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The Wine Makers – For the Love of Grenache

This week we decided to “honor” one of our favorite grapes. Grenache doesn’t get as much attention as some of the other varietals despite being THE most widely planted grape in the world. We invited on four of the local Grenache Masters; Casey Graybehl, the Grenachista, Peter Mathis from […]

The Wine Makers – Blind Date

This week we are not talking about Covid-19, Corona Virus, PPP, PPE, SIP, N95, DTC, EDD, Ventilators, Curb-Side Pick Up, Social Distancing, etc. We needed a break. We thought you might need one too. We had an idea, let’s just talk about wine with interesting people and wines we […]

The Wine Makers – Retail Woes & Pros

This week we are joined by wine professionals on the retail side of the business to talk about how they are dealing with an increased direct to consumer demand. Todd Jolly from Sonoma’s Best, Donald Moffat from Zachys and Alvaro Cardenas from Wine Stop give us the lowdown on […]

The Wine Makers – Virtual Wine Tasting Part Deux

We had another great virtual wine tasting with Dane Cellars & Sixteen600. This is just some “bonus” content if anyone would like to hear it.

The Wine Makers – Shared Struggles

This week on the podcast we invited some of our friends from different wine making regions in the world to discuss the challenges of selling wine in our current environment.  We were joined by Anne Charlotte from Chateau Font du Loup in France, Elyse Perry from Bokisch Vineyards in […]

The Wine Makers – Cathy Huyghe

Cathy is the co-founder and CEO of Enolytics, a big data startup providing business intelligence for the wine industry. She also currently writes for about the business and politics of the wine industry, and for about entrepreneurs with a special focus on women. She is the author […]

The Wine Makers – Esther Mobley

This week we finally sit down with Esther Mobley, former editor at Wine Spectator in New York and current wine, beer and spirits writer at the San Francisco Chronicle. What we have loved most about Esther since joining the Chronicle in 2015 is her ability to use wine as […]

The Wine Makers – Junk Folder

This week the guys were supposed to have Esther Mobley on, wine writer for the S.F. Chronicle. Our Zoom invite somehow made it into her “junk” file but we decided to do the show anyway. Don’t worry, we got her back for next weeks show. We discuss the origins […]

The Wine Makers – Virtual Wine Tasting

BONUS CONTENT! – On Friday the 10th of April 2020 The Wine Makers Podcast did their first Virtual Wine Tasting with Dane Cellars & Sixteen600. They recorded it and decided to release it as a “bonus” show for anyone that wanted to hear it. Thank you to everyone that […]

The Wine Makers – Paul Mabray, Emetry

“The Wine Industry doesn’t have an education problem, we have an engagement problem”. Paul Mabray is an outspoken voice in the wine industry when it comes to data collection and how to properly use it to engage our customers. We thought this was a good time to have him […]