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Destination Eat Drink – Christchurch, New Zealand

A candy called Hokey Pokey, Marmite, and Coffee in an old bank, this week we’re in Christchurch, New Zealand to visit an unexpected Burmese restaurant, an English Pub and a day trip to a village with French flair.

Show Notes:

Little High Eatery https://www.littlehigh.co.nz/

Casa Publica https://casapublica.co.nz/

Rollickin’ Gelato http://www.rollickin.co.nz/

Rangoon […]

The Wine Makers – Ramblin

This week the guys get together and talk tariffs, bottle size, boxed wine, sourcing barrels, Marin natural wine and a whole lot more. Check it out! [EP125]

Wine Women – Claudia Schug

With their roots in Germany and now as 30-year stewards of the land at their Carneros Estate, Claudia Schug, daughter of famed Founder and winemaking pioneer Walter Schug, guests on the show. Along with siblings Axel and Andrea, Claudia leads the family winery’s promotional and marketing endeavors. By honoring […]

Car Guys Report – Have Mercedes Restore your Vintage Ride

High-end auto companies are cashing in on restoring their own cars. This story and more!  [Ep29]

MM Celebrity Interview – Gerardo

Rick and Dave interview  90s one-hit-wonder Gerardo (“Rico Suave”) [Ep02]

And Friends – Fight over the News

A robber was upset he got too much money.  What people put inside themselves that made them rush to the ER. A taste testers that, unfortunately, does not get anybody drunk.  All that and more on “And Friends!”  [Ep15]

Shut It Down – Russell Davis Interview

Check it Taffertins! We got ANOTHER Bar Rescue expert interview. With none other than Russell Davis (@MrRussellDavis) Skypin in with us. And boy does he have a story to tell. From rising through the bar scene in Texas all the way to becoming Bartender of the Year in 2012 […]

Back 2 You – Rock on TV

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville visit with Justin Kulovsek, Vice President of Innovation at Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications. The artifacts from the exhibit “Stay Tuned: Rock on TV” is unbelievable. So how does someone get the outfits the Jackson 5 wore on their first TV performance? How do […]

Caffeinated Comics – The Mandalorian

Four episodes in and Jon and Steven can not stop talking about the Disney+ Star Wars series. They discuss how baby Yoda has stolen all the attention from “The Rise of Skywalker”, if the highly publicized supporting cast have been relegated to cameos, and why the “Imagineers” series can […]

The Mr Nailsin Show – The Devil’s Details!

With Doug sick again Red Neckerton takes over The Bayou Crime Report. A man claims the devil framed him with meth while a woman stabs her aunt to death. A Florida man spits food into a woman’s mouth. Plus a classic Night Knight episode! [EP281]