A weekly irreverent look at the world of sports from an actor, a comedian, and a gambling dog. Tailgating encouraged!


Sports Dorks – Civil Conflict

EP214: Coach Scott and Grandpa Hipster sit around the Christmas tree with knives in an unrequited rivalry with the Fighting Narwhals.

Sports Dorks – Baby Fishmouth

A wicked Nor’easter can’t stop Scott and Andy from playing to win the game.

Sports Dorks – Fighting Gobblers

EP212: Scott and Andy are hashtag blessed to be talking gambling, football, movies, and more.

Sports Dorks – Blame New Hampshire

Scott is lost to the backwoods this week, but Andy checks in with their NFL picks.

Sports Dorks – And Everything Ended Peacefully

Get a gamble in as Scott and Andy smell the gator meat and battle for a rag. Geaux get your cornbread recipe!

Sports Dorks – It’s Just Ghost Piss

Scott and Andy continue their downward spiral with NFL Picks, Andy tells a poker war story, and more.

Sports Dorks – Werewolves Are Great At Freethrows

Scott and Andy take a homoerotic journey down the big muddy. You’ll come for the chlamydia and cosplay, but you’ll stay for Boof.

Sports Dorks – Ram Napping

Join Scott and Andy as they help pay for your vacation with their gambling picks. Pro tip: Go the opposite way if you want to win.

Sports Dorks – Are You Drunk Right Now?

Scott and Andy climb the highest building on campus to see the coast, fight in a holy war, pray for Ryan Braun’s tears, and so much more.

Sports Dorks – 3000 Kills

Scott and Andy are joined by their friend Justin to talk sports, gambling, and more. It sounds like a whammy so bring on the napalm.