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Sports Dorks – Bobo The Clown

Get in the van for an episode that has it all. A trip to Niagara Falls, Indiana with Norwegian au pairs, testicle talk, and a surreal reveal that blew Scott & Andy’s minds.

Sports Dorks – Marshall Marshall Marshall

Scott hits Andy in the nose with a football as they celebrate their ongoing hot streak. They have their cycles in sync and the drunk college kids are in the bleachers.

Sports Dorks – You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

Scott & Andy are reunited and it feels so good. Nobody is trading this slobberknocker of an episode for magic beans. Smoke up, Johnny and come smell my dogs. [EP317]

Sports Dorks – Maybe He Had It Coming

Scott & Andy pass each other like two ships in the night. Two ships each griping about sports. [EP316]

Sports Dorks – Another Shortie

This time it’s Andy’s fault. The episode may be short, but I hope you’re not sleeping on Scott and Andy’s profitable NFL picks. Make your money now before it all goes down in flames. [EP315]

Sports Dorks – Fun Sized Episode

The magic of editing brings Scott & Andy together for a brief episode before Scott is potentially slaughtered in a haunted Maine hotel. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sports Dorks – Charlotte’s Web of Lies

Scott and Andy waste their good drinking years talking about Grampa, bemoaning abysmal NFL rushing that has Walter Payton spinning in his grave, mourn Two Socks, and so much more. [S3E13]

Sports Dorks – Nerd Joke

S3E12: Scott & Andy offer the option ‘Punch to the head or gut?’. We’re all going to jail, but at least we’re providing winning NFL picks.

Sports Dorks – China Can Wait

S3E11: Scott is being held captive by bears in the deep woods of Maine but still gets his NFL picks in to Andy. Sometimes good things come in very small packages.

Sports Dorks – To Ski Or Not To Ski

S3E10: Scott and Andy hold a funeral for the Bengals, give some surprising NFL Picks, Google Sammy Sosa’s pink hat, come out of an upbeat song for a little dog named Snuggles, and more. Go get ’em, Bing Bong!