The Wine Makers – Stacy Buchanan, Blood of Gods

We sit down with Stacy Buchanan this week in his home town of Walla Walla. Stacy is the creator of the “Blood of Gods” zine, a biannual wine publication that was inspired by his history at Thrasher Magazine and his love for Death Metal. The zine was started a joke […]

The Wine Makers – Sean Boyd, Rotie Cellars

We are in Walla Walla at the Hospice du Rhone wine event. This morning we drove over to “The Rocks District” to meet up with Sean Boyd at Rotie Cellars tasting room, what Sean calls “the fish bowl”.  The wall of windows provides an almost 360’ view of the Grenache […]

The Wine Makers – Justin Trabue (Bad Ass Wine Witch), Ward Four Wines

Writing notes for this show has been a challenge. Absolutely nothing compares to spending time with Justin and hearing her talk about the journey. You simply have to hear it. Justin is currently making five wines here in Sonoma, only 25 cases of each. Listen to the show to find […]

The Wine Makers – Sarah Doyle, Wine Writer The Press Democrat

This week on the show we welcome Sarah Doyle. Sarah is the wine writer for our local Sonoma County newspaper the Press Democrat which was first issued in 1897. Sarah is a more recent reporter for the PD but her experience in writing about wine and other elixirs is a […]

The Wine Makers – Lance Cutler or is it Jake Lorenzo?

Lance Cutler spent fifteen years as winemaker/general manager for the historic Gundlach Bundschu Winery in Sonoma, California. He almost single-handedly brought humor into the fine wine business producing the fabulous Gundlach Bundschu poster series, and the Sonoma Valley Wine Patrol, which masterminded the hijacking of the Napa Wine Train and […]

The Wine Makers – Mark Adams

Mark Adams, Ledge Vineyards Musician, farmer, winemaker, and sound engineer on the cult classic Murdercycle.

We were “lucky” to catch Mark on his roundabout way home to Paso Robles from the Luck Music Festival in Texas. With a little guidance from his friend and neighbor Justin Smith of Saxum, Mark and […]

The Wine Makers – Cyril Penn, Editor Wine Business Monthly

Brian, Sam and John sit down with Cyril Penn, Editor of Wine Business Monthly to talk agriculture, wine trends and  listener questions about up and coming varietals, making wine at home and how the 2023 Vintage is shaping up.  A great conversation ensues.  Cheers! [Ep313]

The Wine Makers – Julien Barrot, Domaine La Barroche

This week we welcome Julien Barrot from Domaine La Barroche, a property in Châteauneuf-du-Pape that has been making wine since the 14th century. The youngest in the family, he has the strong character of these winemakers who invest themselves in their profession and their appellation. Julien arrived on the estate […]

The Wine Makers – Dutton Goldfield

Dutton Goldfield began as a handshake in a vineyard in 1988 when long-time friends Steve Dutton and Dan Goldfield recognized a shared vision between them- to craft wines that express the true nature and personalities of their cool-climate vineyards and which are made to love.  Join the guys as they […]

The Wine Makers – Doug Stewart, Lichen Estate – Breggo Cellars

Doug Stewart grew up in Sonoma and had no connection to the wine business. At some point during his time developing several truly sustainable companies wine and grapes started to come into focus. In 2000 they bought a historic sheep farm in Anderson Valley. Eventually a winery named Breggo was […]

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