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Wine Women – Jason Holman, Rebel Vintners

What do you do with a Juris Doctorate degree? Why, become a winemaker, of course! Jason Holman knew by the time he graduated that he wouldn’t be stepping into any courtrooms. The world of wine beckoned during a stint at Kongsgaard, followed by several stints at other Napa Valley […]

Free Kicks – Across the Pond, Episode 4

Adam and Rick discuss the star strikers of the Premier League (one injured, one red-carded, one setting records), and do their fourth installment of “Across the Pond”–a report from their visit to Chelsea. [Ep56]

Car Guys Report – Electric Mayhem Everywhere!

It’s shocking news in the world of electric SUVs and Pickups! This story and more! [Ep35]

MM Celebrity Interview – Ted Giannoulas

Rick and Dave interview The San Diego Chicken, Ted Giannoulas. [EP08]

Stephs In The City – Doggy Style

Does anyone really like Jillian Michaels? Dumb Criminals. The best sex position for you, based on your love language plus new music from Sunshine Boys and a lot more!

Geek/CounterGeek – Keith Watches The Running Man For The First Time

Misty Callahan and Keith Conrad react to the first trailer for the new Jared Leto movie Morbius, and some very surprising news about the next Star Trek movie. Plus, in the January Pop Culture Blind Spot segment, Keith watched The Running Man for the first time.

Caffeinated Comics – Beer Babe Jess

Meet an Instagram luminary of craft beer! Jess tells Jon and Steven how she started building a community of small business owners and home brewers through social media, how her expertise in digital marketing led to making new connections and how brewing a batch herself changed her appreciation for […]

Minutia Men – Reefer & Rutles

Rick and Dave discuss medical marijuana, a soccer match gone bad, and Rick’s brush with soccer announcer Arlo White; plus they pay tribute to the late Rutle Neil Innis, and interview Midnight Express author Billy Hayes. [EP162]

Sports Dorks – Swoop There It Is

Scott & Andy would like to take this episode description to give a hearty and salacious hello to Fairuza Balk in case she is listening.  [S3E24]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Bucketload!

Doug, Lefty & Red talk Trump, Iran and Ricky Gervais. A Florida woman throws a bucket of excrement at her landlady. Sun King and Layla Lott pose as newlyweds in Las Vegas. A woman ends up in cuffs due to rough sex. [EP287]