Gina_Blog_051915_1If you’ve listened to our shows you would know I’ve got a set. 40 DD to be exact. They’re mine, I respect them, but I also know how to dress them. Decking out your plus size bod in the latest trends is a bit of a challenge. The main issue is actually finding your size in the store. A lot of stores include a more to love section on their stores website (I’m looking at you H&M) and then have little to NO garments in those sized inside the actual store.

For whatever reason a lot of these shops think it’s okay to only sell larger sizes online. What dumbass though that was a good idea? A curvy girl is the LAST girl who should be buying something without trying it on. Get with it.

I recently read an article on Buzzfeed that had two girls, one a size 14 the other a size 16 buying plus size clothes online, then trying them on once the clothes were delivered. Obviously, hilarity and disappointment ensues. This got me thinking – where do I like shopping? What clothes do I feel good in? ‘Cuz all ladies, no matter what size deserve to dress in garments that make us feel gorgeous! The better we feel, the better we look – right? Right.

Before I get started on listing the places I like to shop I want to keep one thing at the forefront of your mind. No matter what size you are TRY IT ON. Sometimes clothes on the rack look drab, try it on, sometimes you think, “There’s no way I could rock THAT outfit,” try it on, someone says you can’t pull it off, try it on! You’ll never know unless you give it a go! Hell, I never thought my size 16, 5’2″ bod could pull off a black jumpsuit, and guess what? I can, and it looks fucking awesome.

Don’t get mistaken this isn’t one of those, all women of all sizes are beautiful blog posts, this is an all women of all sizes could be beautiful if they wear the right clothes blog posts!

So, where do I shop? Here are some tried and true 12 & up stores:


At one point it was the chubby cousin of Hot Topic. Now, not so much! They’ve nabbed George Kotsiopulos from the newly disbanded Fashion Police to create a line, and they’re working with plus size model Tess Holiday on her new line. Torrid has their finger on what’s trendy (and sexy) for all curvaceous chicks! Their jeans are incredible and they have Tall, Regular, and Short sizes avaliable as well! Oh don’t forget their swim line, amazing bras, and shoes! Downside? It’s a little pricey. Do like I do, rack up the Haute Cash and spend when it’s deal time!

Old Navy

While their jeans don’t tend to fit me, their dresses, tops, and lounge ware is unparalleled. I stand by it, Old Navy is a hit or miss store. Some weeks great deals and adorable prints – others? It looks like your common grade school lost and found. Not to mention it is a great price point, who doesn’t like a good deal.


I know I criticized them earlier for their lack of plus size clothes in store, but their online selection is chalk full of basic tanks, t’s and a few of those, “I’ll never be able to wear it,” outfits. I swear by their tank tops, and at 5.00 a piece who can say no! On the up side, they do take their online orders back in the store. That helps make exchanges or returns easy.


Easily the best department store for full size females. I can’t tell you how many formal dresses I’ve bought from them! Designer brands, and a great selection of on trend articles of clothing. The prices do vary from holy shit, to ok I can do this. Just make sure you don’t get lost in the shoe department, or the purse department, or the jewelry department. Also their returns and customer service is probably one of the best I’ve dealt with.


They’re not at the top of my list since they are hit or miss – but the selection is definitely bigger than at H&M or Old Navy. They have cool prints, and interesting styles you won’t find at other stores. Major negative is it’s pricey, and there have been a couple times where their garments fell apart in the wash. But, that first time you wear the top it looks fucking amazing.

If you MUST try buying online here are some tried and trues for me:



Simply Be

Some friendly buying online tips –

READ THE REVIEWS! I’ve found that the more people respond to an item the easier it is to be able to figure out how it’s going to fit you.

KNOW THE RETURN POLICY! Sometimes it’s not as easy as putting everything back in the box and sending it right back.

KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS! Knowing what size you actually are cuts out a lot of the questioning and a lot of the stress!

CHECK FOR PROMO CODES! Most of these sites have expensive shipping, which only gets more expensive depending on how many garments you purchase. That being said a lot of these sites have free shipping with a promo code once you spend over a designated amount..