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The Wine Makers – Hawk Wakawakka returns

EP113: This week, Elaine Chukan Brown, aka Hawk Wakawakka returns to the podcast on the heels of her Screaming Eagle visit. We also taste some of the “hottest” celebrity Roses of the Summer. Sam pulls out a special bottle of Chardonnay from Mayacamas, the last vintage of this vineyard. […]

Destination Eat Drink – Native American Cuisine

EP39: A Johnnycake that’s really a Journeycake, a pie made with raccoon, and 13 Thanksgivings. This week we’re exploring Native American Cuisine.

Show Notes:

Tomaquag Museum Native American museum and cultural center

2016 National Medal for Museum and Library Service

Indigenous Empowerment Network strives to eradicate poverty in the Indigenous […]

Sports Dorks – Laying on the Floor

What if I told you that Scott and Andy do forensics on their recent draft where crimes were committed? Then they drink wine and watch General Hospital with some cougars and Professor Barbenfouillis.

Free Kicks- Mind the (Decreasing) Gap

Adam and Rick discuss the decreasing gap between teams 3-20 in the Premier League, and the increasing gap between those same teams in the top 2.  [Ep42]

Car Guys Report – Tail of the Dragon

With 318 curves in 11 miles, this is the ultimate car guys road. This story and more! [Ep15]

Shut It Down – Stix & Stones May Break Your Bar

EP138: Taffertins! Get ready to rack ’em up…we are headin to Sugar Creek, MO to Stix & Stones…a drag racing-inspired bar with 9 pool tables! Is it a pool hall? Is it a bar? I can’t tell you! If that’s not issue enough…we got a bartender named Razzo who […]

Stephs In The City – Loyalty, Meth Vag & Bears, OH MY!

EP26: Strap in because the GIRS ARE BACK! Stories from Nashville and Canada along with What’s Poppin’, Sex Position Of The Day, music from Keanu Reefs and a lot more!

Back 2 You – John Landecker, Boogie checker

Radio Hall of Famer John Landecker tells how something live on stage that could’ve been really embarrassing turned into a good thing.  Is ‘Records’ truly his middle name?  Find out with Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville. Plus a bonus Boogie Check! (Ep12)

Flippin Out Radio – 08/27/19

Summer is almost over, and Janky June came and went without a special episode… or did it? Although we thought this was lost to the sands of time, we found these… the LOST ERICA TAPES: Janky June edition. Part One. James, Erica (E), Joanne (first time also) and James’ […]

The Prussman Hour – 08/27/19

Stacey and Angela have a very important question they need answered in this episode for their male listeners, has your penis shrunk, grown or stayed the same since you were 17 years old? We also discuss Angela’s weight loss, Sebastian Maniscalco, and Stacey decides the ladies are going to […]