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Shut It Down – Swinging From the Rafters

EP144: Ahoy Taffertins! We hit the high seas of Bar Rescue yet again! With this adventure, we have our hilarious friend Chris Millhouse (@chrismillhouse) at Jim Jam Studios talking about the episode “Swinging From the Rafters.” It’s a patreon special request too! (Thanks Sean F.) It’s quite a doozy as […]

Shut It Down – Get Off Your Ass!

EP143: Taffertins! Man oh man do we have a jam-packed episode ready for you. It’s got everything…toxic parenting, buffoon managerial stylings, deception! It’s gonna be a wild ride. We head to Bountiful, UT to the bar called “The Fifth.” It’s owned and “operated” by a man named Brad. Well, Brad […]

Shut It Down – Saving GI Jodi

EP142: Salute Taffertins! It is time to fall in line for another amazing Shut It Down episode! On this adventure, we travel to Littleton, CO to “GI Jodi’s Bar & Grill.” It’s owned by a woman named Jodi, whose father served in the armed forces (big for Jon!) and has […]

Shut It Down – The Sound of Failing Music

EP141: Another new episode Taffertins! We are only bringing you the best that Bar Rescue has to offer. On this go ’round we head to Aurora, CO to Wildfire Bistro. It’s run by a “singer” named Tony. A meticulously coifed man who sings cover songs as if it is Madison […]

Shut It Down – So We Meet Again, Mr. Taffer

EP140: Yo Taffertins! We got an extra special episode for ya…check it out. Our good friend Courtney Maginnis (IG: courtmaginnis) from the podcast “The Narcisistas (IG: thenarcisistas) in the booth at Jim Jam Studios ready to talk some Bar Rescue. Boy is this a goodie on deck, Jon heads to […]

Shut It Down – There’s no Crying In The Bar Business

EP139: Taffertins! Hello there! Your good friends are back at it, digging into the crates to bring you their insight to the wild world that is Bar Rescue. On this joy ride, we head to Tucker, GA to a bar named Barlow’s Bar & Grill. It’s run by a woman […]

Shut It Down – Stix & Stones May Break Your Bar

EP138: Taffertins! Get ready to rack ’em up…we are headin to Sugar Creek, MO to Stix & Stones…a drag racing-inspired bar with 9 pool tables! Is it a pool hall? Is it a bar? I can’t tell you! If that’s not issue enough…we got a bartender named Razzo who is […]

Shut It Down – Play. Some. Janet. Jackson.

EP137: Special edition for ya Taffertins! We got a good friend of the show, Hannah who is cashing in on her “good friend” status with a requested episode! On this ride, we head over to Gipsy in Las Vegas, the first gay night club in town. It’s run by a […]

Shut It Down – Doreen’s Dilemma

EP136: Yo Taffertins! It’s another brand new episode and do we have some firsts on this one. The first-ever, emergency rescue! Jon heads to St. Petersburg, FL to the Buffalo City Bar & Grill. It’s run by a Buffalo native Doreen who inherited the bar from her late father and […]

Shut It Down – Green Walls & Donkey Balls

EP135: Hey there Taffertins! Another amazing episode of Bar Rescue awaits. Check it out…we head to Louisville, TX to the bar Drunken Donkey Craft Bar & Scratch Kitchen which has over 75 beers that no one knows anything about and a “scratch” kitchen that microwaves food. Boy does Jon disapprove […]

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