A weekly irreverent look at the world of sports from an actor, a comedian, and a gambling dog. Tailgating encouraged!


Sports Dorks – Blame New Hampshire

Scott is lost to the backwoods this week, but Andy checks in with their NFL picks.

Sports Dorks – And Everything Ended Peacefully

Get a gamble in as Scott and Andy smell the gator meat and battle for a rag. Geaux get your cornbread recipe!

Sports Dorks – It’s Just Ghost Piss

Scott and Andy continue their downward spiral with NFL Picks, Andy tells a poker war story, and more.

Sports Dorks – Werewolves Are Great At Freethrows

Scott and Andy take a homoerotic journey down the big muddy. You’ll come for the chlamydia and cosplay, but you’ll stay for Boof.

Sports Dorks – Ram Napping

Join Scott and Andy as they help pay for your vacation with their gambling picks. Pro tip: Go the opposite way if you want to win.

Sports Dorks – Are You Drunk Right Now?

Scott and Andy climb the highest building on campus to see the coast, fight in a holy war, pray for Ryan Braun’s tears, and so much more.

Sports Dorks – 3000 Kills

Scott and Andy are joined by their friend Justin to talk sports, gambling, and more. It sounds like a whammy so bring on the napalm.

Sports Dorks – No Mascot? You Dope Smoking Hippy Kids!

Scott and Andy avoid steaming manholes as they talk sports and gambling before firing on the hypocrisy of Reggie White. Bring YOUR Henry Kissinger impression.

Sports Dorks – The Cockpit

Andy and Scott suffer through an Air Bud movie together, brave a real hurricane in a fictional situation, and more.

Sports Dorks – Tulane Highway

The suspension is over! Scott and Andy are back talking about sports, gambling, movies and absolute nonsense.