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Car Guys Report – It’s the Scoop on Hood Scoops!

We suck lots of air with the biggest and baddest hood scoops available!  Find out about it, on The Car Guys Report with Marc and Lou! [Ep121]

Caffeinated Comics – No Forever

As Jon opens the Haslab Marvel Legends Sentinel, he and Steven discuss if this is the last Sentinel anyone would ever need. But in a genre full of format changes and the rise and fall of the businesses that sell them, is anything really forever? How do comics persevere from the […]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Twenty Years

Doug rants about 9/11,Biden,Covid,vaccines mandates etc etc…Perhaps But Maybe Not looks at The Mongolian Death Worm. Sun King encounters a mystery while investigating Dr Spectacular! [EP375]

Minutia Men – Max Vaxx Profanity

A humorous essay from an angry pro-vaxxer, tv intern goofs, a viral birth announcement, a “hardened” criminal, passive-aggressive potholes, and Dave’s brush with the famous Morris the Cat are among the minutiae discussed by Rick and Dave. [Ep242]

The Wine Makers – David Rossi, Fulcrum

David Rossi is a Jersey Boy who used to make wines in his basement, literally flying in fruit from different parts of the world to make 10 gallon batches to experiment with. Now known as one of the top producers of world class Pinot Noir in California, we discovered […]

Destination Eat Drink – Antioch, Turkey with Benoit Hanquet

We’re in the ancient city of Antioch (Antakya) and southern Turkey with archaeologist and tour guide Benoit Hanquet. Benoit tells us about working his way through the bush to uncover ancient ruins and the perfect Turkish snack for such a grueling trip. Plus, we talk about the the local […]

Wine Women – Kevin Holt, Bartholomew Estate Vyds. & Winery, Pt. 2

Kevin Holt has been making wine professionally in northern California for more than twenty years. A native of the southern end of the Golden State, he’s been indulging his passion for fine wine most of his adult life, as a consumer, retailer, wholesaler, student, and now, producer. Kevin loves […]

Free Kicks – Premier League Predictions

The top 4 and bottom 3 for this year’s Premier League, and Adam and Rick discuss the recent US World Cup qualifiers. [Ep128]

MM Celebrity Interview – Actress/Producer Maria Breese

Maria Breese (Shameless) chats about her acting roles and the impressive output of her production company. That and more with Rick and Dave in this episode of Minutia Men Celebrity Interview.  [Ep82]

Car Guys Report – We Wake You Up with Great Sleeper Cars!

Some of the best sleeper cars around! Find out about it, on The Car Guys Report! [Ep120]