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Back 2 You – Monica Benson, Arlington Bugler

A talented musician who is one of the very few people in the world that has this particular occupation.  Monica Benson the bugler at Arlington Race Track!. Just why didn’t Steve take part in the interview? Find out on Back 2 You with Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville. (Ep11)

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Stephs In The City – Music Show, Aug 2019

An episode featuring all of the great music that we’ve played over the last few months

1.    Go Go Boy- The Strays
2.    Way Down- Tom Prendergast
3.    Valentine- August Hotel
4.    Peace Of Mind- The LA Maybe
5.    Empty Nostalgia- Mystery Friends
6.    Unlucky 13- White Rabbit Object
7.    Mrs. Jones- Gnarcissus
8.    Schoolyard Bully- Sunshine Boys
9.    Maria, Maria- Lykan
10.    You […]

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Caffeinated Comics – The Obi Wan show

After cancelling his movie, it’s looking like Ewan McGregor is signing up for an entire Star Wars series! Jon and Steven discuss how  CBS streaming “Picard” may have influenced this decision. Plus, the return of “Invader Zim” and why Jon is not on board for “The Boys”.

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Nude Hippo – Steve Baskerville & mystery guest

Tony Lossano sits down again with podcaster and former CBS meteorologist, Steve Baskerville, and talks about always being warm and wonderful, how his career lasted 40 times longer than he could have ever imagined, and his newest venture co-hosting Back 2 You with Howard Sudberry.  Plus Tony and Steve’s first interview together from 1998, […]

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Minutia Men – An improv hero

Rick and Dave talk about sweaty centers, tech-savvy kid savants, inappropriate funeral gifts, Rick’s brush with Jay Leno, and they interview improv artist/author/radio guy Brendan Sullivan. (Ep146)

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The Mr Nailsin Show – Cavities!

EP266: Doug talks about the death of Jeffrey Epstein. A man urinates on an ice maker. A handcuffed woman snorts dope hidden in a body cavity. Two homicide detectives investigate a mysterious girl in the debut episode of Captain Zeit Geist! Finally a woman hid stolen cash in a body cavity.

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The Wine Makers – Harvest is Coming

EP111: Bart, Sam & Brian sit down and talk about the rapidly approaching harvest. Sam saves Brian’s birthday by showing up with some good Rose. Grenache day is around the corner and Sam is getting ready for a Vinyl Sunday. Check it out…

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The Bite Goes On – Clover Sonoma

EP41: With guest host, Kathleen Hill, we had a great conversation with Marcus Benedetti, the CEO of Clover Sonoma. Clover Sonoma has a generational history that goes back to 1916. Marcus shares his rites of passage, working through the different roles in the family business, how the dairy industry has changed over the century […]

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Destination Eat Drink – Madrid

EP37: Madrid Churros fat cousin, a tortilla that’s not flat, and a fortified wine infused with herbs. This week we’re in Madrid Spain.

Show Notes:

Lauren Aloise website

Devour Tours

Puerto de Santa Maria

Sherry Triangle podcast

Traditional tapas in Madrid

Spanish breakfast including churros and porras

Padron peppers recipe

La Casa del Abuelo […]

Wine Women Radio – Mid-Summer Wine Stories

The show hosts, Lisa Adams Walter, Marcia Macomber and Misty Roudebush Cain, catch up on wine industry news, including developments in the vineyard: veraison is the onset of ripening when grapes begin to turn purple. Lisa is the founder of boutique PR agency Adams Walter Communications. She is also the editor-in-chief and co-founder of […]

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