Mickela Mallozzi is a charming and energetic TV host and producer whose show “Bare Feet” on PBS has just debuted its new season. Mickela tells Brent about making a TV series during the pandemic and the Birria craze in New York, cocktails named after African American icons and whether to add cinnamon to your sorrel drink. [Ep 197]

Show Notes: Places and Things we talk about in this episode

Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi

Brent’s story about Langos

Mickela’s first appearance on Destination Eat Drink

Guadeloupe Islands with Mickela on Destination Eat Drink

Mickela and Brent in Lisbon

The Edge Harlem

BLVD Bistro NY

Arepa Lady


Marseille French Brasserie

Nizza Italian Trattoria