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Stephs In The City – Single In The City

EP2: The girls are in charge as they engineer the show for the first time. Featuring music from August Hotel and a lot more!

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Lossano and Friends! – 02/12/19

Ep111: Doug Sohn of Hot Doug’s, Elliott Bambrough of Chicago’s Best, and Greg Borzo of Lost Restaurants of Chicago!  It is a yummy episode filled with pizza, beef jerky, and the best closed restaurants!  All that and more, only on Lossano and Friends!

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Caffeinated Comics – Red Dead Redemption

The future of video games lies in the Old West! Owen O’Riordan joins Jon and Steven to discuss the open-world yet story focused game. Plus, Legos in Ireland, the shared universe of FOX Kids and tales of comic retailers past and present.

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The Prussman Hour – 2/9/19

Angela and Stacey are driving to a gig in CT. joined by comedian-actor Gianmarco Soresi. The girls talk #running, grooms who rape on the wedding day, Dr. Ruth, Grey’s Anatomy, Comedy life, DJ’s dating and much more. Follow @gianmarcosoresi

Minutia Men – 2/9/19

EP124: Rick and Dave discuss cops arresting cops, runners killing mountain lions, an inappropriate place for a sausage museum, and Rick’s brush with Dr. Demento, and they interview a mystery celebrity that you have seen before.

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The Mr Nailsin Show – Moo Poo!

Show 229: Doug chats with comedian Pat Dixon of New York City Crime Report about the shocking child molestation charges against Mercedes Carrera. Virginia’s black face troubles. Trump’s State Of The Union Address and AOC’s Green New Deal!

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Destination Eat Drink – Liverpool, UK

EP10: Liverpool has plenty of Beatle sites, but it’s also famous for pirates, rum, and a soup that kept British sailors’ stomachs full.

The Wine Makers – West Tours

Garrett Sathrelays out his Manifesto on Valley wineries and it’s another awesome marketing lesson in the making. Seriously, where’s the love from the wineries? When did it go out of style to be genuine?

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The Bite Goes On – REBBL

Brian and Sondra sit down with Rusti Porter and Rachel Hauser from Rebbl and Terra Judge from Not For Sale to talk about Rebbl, their origins both in company development and product sourcing.

What is Rebbl?
A company that produces protein drinks and elixirs?
A company that is deep in commitment to their core mission values about […]

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Sports Dorks – Anybody I’m Interested In Seeing Now Is Dead

Scott & Andy defend the honor of the NAME REDACTED, shoot a man in Reno, and so much more.

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