A very important part of every episode of “Saturday Night Live” is the opening monologue performed by the host. It establishes the tone, introduces the audience to the star, and hopefully entices viewers enough to continue watching for at least a few more minutes. In this episode of “That Show…,” Nick looks back at four of the most memorable monologues from past SNL episodes, including the very first monologue in SNL history (by George Carlin), and classic openers from Lily Tomlin, Tom Hanks, and, performing one of the best monologues in SNL history: Taylor Swift. You will also hear behind-the-scenes stories about some controversial openers from Richard Pryor, Louis C.K., Shane Gillis, and more. Plus, you will hear an explanation from Seth Meyers about what it takes to create and deliver a great monologue, and why Tay-Tay absolutely killed it. More episodes about classic SNL monologues to follow. [Ep67]