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Wine Women – Shana Bull, Digital Strategist

Shana Bull is the owner and digital strategist at her own digital marketing strategy agency in San Francisco’s East Bay. She is a lover of rosé, craft beer, and food adventures with her husband and redheaded (feisty) youngster. Shana works with wine, food, technology, consumer brands, marketing agencies and local […]

Wine Women – Harvest and the Hosts

While harvest is underway across wine country, we check in with the hosts in this episode. Unsurprisingly, everyone reported mighty tight and busy schedules, with Misty Roudebush Cain just in off a night harvest where she was working with a videographer for St. Supery hours earlier.

Lisa Adams Walter announced […]

Wine Women – Wendy Narby, Insider Tasting

British-born Wendy Narby’s premise ‘Knowledge Increases Pleasure’ not only applies to her extensive wine education but also to her wellness education. The Chef d’Enterprise (love the title!) at Insider Tasting zoomed in directly from Bordeaux to talk with the hosts about returning to France post-pandemic, as well as to […]

Wine Women – Scout Driscoll, Founder & CEO, VINT Studio

“I had a lot of moxie at 22!” replied Scout Driscoll, Founder and CEO of DesignScout and VINT Studio, when asked about her entrepreneurial inclinations at such a young age. The co-hosts (none of whom had dreamed of owning their own businesses at such a young age) were […]

Wine Women – Kevin Holt, Bartholomew Estate Vyds. & Winery, Pt. 2

Kevin Holt has been making wine professionally in northern California for more than twenty years. A native of the southern end of the Golden State, he’s been indulging his passion for fine wine most of his adult life, as a consumer, retailer, wholesaler, student, and now, producer. Kevin loves to […]

Wine Women – Paula Woolsey, CSW, Cellar Door Unhinged

Paula Woolsey, CSW, aka “The Wine Witch,” is the owner of Cellar Door Unhinged, helping Arizona wineries in the fields of sales, marketing and business operations. She consults in all areas of the wine industry, restaurant wine programs, tasting rooms and Liquor Compliance.

Although she was born and raised in […]

Wine Women – Paul Franson, Napa Life, Pt2

Paul Franson has been writing about Napa Valley for so long, it took two shows for us to cover all the topics on our list! (Part one of our show with Paul can be found here.) We wanted to learn his perspective on the many events and changes that […]

Wine Women – Paul Franson, NapaLife

Paul Franson has been writing and self-publishing his weekly subscription newsletter, NapaLife, for more than sixteen years. With his pulse on Napa Valley’s wine, food and arts scene, we couldn’t think of anyone better to reflect on the trajectory of, well, life in Napa Valley for lo […]

Wine Women – Anna Pope, Bartholomew Estate Vyds. & Winery

What if every decision you made for your winery had to be planned around ensuring that the estate property was thriving 100 years from now? Anna Pope has that mandate. As Trustee of the Frank H. Bartholomew Foundation, which owns and operates Bartholomew Estate […]

Wine Women – Vin de Filles, An Arizona Women’s Wine Project

VIN DE FILLES: An Arizona Women’s Wine Project

Not only does Arizona have a thriving wine industry, but there’s a vast breadth of talented women working there in the industry to bring women-made, women-supported and women-affiliated wines to market.

Gayle Glomski and her husband Eric, owners […]

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