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Shut It Down, Bar Rescue Recap on Radio Misfits

EP121: This is it Taffertins! We take another crazy joyride through Texas…the town…China Grove…the bar…China Grove Trading Post. It’s run by a couple, Raymond and Wendy and it’s harassed by their daughter Meghan. She starts off by saying “I’m a little bit of a spoiled brat.” You can take […]

Shut It Down – LIVin On A Prayer

EP120: Here we are Taffertins! We got another fresh episode for ya…this go around, we head to Las Vegas to a nightclub called LIV…and as Jon puts it “makes him want to die.” It is run by a woman named Michelle, a mother of two who has no experience […]

Shut It Down – Uncivil War

EP119: Taffertins! We got you another great dose of Bar Rescue! This go around, we have our good friend Jordon Ferber (@jordonferber) ready to talk about a bar located in Jon Taffer’s hometown…Las Vegas. The name of the bar “Eliphino”…and we won’t take the time to explain how that […]

Shut It Down – Miles From Success

EP118: A flipping unicycle Taffertins! That’s right…we opened with a unicycle. This bar needs some serious saving if someone is riding around on a unicycle drinking in the bar. Thankfully, Jon is willing to square up with Henry and Miles, two recent college grads who open a frat house(read: […]

Shut It Down – Tanked And Toasty

EP117: This is it Taffertins! The review you have been waiting for…Jon heads to San Antonio to a bar called “Recovery Room.” It’s owned by a woman named Heather, who is a “hot mess” who “extorts her husband” for money to keep her party afloat. This is a tall […]

Shut It Down – Back To School

Check it out Taffertins, we head back to school on this one…Jon heads to UNLV, right in his back yard of Las Vegas. A group of hospitality students need a new venue and some serious training that only Professor Taffer can give. Will the students make the grade…or will […]

Shut It Down – Twerkin 9 To 5

EP115: It’s on and poppin Taffertins! On this delightful trip, we head to Antioch, TN to Crossroads Bar And Grille. This twerkin tavern is owned by Ashley and Robert, who are at wit’s end with their unruly, drinkin, swearin full-on mess of a staff. With staff members like Bunz(with […]

Shut it Down – Owner On The Run

EP114: It’s on again Taffertins! We are back at it again…this time we head to Tuscon, AZ for more Bar Rescue recappin. The bar is called The Original Hideout and is owned by Ramiro, a lawyer who passed the bar but has no experience running one. To double down […]

Shut It Down – Don’t Cry For Me Jon Taffer

EP113: Good Lord Taffertins! We have another hot mess on our hands. On this majestic ride, we head to Tuscon, AZ to meet the owner of RJ’s Replays. He is a man who is, well a complete and total crybaby. As you might guess, this does not do well […]

Shut it Down – Dalia’s Inferno

Holy crap Taffertins! Man, this episode really fires on all cylinders…so much so we had special guest Teresa Degaetano (IG: @teresadegaetano) in the booth with us to break this down. We travel to Texas…the Lone Star state…more specifically San Antonio…more specifically Country Nights. A bar owned by a ball […]