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Second City Sports Dorks Podcast

Sports Dorks – Nerd Joke

S3E12: Scott & Andy offer the option ‘Punch to the head or gut?’. We’re all going to jail, but at least we’re providing winning NFL picks.

Sports Dorks – China Can Wait

S3E11: Scott is being held captive by bears in the deep woods of Maine but still gets his NFL picks in to Andy. Sometimes good things come in very small packages.

Sports Dorks – To Ski Or Not To Ski

S3E10: Scott and Andy hold a funeral for the Bengals, give some surprising NFL Picks, Google Sammy Sosa’s pink hat, come out of an upbeat song for a little dog named Snuggles, and more. Go get ’em, Bing Bong!

Sports Dorks – It’s Kind of in the Title

S3E9: Slobberknockers. Curtain Pullers. Somebody goes OFF on Bandwagon Cubs fans. (Hint: It wasn’t Scott.) Watch Andy get pissed off THEN get pissed on.

Sports Dorks – Over 250 Wins in 30 Years

S3E8: Scott teaches Andy the shape of Maryland, and unlike Jewish cowboys there may be some questionable math skills on display.

Sports Dorks – It’s a Map for Children

S3E7: Scott & Andy are more excited about their 0-1 football teams than you’d expect, so touch your knee to your torso and grab a phone number for a boat repairman. Truth is inconsequential.

Sports Dorks – 15-1, Here We Come

S3E6: Scott gives Andy reason to be optimistic after the Bears loss, they open the Casino, decimate both a bad movie AND Koalas & much more.

Sports Dorks – Laying on the Floor

What if I told you that Scott and Andy do forensics on their recent draft where crimes were committed? Then they drink wine and watch General Hospital with some cougars and Professor Barbenfouillis.

Sports Dorks – Little Tiny Volkswagen Man

S3E4: Scott & Andy skip training camp and normal transitions to give a tip of the 40, hang with a sexual harassment bulldog, and make sure it gets properly brought. Or is it brung?

Sports Dorks – Logger Pants

S3E3: Scott & Andy visit Redlegs Patchouli, reminisce about Benny from “L.A. Law”, and much more. If there was ever an episode for Brooks’ kid, this is the one.