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Stephs In The City – Knitter, Please

Rudest cities in US, RIP Kobe, Steph’s Phoenix trip, plus sex position of the day, listener feedback, new music from Telegraph and more!

Stephs In The City – Doggy Style

Does anyone really like Jillian Michaels? Dumb Criminals. The best sex position for you, based on your love language plus new music from Sunshine Boys and a lot more!

Stephs In The City – Gin and Jewels

What’s Poppin’, Golden Globes recap, Dumb Criminals plus Booze News and new music from Elektric Animals

Stephs In The City – New Year, New Yoni

NYE Superstitions, Sex and Astrology, What’s Poppin’ and a musical tribute to the late great Michael Heaton

Stephs In The City – Mer-Rey Kiss-Mas

What’s Poppin’, Merriam Webster names word of the year, new Netflix comedy has a gay Jesus plus new music from South of Summer and a lot more! [EP42]

Stephs In The City – Hot and Heavy

FCC approves 9-8-8. Chocolate and red wine do what?! TLC announces new show, also Dumb Criminals, dating profile of the week and a lot more including new music from Chrissy & The Get Go’s & Sunshine Boys! [EP41]

Stephs In The City – Where The Sun Don’t Shine

X-rated health trends. Alanis Morissette, Liz Phair and Garbage touring in 2020! Say Hello To Weed-Wine plus new music from Canadians In Space & The Strays!

Stephs In The City – Suck On Your Whole…

Chill out your entire family this Thanksgiving with Cannabis! Elon Musk’s net worth plunges after cybertruck fiasco. Woman desperately chugging coffee becomes impeachment hearings hero, plus new music from Palace Gardens and a lot more!

Stephs In The City – Tease and Denial

Kit Kat is releasing a new flavor, Friends’ reunion special reportedly in the works, A Drag Queen is reporting live from the Impeachment hearings. Plus new music from Sarpa Salpa and a lot more! [EP38]

Stephs In The City – “Self-Partnered” and Lovin’it

Delusional Bride cancels wedding, Ghostbusters 2020, Kanye West wants to change his name, plus Dumb Criminals, music from Sunshine Boys and a lot more!