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Destination Eat Drink – Relish Portugal with Evanne Schmarder

Evanne Schmarder is an American expat living in Portugal. When she couldn’t find the foodie info she was looking for in her adopted country, Evanne started her own magazine “Relish Portugal.” She tells us about all kinds of Portuguese tarts, why you shouldn’t get your Pastel de Nata from […]

Free Kicks – Underdogs in the FA Cup

Little known clubs from places like Hartlepool, Boreham Wood, and Kid’minster take on the big boys in the Premier League. [Ep141]

MM Celebrity Interview – Nick Digilio

Nick Digilio is a 35-year veteran of WGN radio in Chicago, and will soon be joining the Radio Misfits Podcast network. They discuss the state of radio, movies they love and hate, and what Nick has been up to the last year and a half. [Ep90]

RTA – Matthew French (Awesomely Authentic)

Today I interviewed Matthew French – Awesomely Authentic

In this episode we speak about how:

  • His journey to a career in Diversity and Inclusion with his organization Awesomely Authentic
  • Regional differences in queer communities
  • Job discrimination for LGBTQIA+ people

Then my character Gigi asks how to deal with being cooped up with people she […]

Stephs In The City – Panty Tea

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Nirvana. Nicolas Cage doesn’t want to come off as a pretentious a–hole. Lick-able TV is coming soon! Plus Five Things, Sex Position of the Day, new music from First Base Runner and a lot more! [EP128]

Car Guys Report – Uncool to Cool in Just 20!

They were so uncool that they’re now cool, cars from the 2000’s on The Car Guys Report!  [Ep138]

Caffeinated Comics – Book of Boba Fett

Star Wars returns right when Marvel takes a break! Jon and Steven discuss whether the new show was the first pitch for “The Mandalorian”, how Jon Favreau surpassed JJ Abrams and whether one show can hold multiple genres of sci fi, western and mafia movies. Plus, standing by someone who’s […]

Flippin Out Radio – A Hoe in This House

James Flippin and Evan Petracca back at it from Flippin Out Radio studios where Evan’s girlfriend Jada is in for the first time, both of them had COVID, the world’s largely moving on, broken parking meters mean you download the app now, kids in New Jersey want the vaccine […]

The Wine Makers – Listener Questions

This week’s show is brought to you by Zoom. Yes we are temporarily recording by Zoom because of COVID worries, but hope to be back live with a new guest next week. This week we opened it up to listener questions, a vineyard update and Sam has more nice […]

Minutia Men – Q-Harmony (Comedy)

The Mooch, a new Q-anon dating site, the gaseous girl update, holiday party stories, and a Cubs poem are all discussed by Rick and Dave. [Ep254]