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Wine Women – Summer Sippers with Mia Morelli and Lynda Paulson

With temperatures spiking, many imbibers (including all of us!) are simply looking for a refreshing, cooling glass of wine. Mia Morelli and Lynda Paulson joined the hosts to discuss their favorite summer wine sippers and careers in the wine industry. Hosts Marcia Macomber, Misty Rodebush Cain and Lisa Adams […]

Wine Women – Victoria Coleman, Lobo Wines

We’d been trying to find a date to meet (virtually) with Victoria Coleman for several weeks. (It’s always a good sign when a winemaker is wildly busy with the year-round tasks to ensure the wines are as darn near perfect as they can be.) At last a window opened […]

Wine Women – The Amazing Women Behind the Petaluma Gap AVA

Who knew it was primarily a team of women that were the driving force behind creation of Sonoma County’s newest American Viticultural Area (AVA) sub-appellation?! Could this be another first in the wine industry for women? We searched them out to learn why they felt the Petaluma Gap, a […]

Wine Women – The Women Behind Lorenza True Rosé

This dynamic mother-daughter duo was exciting to talk with on this week’s show. First, they have a very unique winery model: Lorenza Wine focuses solely upon producing amazing rosé. No whites. No reds. Just rosé.

Second, they recently branched out into canned Spritz Rosé, which we got to taste. Packaged […]

Wine Women – Alicia Maria Kidd, The Wine Noire

It’s been a year or more since we caught up with Alicia Maria Kidd, founder and CEO of The Wine Noire LLC, an import, export and wholesale distribution company based in Berkeley, CA. Launched in 2017, The Wine Noire specializes in helping winemakers who are women and […]

Wine Women – Laura Barrett, Clif Family Winery

Laura Barrett had a vision of herself stuck in a window-less basement laboratory for many years to come when she was studying chemistry in college. That unappealing forecast drove her to seek out other alternatives to a life in science, in a basement. When someone mentioned enology, she dove […]

Wine Women – Margaret Valenzuela, Rubia Wine Cellars

Margaret Valenzuela spent part of her formative years growing up in Mexico, where she was affectionately referred to, from time to time, as “Rubia.” She is, indeed, blonde — someone who stands out in a crowd in Mexico. She is also co-proprietor and vintner of Rubia Wine Cellars […]

Wine Women – Mallory McEligot, BANG Napa Valley

Mallory McEligot guests on the show this week, fresh back from a brief vacation and, like many, juggling duties of work and parenting simultaneously while Zooming! As co-host Lisa Adams Walter put it: “Mallory McEligot is a real go-getter!” Not only is our guest Director of Membership & Events […]

Wine Women – Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys

Lucia Albino Gilbert, PhD, and John C. Gilbert, PhD, Professors Emeriti, Santa Clara University and The University of Texas at Austin, are joined by Zelma Long, Lane Tanner and Shelly Rafanelli-Fehlman as guests on the show, discussing the experiences of women winemakers. Tune in to hear about the Gilberts’ […]

Wine Women – Renae Perry

We’re baa-aack! The WWRH team has been on a Corona-hiatus. Like most of the world, the pandemic forced our team to pivot to new directions, take on new duties, and handle new projects. At long last, we’ve wrestled our recording schedule back under control.

In today’s show, tune in to […]