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Wine Women – Rachel LeRoy, HipMaps

“Your wines are grown where?” may be a question frequently heard by winery tasting room staff from their visitors. This is where our guest comes into the picture: Rachel LeRoy, founder and chief map designer at HipMapsTM, helps winery customers understand what makes each ones’ wine unique […]

Wine Women – Kari Auringer, Silver Trident Winery

Kari Auringer, winemaker at Silver Trident Winery, reminded us why we loooooooove recording our shows in-person. It was just so much fun to visit with Kari at the Silver Trident Tasting Home in Yountville, California. It would not have been the same recorded long-distance. Getting to see […]

Wine Women – Alexi Cashen, Elenteny Imports

Alexi Cashen has had her work cut out for her these past couple of years. Between the stuck container ship in the Suez Canal, the pandemic, and the effects of the tariffs on European luxury goods (including wine), it’s all wreaked havoc on the freight forwarding and global shipping […]

Wine Women – Lisa Strid, Aridus Winery

Lisa Strid is nearing her 5th year anniversary as the winemaker at Aridus Winery in Willcox, Arizona. Although she is a Wyoming native (with no vineyards anywhere near her home), she fell in love with wine while working alongside her uncle on his small vineyard and winery […]

Wine Women – Tawnya Falkner, Le Grand Courtage

Tawnya Falkner’s wine career went from zero to 200 m.p.h. in relative short order. Educated at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and previously having co-founded two, still successfully operating firms, Strategic Development Solutions and Domus Development, Tawnya found initial success in real estate development and architecture. […]

Wine Women – Jordan Kivelstadt

“New” was the buzz word for our show with Kivelstadt Cellars’ proprietor and “Wayward Son,” Jordan Kivelstadt. Getting back to in-person shows felt new to the hosts (as it had been more than a year since the last in-person show). Getting to enjoy […]

Wine Women – Alison Kilmer, Wine Country 2.0

Food and wine pairings are a staple of wine country experiences and the home table. What if you felt left out of those choices? Wine Country 2.0 is all about bridging that gap. Most wineries would prefer not to turn away potential buyers and club members.

As the world […]

Wine Women – Focus on the Hosts

It’s a rare show when the hosts only have one another to talk to. (It was planned!) Often our curiosity is piqued by questions or conversation posed by the hosts to guests. But most of the time we never get to probe further to find out why a specific […]

Wine Women – Amy Troutmiller, Common Fuel Consulting

Amy Troutmiller, founder and CEO of Common Fuel Consulting, is a career beverage professional with experience spanning 25 years and multiple facets of the wine industry. She began her career in hotels and restaurants, working up to operations management and senior director roles with chef Eric Ripert, Kimpton […]

Wine Women – Cyndee Nelson, Gracious at Gracianna Winery

Cyndee Nelson had a lengthy career in radio production, which made us feel so lucky when she consented to be our wine news reporter on WWRH when we first began as a local radio show. She put together the most polished wine news reports, all the while serving as […]