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Shut It Down – There’s no Crying In The Bar Business

EP139: Taffertins! Hello there! Your good friends are back at it, digging into the crates to bring you their insight to the wild world that is Bar Rescue. On this joy ride, we head to Tucker, GA to a bar named Barlow’s Bar & Grill. It’s run by a […]

Back 2 You – Frank Catalano, Grammy-winner

Howard Sudberry interviews  a jazz legend Grammy-winning saxophone player, Frank Catalano as he stops by and tells how a severe accident almost derailed his career! (Ep13)

Caffeinated Comics – Alex Ross exhibit

EP138: Caffeinated Comics invades Libertyville! Jon and Steven visit The Bess Bower Dunn museum and their collection of Alex Ross originals! They discuss Ross’ detailed pencil work, early criticisms and the stuffed dolls he made of Marvel characters. Plus, how comics are pitched, the importance of collaborators and how […]

The Game Show Show – NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!

JAZ & Andy are in full-on Chaka Khan mode, Johnny Mo is in heavy-duty newsie mode & the gang discusses sex, drugs & rock n’roll comedy with rock n’roll comedian & comedy rocker, Jessika Cutts of News You Can Lose!

Minutia Men – A very special Cubs episode

Rick and Dave tackle one topic–the Chicago Cubs. They also interview ex-Cubs Carmen Fanzone and Adam Greenberg. [Ep148]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Baron Void!

EP268: Doug re-introduces his Dr. Who parody with two episodes. Also another round of Bayou Crime Report featuring sick sad tales of sick sad people from Doug’s neighborhood.

The Bite Goes On – Dustin Valette, Valette Restaurant

EP43:  On location in Healdsburg, Dustin Valette talks to us about how he acquired the very building his family owned back in 1915 and how life comes full circle for the Valette brothers. Back then it was a bakery, but today it is a Wine Country destination restaurant. With […]

The Wine Makers – Hawk Wakawakka returns

EP113: This week, Elaine Chukan Brown, aka Hawk Wakawakka returns to the podcast on the heels of her Screaming Eagle visit. We also taste some of the “hottest” celebrity Roses of the Summer. Sam pulls out a special bottle of Chardonnay from Mayacamas, the last vintage of this vineyard. […]

Destination Eat Drink – Native American Cuisine

EP39: A Johnnycake that’s really a Journeycake, a pie made with raccoon, and 13 Thanksgivings. This week we’re exploring Native American Cuisine.

Show Notes:

Tomaquag Museum Native American museum and cultural center

2016 National Medal for Museum and Library Service

Indigenous Empowerment Network strives to eradicate poverty in the Indigenous […]

Sports Dorks – Laying on the Floor

What if I told you that Scott and Andy do forensics on their recent draft where crimes were committed? Then they drink wine and watch General Hospital with some cougars and Professor Barbenfouillis.