The Wine Makers – Dane Cellars, Fall New Release Tasting

This week Brian, John and Sam go through Bart’s new releases. As always there are some other distractions and discussions about the current state of affairs in the wine industry. Bart’s new releases include a new source for Chein Blanc, yes it’s true, Dane Cellars makes Chenin Blanc.

Second up the guys […]

The Wine Makers – Tony Coturri

Legendary concert promoter Bill Graham once said of the Grateful Dead “They’re not the best at what they do they’re the only ones that do what they do.” For decades, Tony Coturri was to natural wine what the Grateful Dead were to Jam Bands, as in, there wasn’t a name […]

The Wine Makers – Sixteen 600 Fall Release Party

It’s a Sixteen 600 Phil Sent Me release party, AKA 4 guys and 8 bottles… This show includes breaking news, classic Wine Makers Podcast rambles and tasting through the wines of the Fall 2023 Phil Sent Me shipment. The latest release spans 8 varieties, 5 vintages, 4 vineyards, and two […]

The Wine Makers – United States Poet Laureate, Ada Limón

A series of haiku inspired by United States Poet Laureate Ada Limón sitting down with the Wine Makers Podcast crew plus guest host Phil Coturri- [Ep292]

A poet visits
Terroir flows from every word
Podcast Laureate

The native daughter
Converses with nature, water, wine
Aromas of life

Inspiration moves
From roots to fruits and back down
Must trust […]

The Wine Makers – Coral Wang, Maison des Plaisances

Coral Wang is an artist, farmer, and winemaker of her new brand Maison des Plaisances. Coral’s journey began in New Jersey but spans the globe. She spent time in the fashion industry in New York and LA before throwing it all to the wind and “WWOOFing” across Europe working in […]

The Wine Makers – Jim Pedroncelli, J. Pedroncelli Winery

This week we traveled to Dry Creek Valley to meet with a true living legend, Jim Pedroncelli. The family purchased their property in 1927, they are bonded winery number 113. For nine decades they have been producing wines of high quality, tradition and heritage. When you have the opportunity to […]

The Wine Makers – History of St. Laurent

This week we sit down with Shalini Sekhar from Ottavino Wines, Tyler Kohfeld from Ricci Vineyards and Terra Jane Albee from Ownroot Collective to talk about the rare grape St. Laurent. We may have had some killer California Riesling too. [Ep289]


The Wine Makers – Dan Petroski, Massican Wines

This week we sit down with Dan Petroski, former journalist turned winemaker. He is an interesting, thoughtful and very talented person who has created a niche in culinary, digital media, art, and wine. His past has shaped his future, and his Mediterranean white wines are “off the charts” delicious. We […]

The Wine Makers – Nicole Rolet, Chene Bleu

Nicole Rolet is one of our favorite people in the wine world. After converting a ninth century priory in Ventoux, France into a model of regenerative farming and world class wine production facility, she continues to travel the globe and spread the word about climate change. Chene Bleu’s unique position […]

The Wine Makers – Hardy Wallace, Extradimensional Wine Co

Hardy Wallace is always thinking outside the box, actually he smashes the box and burns it, then does his own thing. He is moving into Sonoma with a new tasting space downtown and we are excited. His experiences with sight, sound and smell drive his passion. Hardy will be curating […]

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