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Sports Dorks – There’s No Crying in Podcasting

Join Scott & Andy on a parade as they take their talents to South Beach. Lay off the high ones and bring your own herring or Sheriff Gonna Getcha.

Destination Eat Drink – Pittsburgh

Croatian cookies, pepperoni rolls and cooking lunch on a steel blast furnace, this week we’re in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Food Tour Guide Sylvia McCoy tells up about riding inclines, watching racing perogis, and eating a sandwich topped with french fries and cole slaw. Of course, there’s beer, too as we […]

The Bite Goes On – Thaddeus Palmese

Among other things Thaddeus Palmese is an amazing storyteller and we found him so descriptive and interesting that we recommended that he write a book or two. His cooking experience starts at 15 years old. Even though he grew up in Pasadena, he wound up in New Orleans where […]

Wine Women – Christian Oggenfuss

Christian Oggenfuss is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Napa Valley Wine Academy. He holds the dipWSET, the highest certification from the London based Wine & Spirit Education Trust and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Wine & Spirits. Christian also holds the French Wine Scholar […]

Free Kicks – The Festive Fixtures

Adam and Rick recap the holiday matches, explain the phenomenon of Boxing Day, and deliver another report from Across the Pond. [EP55]

Car Guys Report – Some ‘90s Cars are Now Classic Collectibles!

An Acura Integra as a classic? This story and more! [EP33]

Stephs In The City – New Year, New Yoni

NYE Superstitions, Sex and Astrology, What’s Poppin’ and a musical tribute to the late great Michael Heaton

MM Celebrity Interview – Stan Lawrence

Rick and Dave interview one of the stars of Ebony & Ivory, Stan Lawrence. [EP06]

Caffeinated Comics – 2019 Wrap Up

Jon and Steven are done with this year. They try to focus on the positive, like “Avengers:Endgame”. “The Mandalorian” and Jonathan Hickman’s “X-Men”. Plus, how Hollywood can break records and still claim a disappointing year, how streaming will eat into the movie slate and with so much content happening, […]

Geek/CounterGeek – The Star Wars Holiday Special (Not That One)

Misty Callahan and Keith Conrad share their review of the first season of The Mandalorian, now that the season has finished. Plus, Misty and Keith also got the chance to see The Rise of Skywalker and gave their reaction