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Wine Women – Dar Rhodes, The Panel Wine Lounge

EP4: Dar Rhodes was looking to buy a coffee bar when she stumbled across a listing for a wine club for sale. Intrigued, she began her due diligence… The Wine Women Radio hosts talk with Dar, co-owner along with her husband Charlie and daughter Zoe of The Panel, a public wine lounge, tap room […]

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Destination Eat Drink – Ljubljana, Slovenia

EP29: A cake imported from Serbia, a wine that only a saint allows, and dragons without any Games or Thrones. This week we’re in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Show notes:

Guest Rick Kaempfer

Every Cub Ever Rick’s book about Chicago Cubs

Minutia Men Rick’s funny podcast

Free Kicks Rick’s soccer podcast

Rick’s blog


Eat and Drink

Zbornica great spot […]

The Bite Goes On – Tsering Sherpa

This week Sondra and Brian sit down with Tsering Sherpa from Nepal. This episode was born out of numerous conversations that Brian had with Tsering on their lunch breaks at the Fairmont, Sonoma Mission Inn. He found the culture and traditions so interesting and the food completely unfamiliar yet compelling, so we invited her […]

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Car Guys Report – 06/20/19

EP6: What are the best 4-door sedans ever made? This story and more with Marc and Lou!

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Shut It Down – Second Base, Third Strike

EP126: Good Friend Of Show Episode! Membership has its privileges, and if you’re a Good Friend of The Show…you get that. Shoutout to Good Friend Faith who reached out to us to cover the classic “Second Base, Third Strike.” Jon returns to a bar he once saved which has fallen into ruin. It’s run […]

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Stephs In The City – Suck out the Evil

EP19: What’s Poppin, Sex Position of the Day plus NEW MUSIC from The Strays and a lot more!

Caffeinated Comics – Enduring Brands

This summers’ “X-Men” and “Men in Black” movies are bombs but no one seems to care. In a world of evergreen properties and multi-media schedules, does one movie even matter anymore? How are Batman and Marvel so powerful into their 80s? Plus, Gen X makes toys great again and Steven learns that all “Spider-Man” […]

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The Prussman Hour – 06/17/19

Stacey and Angela talk about the crazy week they are both having. Angela discusses her now deceased ex boyfriend from her 20s and the current death of his best friend. Her fit-bit ringing at the funeral, Angela’s weight loss challenge, Stacey’s new hair style, and much more

The Mr Nailsin Show – Alligator Invades Kitchen!

EP257: Lefty wants to rant about Trump and Iran but Doug’s tired. Meanwhile an alligator breaks into a kitchen. Night Knight takes on City Hall in a classic adventure and finally another update on the Mercedes Carrera case.

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Sports Dorks – Helping Sgt. Ryan

Scott & Andy teach the primary colors, flee from the stalkers, deal with a bad floating accent, and more. Cocktail sauce at breakfast?

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