A weekly irreverent look at the world of sports from an actor, a comedian, and a gambling dog. Tailgating encouraged!


Sports Dorks – Hotdog Expert Gambler Person

S2E45: Scott & Andy demand a letter of apology from #ScottSecco, who has been hashtagged because they are serious. Move that dirt and APOLOGIZE!

Sports Dorks – Andy’s Commentary Track for Frozen

S2E44: Hell froze over, and Andy finally watched Frozen. This is NOT for children. Synchronization instructions included. (Frozen / Copyright Walt Disney Co)

Sports Dorks – Which One Is Sven?

S2E43: Scott & Andy get Frozen in the summer? Cubs baseball in November? Hotwings or Football? These puzzlers, and much more

Sports Dorks – The Betrayal

S2E42: Scott & Andy, Mac Daddies, an underused Louie Anderson, Bronze Stalkers, a cruel and evil surprise, and so much more.

Sports Dorks – Helping Sgt. Ryan

Scott & Andy teach the primary colors, flee from the stalkers, deal with a bad floating accent, and more. Cocktail sauce at breakfast?

Sports Dorks – Vermillion Carbon Footprint

S2EP40: Scott & Andy spend the entire episode in iambic pentameter. Or not. Plus, Peanut!

Sports Dorks – Bring The Cow!

EP239: Scott & Andy agree that St. Louis is boring, make multiple references to The Outsiders, play poker with a German, and so much more.

Sports Dorks – I Hope Sharkie Is OK

Scott thinks everything is BS, Andy is sad and angry, and Swish is just…wow. The “T” stands for “The”. Or “Thornton Wilder”.

Sports Dorks – Every Team Has Sick Kids

What hand pass? Join Scott & Andy as they ring the bells and cite Chaucer.

Sports Dorks – Sharks Swim in Saltwater

EP236 Look Inward with Scott & Andy for dragon tactics, rigged refs, two yoots, boiling nitro, and more.