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The Wine Makers – Esther Mobley

This week we finally sit down with Esther Mobley, former editor at Wine Spectator in New York and current wine, beer and spirits writer at the San Francisco Chronicle. What we have loved most about Esther since joining the Chronicle in 2015 is her ability to use wine as […]

Destination Eat Drink – Kate Pierson

Kate Pierson of the B-52s talks about living in the the real life Love Shack, starting the B-52s in Athens, GA and what to eat on the road when you’re broke. Plus, she tells us about getting married in Hawaii and her grandparent’s farm. [EP73]

Show Notes:

Kate’s solo album Guitars […]

The Bite Goes On – Annette White

So wonderful to get a chance to chat with Annette White, co-owner of Sugo Trattoria in Petaluma and Bucket List Journeys (fabulous blog and travel website). We let it slip out that Annette and Brian were high schools sweethearts, so a few memories popped out. We delve into Annette’s […]

Car Guys Report – The 641 mile Corvette!

Marc and Lou talk about the pros and cons of buying a 1994 Corvette with only 641 miles on the clock. This story and more! [Ep49]

Stephs In The City – Wash Your Balls

Pandemic food delivery preferences, Stupid States reopen, Booze News plus new music from JD SenuTi and a lot more!

And Friends – The One Where Joey Has A Delicious Strawberry

Samuel goes into a list of the top mass hysteria moments in history. Kimmy explains how a zoo might end up doing the real-life hunger games. Tommy will never have to find ways to pay rent to his sister, hopefully. All that and more on “And Friends!” (Ep28)

MM Celebrity Interview – Jim Peterik returns!

Rick and Dave interview the EYE OF THE TIGER-KING Jim Peterik and shares his re-released of the Ides of March 1992 City of Chicago anthem “Spirit Of Chicago”. [Ep18]

Back 2 You – Back 4 More

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville share personal stories about their lives during this pandemic and what is Michael Jordan really like? Steve poses that question to Howard and tells how he might have had MJ and other Bulls running the other way when they saw him!.  (Ep33)

Lossano and Friends – The Beginning!

GMA’s Ginger Zee talks about her crazy adventures since leaving Chicago, radio star Eddie Volkman takes his first steps back towards a solo radio career, plus Jennifer O’Neil from Rivet Radio, and special appearances by Tom Dreesen, Ron Magers, Svengoolie, Dick Biondi, Melissa Forman join Tony Lossano and his […]

Caffeinated Comics – Trekkie Newbie

Steven is broken! Our co-host finished Picard and is now deep into the first season of Star Trek: the Next Generation. Hear his pain. Plus, SDCC is cancelled on its 50th anniversary. [EP171]