Reconcile the Aisle Episodes

RTA – Lindsay Hoffman (University of Delaware, Associate Director of the Center for Political Communication)

“How much further down this abyss of complete hatred of each other are we willing to go. And for what?” –  Dr. Lindsay Hoffman

Today I interviewed Dr. Lindsay Hoffman.

Dr. Lindsay Hoffman joined the faculty of the Department of Communication at the University of Delaware in September 2007 after receiving […]

RTA – Bassem Youssef (Tickling Giants, Revolution for Dummies, The Magical Reality of Nadia)

“A lot of people are annoyed by differences and they are scared of it. … If they can only see how being different enriches a place, a community, it doesn’t take away from it. ” – Bassem Youssef

Today I interviewed Bassem Youssef

Bassem Youssef, dubbed the Jon Stewart of the Arab […]

RTA – Henry Alford (The New Yorker and Vanity Fair)

“Anything I can find that inspires me, propels me, goads me, is great.” – Henry Alford

Today I interviewed Henry Alford.

Henry Alford is a humorist and journalist HA writes for the New Yorker and Airmail. His six books include Big Kiss, which won a Thurber Prize, and most recently, a book […]

RTA – Dom Nero (Esquire Magazine)

“[Moonstruck] represents a part of our culture that doesn’t always get the spotlight.” – Dom Nero

Today I interviewed Dom Nero.

Dom Nero is a staff video editor at Esquire Magazine, where he also writes about film, television, and video games. He’s the co-host of Eye of the Duck, […]

RTA – Jay Martel (Key and Peele, Alternatino, The Present, and Strangers With Candy)

 “There’s nothing better than satirizing what’s going on right now and knowing that thousands of people are reading it. ” – Jay Martel

Today I interviewed Jay Martel.

JAY MARTEL is a novelist, essayist, screenwriter, director, actor, and TV producer. The science-fiction comic novel “Channel Blue” was published by Head of Zeus […]

RTA – How to Talk to a Trumper With Sammy Rangel of Life After Hate

“They do change and that’s what these messages mean. People do change .” – Sammy Rangel

Today I interviewed Sammy Rangel of Life After Hate

In this episode we speak about how:


This bonus episode gets us ready for the election in 2020 — and beyond! The lessons in this episode apply to the Democratic process overall.

Danielle Holtz is a historian of US political culture, intellectual history,and US foreign policy, Dr. Holtz focuses on conservatism and white supremacy in the nineteenth and […]

RTA – Democracy Needs to be Taught! With Timothy Shaffer, PhD

“We think about [Democracy] happening someplace else … and how I think about it and encourage students to think about it: it’s there yes … but it’s also in you.” – Timothy Shaffer, PhD

Today I interviewed Timothy Shaffer, PhD

Timothy J. Shaffer is an associate professor in the Department of Communication […]

RTA – COVID Planning Over Herd Immunity With Dr. Sema Sgaier of the Surgo Foundation

“The fundamental principle of a testing desert is: you’re in a county and there’s not a single test site. … About 40% of rural counties in the United States are testing deserts.” – Dr. Sema Sgaier of the Surgo Foundation

Today I interviewed Dr. Sema Sgaier.

Dr. Sema Sgaier is Co-founder and […]

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