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Dishing Bitches – 01/27/15

In TV news, we've decided that Backstrom sucks. Betty struggles with a pregnancy test, "THOSE THINGS ARE CONFUSING!" Betty reviews 'Boyhood', Justin Bieber is being roasted on Comedy Central, what a waste. Betty reveals that she grew up next door to Joanna Krupa.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 01/14/15

#15 - "Je Suis Charlie" - Y'think Andy might have a few opinions about terrorists going after cartoonists and comedians? Maybe just a few? Also, California songs.

Dishing Bitches – 12/8/14

Dating and the Holidays, Gina's New favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Traveling. Shia LaBeouf raped? (Shia LaBeouf Musical) THC laced 'lube' is a thing now? Pyrex sucks now

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