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Ready Set Vent – Reunions, Eulogies & Pudding Pops

All Andy has are words but he has them by the bucketful.

Ready Set Vent – Soap Club

Nobody reads these episode descriptions, but if you do: Hug a nurse. Well, virtually. You know what I mean. Don’t argue with me. You’re not even reading this. [EP87]

Ready Set Vent – Eternal Humpday

How does Andy fight the pandemic? Multiple new tweaks to the show. Take that, coronavirus. TLDR? Empathy. Or ELSE. [EP86]

Ready, Set, Vent – I’m Back

The long national nightmare is over. I got off the couch and made a podcast. Everything is fixed now. You’re welcome.

Ready, Set, Vent – Christmas Special

It’s a Christmas Miracle, Andy Lurie has crawled down off the mountain to deliver this Christmas 2017 special edition!

Ready, Set, Vent – 09/01/16

“Anger Things”- Andy has a few things he needs to get off his chest regarding the Colin Kaepernick kerfuffle.

Ready, Set, Vent – 08/10/16

“Waiting Rooms” – Andy open fires on a whole host of topics this week, as well as declaring his wish to commit “suicide by Portillos”.

Ready, Set, Vent – 07/27/16

“Applause Breaks” – Andy fights the heat to complain about Twitter critics, the burden of doing interviews he’d never get, and so much more.

Ready, Set, Vent – 07/20/16

"Tourist Donuts" - Andy is back, and while he starts in Venus Flytrap mode, Chewbacca Mom gets him worked up.

Ready, Set, Vent – 06/22/16

"Summer School" - Beat the heat by listening to Andy as he regales us with a segment he recorded on another podcast, and so much more.