The Wine Makers – Doug Stewart, Lichen Estate – Breggo Cellars

Doug Stewart grew up in Sonoma and had no connection to the wine business. At some point during his time developing several truly sustainable companies wine and grapes started to come into focus. In 2000 they bought a historic sheep farm in Anderson Valley. Eventually a winery named Breggo was […]

The Wine Makers – Enrique Tirado, Don Melchor

Enrique Tirado is the CEO and winemaker for Don Melchor, the most iconic wine brand in Chile. His focus is to create the best Cabernet Sauvignon in the world. The wine consistently gets mentioned in the top 100 wines and the 2018 vintage scored a perfect 100 points. The unique […]

The Wine Makers – Larry Brooks: Winemaker, Perfumer, Author of Liquid Geography and Bike Racer

Like many of our guests Larry Brooks never planned on being a winemaker and how he ended up in this business is part of the story. We had a great conversation with Larry about winemaking, AcaciaWinery creating perfumes and his extensive experiences in and around wine. His latest winemaking projects […]

The Wine Makers – Scott Schultz, Jolie-Laide

Scott & Jenny Schultz make small lots of beautiful wines made from unique varietals, using simple winemaking methods, whole cluster, foot crushed, indigenous yeasts, aged in cement eggs and neutral oak, with little or no sulfur added. They just moved to the neighborhood and Scott came over to introduce himself […]

The Wine Makers – The DTC Wine Symposium

If you make wine, sell wine, ship wine, or drink wine, the conversations and presentations that took place here matter to you. We learned about emerging technologies, new tactics, eminent legal threats, changing consumption and much more over 2 days in Concord. If you couldn’t make it to the conference, […]

The Wine Makers – Á Deux Têtes Release

It’s the annual Á Deux Têtes release from Sixteen 600, timed to celebrate the dearly departed Philippe Cambie’s birthday, January 21st. Phil Coturri joined Brian, John and Sam to talk about his friendship with Philippe, how Isabel Gassier came into our lives and his deep love of Grenache. The guys […]

The Wine Makers – New Years and 2023 Recap

After Holiday upon holiday, COVID, so many parties and a huge New Years bash, the guys finally sit down for a recap of our favorite shows and wines of 2023, Plus, get a look inside Phil’s Wine Cellar and the upcoming DTC Symposium. Enjoy and Welcome to the New Year […]

The Wine Makers – Pam Strayer, Slow Wine

When Orson Welles famously slurred “We will sell no wine before its time,” he must have been talking about Slow Wine! The Slow Food Movement began 35 years ago, to celebrate local and traditional, to be thoughtful about where food comes from and how it was farmed—to be the opposite […]

The Wine Makers – Reid Griggs, Tidings Wine Co.

We first had Reid on the show with Cody from Desire Lines talking about his work at graduate school about the effects of microbiome of vineyards in wine. At that time he shared a wine that really caught our attention. Since then Tidings Wine Co had had its first release and was […]

The Wine Makers – Randall Graham and Elaine Chukan Brown

What do you do when Randall Graham and Elaine Chukan Brown (aka Hawk Wakawakka) show up at your back door with a box full of open wine bottles? You grab the microphones and some wineglasses and press record is what! What were Randall, the legendary California wine maker and original […]

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