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Wine Women – Fortunati Vineyards

Just before California’s governor ordered a shelter-in-place regulation statewide, we visited Fortunati Vineyards’ new tasting room in the Oak Knoll district of Napa Valley, with owners Ellen Reich Luchtel and Gary Luchtel. [EP37]

Derived from the Italian pronunciation of “Lucky” and the owner’s last name “Luchtel”, [say “For-too-not-ee”], we were […]

Wine Women – Colby Smith, CANVAS

We sat down with Founder and Executive Director Colby Smith of CANVAS (Concierge Alliance of Napa Valley and Sonoma) at Fortunati Vineyards’ new tasting room in the Oak Knoll district of Napa Valley.

Having served the hospitality industry now for more than a decade, the Concierge Alliance of Napa Valley […]

Wine Women – ZAP! Joel Peterson, Godfather of Zinfandel

We first spoke with Joel Peterson, aka the “Godfather of Zinfandel,” during our podcast of the Historical Vineyard Society’s tasting event last fall. (Replay the show here.) That was our first introduction to his wealth of knowledge about California’s historic vineyards—but also about the versatility of […]

Wine Women – ZAP! Kyle Lerner, Harney Lane Winery

If you’re hankering for a wine tasting experience that represents genuine family-hospitality and history, look no further. We sat down with Kyle Lerner to talk about his family’s 100+ year-old winery, Harney Lane, founded 1907 by his father-in-law’s great-grandfather in Lodi, California. All of their wines are […]

Wine Women – ZAP! David Gates & Jake Neustadt

While enjoying a bottle of 1986 Ravenswood Old Hill Zinfandel that Joel Peterson left on our table at ZAP! while recording, our first guest, David Gates, Vice President of Vineyard Operations at Ridge Vineyards, told us he’d been farming the legendary Monte Bello Vineyard for […]

Wine Women – ZAP! Brenae Royal & Brennan Stover

Wine Women Radio goes to ZAP! We had the pleasure of sitting down with some of the best viticulturists and vineyard managers who oversee the farming and care of 1000s of acres of zinfandel vines throughout California. On this show we meet Brenae Royal, vineyard manager of the famed […]

Wine Women – Petite Sirah, I Love You

In part 2 of our interview with Jo Diaz, we get to meet and taste the wines of two members of the organization Diaz founded and runs, P.S. I Love You, an advocacy organization for Petite Sirah. Meet Theodora Lee, aka Theo-patra, Queen of the Vineyards, at Theopolis Vineyards […]

Wine Women – Jo & José Diaz

Jo Diaz moved to California in 1992 after 11 years in broadcasting, involving PR, producing, and photography. Detecting a natural segue way being surrounded by wine country, she moved into the wine industry in 1993. Did we mention she’s been employed by Hambrecht Wine Group (Belvedere and Grove Street […]

Wine Women – Jason Holman, Rebel Vintners pt2

Uncharted territory is where guest Jason Holman found himself when he chose a career in wine over one in the law. He just couldn’t see himself building a life around the Juris Doctorate degree he’d just earned. After a stint at Napa’s Kongsgaard dragging hoses, cleaning tanks and performing […]

Wine Women – Jason Holman, Rebel Vintners

What do you do with a Juris Doctorate degree? Why, become a winemaker, of course! Jason Holman knew by the time he graduated that he wouldn’t be stepping into any courtrooms. The world of wine beckoned during a stint at Kongsgaard, followed by several stints at other Napa Valley […]