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Shut It Down – Hole In None

EP134: This is a very special episode! We are covering the classic “Hole In None” episode for one of our very good friends of the show, Abi! This episode does not disappoint. It’s got what you need in a great Bar Rescue episode. Disgusting kitchens, foolish owners and wildly incompetent […]

Shut It Down – John And Bert Bought A Bar

EP133: Hey Taffertins! It’s goin down again…another new episode ready to get unpacked! We head to Richardson, TX and meet the owners of the Harbor Point Bar & Grill. It’s run by two fellas, John and Bert. And boy are they a mess! when one isn’t crying and lying…the other […]

Shut It Down – Punch-Drunk & Trailer-Trashed

EP132: Hey there Taffertins! We got a special request for an episode from one of our Good Friends Of The Show, Nick! Shoutout to you good sir. On this episode, we head back to the (in)famous O Face Bar in Council Bluffs, IA. This place was nothing but a pure […]

Shut It Down – Reckless Roundhouse

EP131: Howdy Taffertins! We have another brand new episode ready for you! On this joyride, we head to Fort Worth Texas to a bar called Whiskey Girl. One of the owners refers to himself as Rick Roundhouse, he considers himself the “life of the party” who “buys” drinks for patrons. […]

Shut It Down – All Blaze, No Glory

EP130: Welcome to the Midwest, Taffertins! We head to Pleasant Valley, MO to the Thunderbolt Bar & Grill and boy does nonsense await. It’s run by a man named Don, who refers to all the employees as “Rachel”(even though he knows their names). To make matters worse, he has made […]

Shut It Down – Two Flew Over The Handlebars

EP129: Vroom vroom Taffertins! Our friend of the show Mike Hernandez (@funnyhernandez) is hangin with us in Jim Jam Studios to break down another classic episode. On this ride, we head to Pawcatuck, CT to the “Handlebar Cafe” which is anything but a cafe…it’s a minefield filled with drunk women […]

Shut It Down – Don’t Judge A Booze By It’s Bottle

EP128: Yo! Taffertins! We go “all in” on this one…just like James, the crazy manchild manager of “Cashmere.” It’s located in Raleigh, NC and at one point was the hottest joint in town. Until the competition rolled in and ate a hole in the finances. The owner, Brandon decided to […]

Shut It Down – Meat Sauna

EP127: Taffertins! It’s another oldie but a goodie…we have a wonderful human being of a guest John Rosenberger (@JohnJohnPhenom) joining us in Jim Jam Studios to talk about “Meat Sauna.” Which lives up to its name! Jon and the crew head to Scottsdale, AZ to Stand Up Scottsdale which is […]

Shut It Down – Second Base, Third Strike

EP126: Good Friend Of Show Episode! Membership has its privileges, and if you’re a Good Friend of The Show…you get that. Shoutout to Good Friend Faith who reached out to us to cover the classic “Second Base, Third Strike.” Jon returns to a bar he once saved which has fallen […]

Shut It Down – A Horse Walks Into A Bar

EP125: We are back into the vault Taffertins! The new season has ended and we are diving into some more classic episodes. On this ride, we head to Black Canyon City, AZ to “Kid Chilleen’s Bad Azz BBQ & Steakhouse.” It’s owned by Scott and Donna and boy do they […]

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