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And Friends – The Jolly AF Holiday Special

Kimmy gives some last-minute holiday advice and what’s wrong with a real Christmas tree. Samuel looks at Next Week Today for around this time of year and it wasn’t the greatest. Tommy learns some tricks for traveling during the holidays. Plus a very special “Jolly AF Holiday!”  All that […]

And Friends – Warriors, come out to play-i-ay

Kimmy often wondered about getting punched, and may finally get her wish.  Tommy discovers something about the George Foreman grill that everyone should know too.  Samuel finds a cheap “dentist” that makes housecalls.  All that and more on “And Friends!”  [Ep16]

And Friends – Fight over the News

A robber was upset he got too much money.  What people put inside themselves that made them rush to the ER. A taste testers that, unfortunately, does not get anybody drunk.  All that and more on “And Friends!”  [Ep15]

And Friends – The 20-Year-Old Recipe!

It has taken two decades to perfect this “dish” and is fully examined and shared for Thanksgiving by your new best friends, Kimmy, Tommy, and Samuel!  All that and more on “And Friends!” [Ep14]

And Friends – Moist and Creamy!

Gender reveals have been exploding, literally, but this one just stinks… literally. Kimmy gets dirty with sexual innuendos from kids’ movies. And a taste tester segment that may be fulfilling the mystery about cream filling! All that and more on “And Friends!”  [Ep13]

And Friends – How to wash a bra!

Kimmy reveals the best public places to cry in Chicago. Samuel goes into the history of a few assassinations. Tommy learns about the perfect masturbation box.  All that and more on “And Friends!”  [Ep12]

And Friends – Sex with Olaf

Kimmy gives a news report that’s heavily about eggplants, and not the real ones.  Samuel shares a disturbing story about Olaf as a victim.  Tommy can be bought to say how Ghosts are real. All that and more on “And Friends!”  [Ep11]

And Friends – A Bloody Good Time

Kimmy goes paranormal about a haunted restaurant that began with an affair with the maid. Samuel’s ‘Next Week Today’ involves some of history’s most notorious killers, find out who! While Tommy really wants to see an alligator in a birthday hat!  All that and more on “And Friends!”  [Ep10]

And Friends – The Exorcist Pregnancy Test

Samuel time travels with “Next Week Today” –  Tommy warns the public of various catastrophes. –  Kimmy chills with “Music without Music” now with music!   All this and more on “And Friends!”  (Ep09)

And Friends – Banned from China

Kimmy gives a story on why you should terminate all subscriptions before you die. Tommy asks a question about the male anatomy. Samuel gets everyone started on an “I hate this state…” conversation, but this time Florida wasn’t one of those states!  All this and more on “And Friends!”  […]