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MM Celebrity Interview – John Paul Filo

Rick and Dave chat with the Pulitzer Prize winner for the 1970 Kent State photograph, John Paul Filo. [Ep53]

Caffeinated Comics – Wonder Woman 84

What? And what now? And why would? So many questions and very few answers are brought up by Jon, Steven and Howie Weingarten about the latest DC movie now premiering on HBO Max. Is it a Christmas gift from Patty Jenkins or just another example of 2020?  Plus, a […]

Car Guys Report – A New Year BS Session!

It gets piled higher and deeper in a wide-ranging automotive bull session with our Man in the Field, Roger Rexroade!  It’s total BS and more on the next episode of The Car Guys Report! [Ep85]

Minutia Men – New Year, Younger Minutia Men

Rick and Dave re-introduce themselves before discussing an 11-year-old gun-toting robber-taunter, dirty Shakespeare, the Haymarket Riots, and a real-life brush with Harry Caray. [Ep211]

The Mr Nailsin Show – China Lied People Died!

Auto Host takes over to review 2020. China sentences a journalist who blew the whistle on Covid-19. Finally Night Knight and The Pink Elephant battle over New Year’s Eve! [EP339]

Destination Eat Drink – Wine

We’re sampling natural wine from France, wine caressed by angels in Portugal, and a lesson in the pronunciation of an Oregon wine region on this week’s podcast. Plus, a discussion on wine marketing and how it affects the price we pay for a bottle. [EP109]

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The Bite Goes On – Jonathan Beard

It is always curious how some of our guests end up in the culinary world when their academia was meant to take them elsewhere. This is how our conversation with Chef Jonathan Beard started and continued about his journey from being a successful restaurateur/chef in Sonoma County, to eventually […]

The Wine Makers – Laura Brennan Bissell, INCONNU Wines

Laura joined the conversation while sitting on her lanai on Kauai sipping a Pellegrino in the morning sun talking about wanting to distill some rum. Ahh, the life of a winemaker right ?? Not exactly… Dig deeper and you’ll find that she is extremely thoughtful in her approach to […]

Back 2 You – What is in it for me?

Steve and Howard see how well you know your hit tv shows, why you’ll break your New Year’s resolutions, and what’s in it for me? (Ep65)

Free Kicks – Top of the Table

Rick and Adam break down the many teams who have a shot at winning this season’s Premier League, a list that includes nearly half the teams in the league. [Ep97]