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The Prussman Hour – 7/23/19

Stacey & Angela has special guests Mike Murphy and Anthony Zenhouser. of The Creepy Corner on this episode of The Prussman Hour where they discussed drug use, dead Dads, growing up poor white trash, addictions, and more @thecreepfest

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Caffeinated Comics – SDCC 2019

Oh, the announcements! Jon and Steven cover the phase 4 slate of MCU movies and streaming, Jonathan Hickman’s new “X-Men” run, trailers for “Picard” and the “Harley Quinn” animated series and the lack of a new “Batman” creative team. Plus all. The. Figures.

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Nude Hippo – Ryan Chiaverini, Windy City Live

EP1: Tony Lossano talks with Ryan Chiaverini, co-host of Windy City Live, as he chats about his greatest accomplishments, his darkest hours, and his newest song, “This is Country”

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Sports Dorks – Bubble Boy, Brah

EP247: Scott & Andy dick around on boogie boards, recap an ugly trip to Vegas, make butter sculptures andamore. Are you getting it? Farmageddon it?

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Minutia Men – 07/20/19

EP142: Rick and Dave discuss a parent of the year, the grossest furniture possible, Jenkins in Israel, an ex-Cub who was murdered, Rick’s brush with former Beatle Pete Best, and they interview and play audio genius from production wizard Vince Argento.

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The Mr Nailsin Show – A Cut Above!

EP262: Doug, Lefty & Red Talk Trump Vs The Squad. Drug smuggler hides cocaine under his toupee. Florida man castrates wife’s lover while Florida woman stabs boyfriend for being too tired for sex. Dr. Leer has a plan “B” in another episode of Uranus Patrol. Finally Doug rambles on about #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

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The Wine Makers – Vicki Carroll

EP108: Brian and Bart travel to San Luis Obispo to sit down with Vicki Carroll, she runs the premier wine event Hospice du Rhone, annually at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee and bi-annually in Paso Robles. We open a bottle of rose and talk about and her work with some of the wine industries legends.

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Wine Women – Emily Byrne, Carneros Wine Alliance

EP8: Emily Byrne, co-chair of the Carneros Wine Alliance (Carneros.org), joins co-hosts Lisa Adams Walter and Marcia Macomber to discuss the Los Carneros AVA’s upcoming event, the 3rd Annual Carneros Cornhole Tournament and Wine Tasting, coming up on August 10th, from 4 – 6 PM PDT at Etude Wines, in Napa. The walk-around tasting […]

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Destination Eat Drink – Overtourism with Elizabeth Becker

Packed tourist attractions, long lines, and frustrated visitors.  We talk with Elizabeth Becker about overtourism and tips for how to avoid the crowds.

Show Notes:

Overbooked: The Exploding Business to Travel and Tourism by Elizabeth Becker

When the War Was Over: Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge Revolution by Elizabeth Becker

Bordeaux: Tourism’s Gold Standard article […]

The Bite Goes On – Zazu, Black Pig Bacon

EP37: This week, we are thrilled to welcome Duskie Estes and John Stewart from Zazu restaurant. On this episode we hear all about how they met, their move from Washington State to Sonoma County, the trials and tribulations of having a restaurant that has changed locations and that had to unfortunately close its doors […]

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