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The Bite Goes On – Dave Ehreth, Sonoma Brinery

If you hear us crunching on this episode, it’s because we are chomping on the FRESHEST, crunchiest pickles you can possibly eat. Lucky for us, Dave Ehreth from Sonoma Brinery left his role in tech and decided to turn his pickle hobby into a thriving business. You can feel […]

Wine Women – Emma Swain, St. Supéry

Emma Swain, CSW and CEO of St. Supéry Estate Vineyards and Winery (stsupery.com), guests on the show and hosts the podcast in St. Supéry’s historic Atkinson House, which was built in the 1880s. Emma joined St. Supéry and became CEO in 2009. Prior to her tenure she served for […]

Car Guys Report – Road Tripping Retro Style!

How about a truly classic family truckster for your next vacation? This story and more! [Ep23]

Stephs In The City – Stank On A Plane

EP33: What’s Poppin’, Dumb Criminals, Booze News plus new music from Kevin Pollack and a lot more!

Shut It Down – Don’t Mess With Taffer’s Wife

EP146: Yoooo Taffertins! Check it out, we got a special request episode from our good friend of the show Lane…and we deliver. This episode is a crazy one. Taffer heads to his hometown Vegas to the legendary Sand Dollar. A joint being ran by Lisa, a single mother. It’s […]

And Friends – The Exorcist Pregnancy Test

Samuel time travels with “Next Week Today” –  Tommy warns the public of various catastrophes. –  Kimmy chills with “Music without Music” now with music!   All this and more on “And Friends!”  (Ep09)

Back 2 You – Debra Pappas, Talent Agent

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville are joined by Debra Pappas, one of the top talent agents, who help actors land roles in feature films and the many TV shows done in Chicago like Chi Fire, Med, and PD. (Ep20)

Lossano and Friends – 10/22/19

Ep128: Rebecca Julia Brown (actor, musician, comedian, producer and writer), Alessandra Drapos (actor, comedian), Deanna Ortiz (comedian, host), join Tony Lossano to chat about performing stand-up at a college campus, doing ‘private-squeezes’ in public, going too far with a DivaCup, adding friends on Facebook unless they look like a […]

Caffeinated Comics – Batman Casting

A new Catwoman, a new Riddler and a Penguin drops out in Matt Reeves’ new movie. Jon and Steven discuss if the franchise has broken the multiple villain curse, what this new film may owe to Ben Affleck’s aborted version and why the Joker won’t show up. Plus, the […]

Geek/CounterGeek – Keith Sees RoboCop For The First Time

EP144: Misty Callahan and Keith Conrad review Zombieland Double Tap. Plus, for the October Pop Culture Blind Spot segment, Keith watched RoboCop for the first time ever, and it was a less than stellar experience.