talk about WanadaVision.  All only on “And Friends!” (Ep81)

And Friends – From Corona To Covid: A Look Back To Lockdown!

Kimmy, Tommy, and Samuel go back to March of 2020 and playback moments from the last episodes before lockdown. How have things changed? Featuring clips from other Oppih Shows like Lossano and Friends, Minutia Men, Free Kicks, Stick to Everything, Back 2 You, The Car Guys Report, Minutia […]

And Friends – The AF Ten Episode Blitz

Ever heard 10 episodes in one?
Episode 77 Kimmy teaches you the signs that your neighbors are swingers.
Episode 76 Samuel tells of a man spreading the word of god in his birthday suit.
Episode 79 Tommy questions a kid’s shirt and the meaning behind it.
All only on “And Friends!” […]

And Friends – The Ron Howard of episodes!

To celebrate THE BIG 69: Kimmy, Tommy, and Samual cum together in a sex-filled episode. Tommy reviews sex. Samuel gives a lesson on sex practices. Kimmy takes sex to the ER. All only on “And Friends!” [EP69]

And Friends – The Clint Howard of episodes!

Kimmy gives some sticky news, and some warnings so you don’t follow their lead. Samuel gets everyone, including Leslie, to reveal their deepest darkest dreams. Tommy gets serious about the Olympics.  All only on “And Friends!” (Ep68)