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Planted – Tsehaitu Abye

Sara visits with Tsehaitu Abye, founder and CEO of Black Dragon Breakfast Club. They discuss her work to advance the discussion surrounding POC and WOC and their seats at the table within the cannabis community, and advocating for equitable cannabis legislation. [EP61]

Planted – Ed Rosenthal

Sara visits with the Guru of Ganja, Ed Rosenthal. They discuss his new book “Cannabis Grower’s Handbook,” cultivation, and his latest project, the “Prisoners of Weed Pack,” a pack of two books with free cannabis seeds benefiting the Last Prisoner Project [EP60]

Planted – Karla Rodriguez

Sara sits down with Karla Rodriguez, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Wana Brands to talk about the importance of social justice and supporting both local and national outreach in communities. [EP59]

Twitter: @WanaBrands

Planted – Marianne Cursetjee

Sara talks with Marianne Cursetjee, CEO and co-founder of Alibi Cannabis, a cannabis brand and indoor cultivation facility in Oregon. They talk about cancer, cannabis and operating a cannabis farm in a male dominated market. [EP58]

Twitter: @cannabisalibi

Planted – Len May

Sara discusses the intriguing connection between genetics and our personal cannabis experiences with Len May @LenMayDNA CEO of Endocanna Health @EndocannaH Want to try the test? Use promo code Planted10 to get 10% off! [EP57]

Twitter: @LenMayDNA @EndocannaH

Planted – Nikki Lawley

Sara visits with Nikki Lawley, patient advocate, speaker, and founder of Nikki and the Plant. They discuss how she discovered cannabis as medicine after suffering a life-changing injury while working as a pediatric nurse. [EP56]

Twitter:  @NikkiLawley2

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