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Caffeinated Comics – Shatner in Space

The first captain of the Starship Enterprise boldly goes where only trained astronauts have gone before. The host of the “Strokecast” Bill Monroe joins Jon to talk about what a 90 year old celebrity in orbit means for science and public relations, the effect it has on Shatner’s outlook […]

The Mr Nailsin Show – All The Kings Horses!

The Loudon County school board scandal is discussed. A Florida man bangs a horse. Perhaps But Maybe Not looks at the Bachelor Grove Cemetery. The Cruise returns!

Free Kicks – Newcastle’s New Owner

The new Saudi Arabian owners of Newcastle promise to bring a flood of cash into the league. Rick and Adam discuss the implications.  [Ep132]

The Wine Makers – Harvest Update

This week the guys converse about a wide variety of topics and answer listeners questions. Did you know archaeologists have unearthed a 1500 year old wine production facilty in Israel ? Does Petrus taste better after spending a year on the International Space Station ? Did the SF Giants […]

Destination Eat Drink – Bhutan with Michael Juergens

There’s no history of winemaking in the kingdom of Bhutan. After all, Bhutan is a mountainous country in the Himalayas. Michael Juergens is looking to change that. After running a marathon in Bhutan he thought “where are all the grape vines?” A couple years later he planted vineyards and […]

Wine Women – Lauren Maldonado, The Art of Wine

Lauren Maldonado is such a breath of fresh air! Our latest guest is co-owner (with her husband) of The Art of Wine in Sedona, Arizona.

Our conversation with Lauren was so refreshing due to (at least) two proclivities that have served her well in life: First, she has […]

Planted – Jesce Horton, CEO of LOWD

Sara talks with Jesce Horton, CEO of LOWD, one of Oregon’s top shelf cannabis brands and the co-founder of the Minority Cannabis Business Association. They talk about his journey into cannabis, the importance of Social Equity, and the beauty of fine cannabis cultivation. [EP38]

Twitter: @jescehorton

Stephs In The City – Kink or Fetish?

Superman is gay now? David Arquette is such a BOZO. More Britney drama… plus Five Things, Sex Position of the Day, new music from Magenta Dusk and a lot more! [EP119]

The Mr Nailsin Show – The Cruise, Season One!

Doug and Lefty present the first six episodes of the horror series The Cruise. Passengers and staff awake to find most of the ship’s passengers and crew dead. [EP380]

RTA – Christine Grimaldi (Vice, Vogue, SELF)

“I found there was this very rich tradition of Italian American anti-fascism, not just Italian anti-fascism, across the pond, but anti-fascism here. ” – Christine Grimaldi

Today I interviewed Christine Grimaldi who reports on reproductive policy and politics for outlets like VICE, Vogue, SELF Magazine, […]