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DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Carole Montgomery

In this episode Stacey talks to the amazing  veteran comedian Carole Montgomery who is the creator and comic on  The #Showtime Comedy Special Women of A Certain Age  (2 Specials on Showtime) She talks about life as a comedian for over 30 years, how #woaca came to be, life […]

Planted – Warren Bobrow

Sara and Warren Bobrow aka the Cocktail Whisperer discuss making cannabis cocktails, his latest projects and life in the time of coronavirus. [EP9]

Destination Eat Drink – San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian, Spain. Snacks stabbed with toothpicks, cider right from the barrel, and the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in the world. This week we’re Ania Wielechowska from Devour Tours takes us to San Sebastian, Spain to sample Pintxos, the local sparkling wine, and picnic with surfers. [EP69]

Show […]

The Wine Makers – The Return of Lily Hawk Wakawaka

One of our favorite guests joined us on the show this week to chat about the state of the global wine industry, virtual wine tasting and how damn tasty moose can be when cooked properly. Enjoy !!!


The Bite Goes On – State of Sonoma

The “shelter-in-place” order has been given by our California Governor Gavin Newsom. We are working from home this week. We joined forces with our brother podcast The Wine Makers and decided to practice “social distancing” by trying out the Zoom app and continue recording shows for our listeners. Sondra […]

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Christine Meehan-Berg

Stacey talks to funny and insightful comedian Christine Meehan-Berg who is in quarantine. They discuss her overcoming postpartum , life without going onstage, the same 4 walls of torture and more. Get her album Bumped follow her @funnychristine [EP5]

Car Guys Report – It’s the Attack of the Stone Marten Weasels!

rIt’s the Attack of the Stone Marten Weasels!  No, it’s not a British punk band, but real weasels that have an affinity for cars! This story and more! [Ep45]

Stephs In The City – Pass The Toilet Paper

Due to the shelter in place order in Illinois and with the help of some tech, Steph & Steph record their first show apart. Discussing Coronavirus and everything else you’d expect including some new music from Kevin Pollack & The Nu Town [EP53]

MM Celebrity Interview – Joseph Gannascoli

Rick and Dave interview Soprano’s star Joseph Gannascoli (Vito). [Ep15]

Flippin Out Radio – Soul Joel Richardson

James Flippin interviews Joel “Soul Joel” Richardson, who’s had to temporarily close up his comedy show during the coronavirus outbreak, and has now shifted his focus towards promoting one of his comic’s specials, which is available on Vimeo.  The two discuss various musings on the coronavirus and the reaction […]