The Wine Makers – Dr. Kimberly Nicholas, PhD, A Must Listen!

It’s warming. It’s us. We’re sure. It’s bad. But we can fix it.

We are so excited to have this Sonoma Native on the podcast this week.  After speaking to the international public for close to fifteen years about sustainability, climate scientist Dr. Nicholas realized that concerned people were getting the […]

The Wine Makers – 2022 Recap, Listener Questions

This week we look back at some favorite shows of 2022, and answer more listener questions. Will we ever get to the bottom of where they hide the moguls in the summer? We also raise a glass of wine to Bob Benziger who passed away last week. [EP260]

The Wine Makers – Dane Cellars Coming New Releases

This week John Myers returns to the show after an extended break, it’s great to all be back together again. We talk about a number of subjects, not that we ever get distracted…

Bart brings out three wines to taste that he plans to release early next year. Though of course Brian is […]

The Wine Makers – Morét Brealynn Wines

Morét Brealynn was born in Patterson California at one time the Apricot capital of the world. We know how much all of you listeners love those California agricultural facts…

Though her name is French, she’s 100% Mexican, she was working in the nonprofit sector when she moved from Davis to Sonoma […]

The Wine Makers – The White Elephant Show

This week on the podcast, our friend James Joiner puts us through a blind tasting of “gimmick” and celebrity wines.
Those wines that your family brings to a holiday gathering and you subtly groan as you open the bag. Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Game of Thrones and Hello Kitty among others […]

The Wine Makers – Conscious Container

What does it mean to recycle? What do you think happens when you throw something in the recycling container? Would you believe that 75% of all glass that enters the waste system ends up in landfills. That’s 110,000,000 glass bottles going into US landfills every single day. What would you think […]

The Wine Makers – The Gospel according to Artie

This week the guys sit down with Artie Johnson for a wide ranging and deeply philosophical show. Artie’s background is impressive, but we covered that in Episode 157. This show is all about the now and the future. This one goes from great to special when Phil Coturri throws […]

The Wine Makers – Jennifer Reichardt, The Duck Daughter

This week we sit down with one of our favorite winemakers, and cookbook authors, Jennifer Reichardt. Raised on a duck farm, she has been surrounded by bills and feathers from a young age, her family has supplied delicious ducks to all of the best restaurants in California.

Her journey pulled her […]

The Wine Makers – Jeff & John Perlegos

Who knew that Instagram could get you a guest for your podcast. Well we do of course we don’t know all of these people and that is exactly how we came to meet these guys. I’m not sure the first time I heard about the Stampede Vineyard but on an […]

The Wine Makers – Duskie Estes & Jerome Cunnie

This week on the show we went to Haystack Farm in Sonoma to talk with Farmer Jerome Cunnie and Chef Duskie Estes. Farm to Pantry is a gleaning non-profit organization that rescues produce from farms and backyard gardens in Sonoma County that would otherwise go to waste, and delivers it […]

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