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The Mr Nailsin Show – Hopscotch!

An elderly couple in Florida have sex on a sidewalk. A man got busted for having a license plate made of crayon on a paper bag. Sun King and Doorman have a conversation in the men’s room. Finally a man throws a Chihuahua at his cousin. [EP285]

Destination Eat Drink – Copenhagen Denmark

A Shakesperean castle, a drink to keep you warm, and a pastry you can’t call danish. This week we’re in Copenhagen, Denmark to try an overflowing sandwich and the new Nordic cuisine with foodie tour guide Maria Beisheim. [EP56]

Show Notes:

Maria’s food tour company Food Tours EU https://foodtours.eu/

New Nordic […]

The Bite Goes On – The Moms Show

It is only fitting that Episode 60 is a show with our Moms. This was a fun to have our moms as this week’s guests. They shared stories of when we were kids and we questioned them about things we couldn’t quite remember. The conversation highlights the differences between […]

The Wine Makers – Brenae Royal

This week on the Wine Makers we sit down with Brenae Royal, vineyard manager at the historic Monte Rosso Vineyards. Brenae grew up in the Central Valley of California and was originally interested in animals, in part due to her exposure to F.F.A., future farmers of America. Weeks into […]

Sports Dorks – Icarus the Painted Whore

Scott & Andy may be terrible at Myst but they’re great at Password. This flower power hug fest is not here to objectify women, but to get to the church on time. Don’t press send. Currahee! [EP322]

Car Guys Report – Frivolous Car Features, Who Needs ‘Em!

Do you really need blind-spot monitoring in your car? This story and more! [Ep32]

MM Celebrity Interview – Jim Peterik

Rick and Dave interview rock and roll songwriting icon Jim Peterik. [EP05]

Caffeinated Comics – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The Skywalker saga ends but will Star Wars live forever? In an extra-sized episode, Jon, Steven and Elliott Serrano discuss if it’s worth saying goodbye when there’s more “Mandalorian” coming, the whiplash from “the Last Jedi”, and the Emperor’s long game. Plus, Eddie Murphy returns to Saturday Night Live […]

Lossano and Friends – 12/25/19

The Island of Radio Misfits Holiday Special: Tony Lossano, host and producer of “Lossano and Friends” and “Nude Hippo: The Podcast,” celebrate Christmas morning with a one-hour spectacular gathering a dozen hosts of shows produced by Oppih Shows for the Radio Misfits Podcast Network. Joining him at the Museum […]

Stephs In The City – Mer-Rey Kiss-Mas

What’s Poppin’, Merriam Webster names word of the year, new Netflix comedy has a gay Jesus plus new music from South of Summer and a lot more! [EP42]