A weekly irreverent look at the world of sports from an actor, a comedian, and a gambling dog. Tailgating encouraged!


Sports Dorks – The Cockpit

Andy and Scott suffer through an Air Bud movie together, brave a real hurricane in a fictional situation, and more.

Sports Dorks – Tulane Highway

The suspension is over! Scott and Andy are back talking about sports, gambling, movies and absolute nonsense.

Fade These Idiots – “The BIG Game”

“American Football’s BIG Game” – Scott and Andy have plenty of opinions on ‘The Game You Can’t Name’.

Fade These Idiots – AFC/NFC Finals

“AFC/NFC Finals” – Andy and Scott have gone all season without being in lockstep… until now.

Fade These Idiots – NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoffs – Andy is alone on the snowy mountain, but NFL picks by him and Scott McGee will keep him warm.

Sports Dorks – 01/07/17

“The Drone is DOWN!” – Scott and Andy discuss the new LCAP mountain hideaway, a movie, college football, and…. hockey?

Fade These Idiots – NFL Wildcard Weekend

“Wild Card Weekend” – Scott and Andy are reunited, and it feels so…. OK, I guess.

Fade These Idiots – NFL Week 17

NFL Week 17 – The College Bowl race is neck and neck between Scott and Andy. Plus NFL picks and more!

Fade These Idiots – NFL Week 16

NFL Week 16 – NFL Gambling! College Bowl Picks! Mediocre musical parodies!

Fade These Idiots – NFL Week 15

NFL Week 15 – Andy may be stranded on the mountain, but he can still give his and Scott’s picks for the week. Including BOWL GAMES!