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RTA – Books As Activism With Jeannine Cook

“To me what movement work means is creativity.” – Jeannine Cook

Today I interviewed Jeannine Cook,

For the last 10 years Jeannine Cook has worked as a trusted writer for several startups, corporations, non-profits, and influencers. In addition to a holding a master’s degree from The University of the Arts, Jeannine is […]

RTA – The Problem With Empathy With Fritz Breithaupt

“You’re not a rockstar and I’m not an angel either, and that’s why we need each other, and that’s why we need empathy, actually.” – Fritz Breithaupt

Today I interviewed Fritz Breithaupt.

Fritz Breithaupt is a provost professor at Indiana University, Bloomington since 1996, since 2010 as a full professor of Germanic […]

RTA – Comedy on Capitol Hill with Mark Eaton of The Capitol Steps

“We get into this weird thing, that if politicians don’t get made fun of [by The Capitol Steps] they get mad.” – Mark Eaton of the Capitol Steps

Today I interviewed Mark Eaton of The Capitol Steps.

The Capitol Steps began as a group of Senate staffers who set out to satirize […]

RTA – Make the Stage and the Crowds Will Come With Mona Shaikh of Minority Reportz

“Somebody described our comedy shows as going to Chippendales because it’s so rowdy. These women don’t want to leave.” – Mona Shaikh

Today I interviewed Mona Shaikh.

Mona Shaikh is a stand-up comedian, host, emcee and producer of Minority Reportz. She most recently emcee’d the Women’s March in SF in Jan 2019 […]

RTA – The Conservative/Liberal Divide With Dannagal Young

“I’ve been asked over the years a lot for the potential of humor to bridge these divides and I have not figured out a way it work. …. Unless you’re someone who is willing to targets the machinery that creates the division in the first place.” – Dannagal Young

Today I […]

RTA – Call-Out Culture With Loretta Ross

“Call-out culture impoverishes our pools of meaning because we don’t get to share what everybody is thinking. Because some people are intimidated by the brutality with which an unfolding thought is received.” – Loretta Ross

Today I interviewed Loretta Ross.

In this episode we speak about:
How her years of activism have given […]

RTA – Heroin, Hooking, and Happiness With Mary Goggin of Runaway Princess

“I have choices. I’m responsible for my happiness.” — Mary Goggin

Today I interviewed Mary Goggin, the creator of the solo show Runaway Princess.

In this episode we speak about:
Mary’s journey through drinking and hooking to become a working actor in NYC.
How Mary found her calling, the desire to share her story […]

RTA – Publishing Unique Voices With Rick Kaempfer and David Stern of Eckhartz Press

“Everyone has a story to tell and when its your personal story you’re selling yourself, too. And that, to me, is a very easy sell.” — Rick Kaempfer

Today I interviewed Rick Kaempfer and David Stern of Eckhartz Press.

Rick Kaempfer is the co-founder and publisher of Eckhartz Press. In addition to […]

RTA – Restorative Justice With Gina M. Hill

“Restorative justice is about healing. And healing in communities.” — Gina Hill

Today I interviewed Gina Hill.

Gina M. Hill is currently the Lead Administrator at the Oakland Emiliano Zapata Street Academy High School and a trainer with RJTI – Restorative Justice Training Institute founded by Rita Renjitham Alfred. Gina M. Hill […]

RTA – Vulnerability in the age of social disconnect with Richard W. Gretzinger

“Everybody has a uniqueness to them and I try to celebrate that.” — Richard W. Gretzinger

Today I interviewed Richard W. Gretzinger

Here’s more about him and his project The Vulnerability Project in his own words:
The subject of my latest work is vulnerability. This is not a mid-life crisis, although sometimes it […]

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