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Geek/CounterGeek – 2018 Year-In-Review Showtacular

Elliott Serrano and Keith Conrad take a look at the top stories in geekdom and actual science to come out of the raging dumpster fire that is the year 2018, from Ron Howard’s highest grossing movie of all time to an interstellar visitor.

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Shut It Down – Bottomless Pit

We are in triple digits, my friends! And boy is it an action-packed episode. Our good friend Andres (@8_Track_III) is in the booth with us ready to head to Orange County, CA to a bar called “The Olive Pit.” The owner Tim is a part-time owner and full-time creep. So, only disaster has been […]

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Caffeinated Comics – Aquaman

You’d think the year would be over but here comes the latest DC movie! Jon, Steven, Lisa Brown, Tina Canfield and Joe Pakovits discuss the shifting tone, the influence of 80s action movies and the physics of movie water. Plus, they showed a new “Hellboy” trailer.

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Minutia Men – 12/22/18

EP119: Rick and Dave discuss Bambi in Missouri, Rick reveals a 28-year-secret, Jenkins leaves a heart on an airplane, Rick shares his brush with Harry Shearer, and they interview Soprano’s star Joseph Gannascoli (Vito).

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The Mr Nailsin Show – It’s A Wonderful Life!

EP216: Doug, Lefty And Red listen to an old classic radio episode of Lux Radio Theater’s production of It’s A Wonderful Life starring Jimmy Stewart.

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Sports Dorks – They Killed My Horse!

It’s the Xmas Spectacular. Scott and Andy have a merry old time talking sports and gambling and movies and so much more, PLUS holiday surprises!

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The Prussman Hour – 12/21/18

A very special Christmas edition of The Prussman Hour. Stacey starts the show talking about what’s going on inside her SAD brain. Angela gets on the line and the women discuss their favorite Christmas song, holiday memories, Angela self-sacrificing her Christmas gifts, a Myrna update and much more. Check out The Prussman Hour Patreon […]

Flippin Out Radio – 12/21/18

James Flippin and Mike Montone co-host from Bloomfield, NJ discussing food left on the PATH, the C-word, President Obama delivering gifts, the Statue of Liberty climber’s song, an inspiring 2019 message, Mets news as Mike Piazza killed a soccer team, the green beret accused of murder — Mike’s thoughts as a military man, a […]

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Master Debaters – Christmas Special 2018

EP113: It’s Christmaaaaaas!!! This week all the boys are back, yes all of them including a special guest. It’s the festive season, so we should’ve have much salt, right? Wrong! We play a festive It Pays To Play Away and Family 5tunes and produce enough salt to grit the roads of England! Merry Christmas!

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The Wine Makers – Happy Holidays

We hope your holidays are excellent and filled with great wine. Listen now to find out how to win a limited-edition Sixteen600 tie-dyed T-shirt! We’re back Jan. 4, 2019

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