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Sports Dorks – Marshall Marshall Marshall

Scott hits Andy in the nose with a football as they celebrate their ongoing hot streak. They have their cycles in sync and the drunk college kids are in the bleachers.

Destination Eat Drink – Dublin, Ireland

Boxty, Soda Bread, and the best spots for a pint of Guinness.  This week we’re in Dublin, Ireland for music, whiskey,  and a great pub where an Irish patriot used to drink.

Show Notes

Dublin at Destination Eat Drink https://www.destinationeatdrink.com/dublin-ireland-3

Gallagher’s Boxty House https://www.boxtyhouse.ie/

Brazen’s Head http://www.brazenhead.com/

Hansel and Gretel Bakery […]

The Wine Makers – Braiden Albrecht

What’s it like to have one of your wines selected by Wine Spectator as the “#2 wine in the world ?”… We ask Braiden Albrecht that question on this weeks podcast. Braiden is a childhood friend of Sams and former employee of Enterprise Vineyard who is now the wine […]

The Bite Goes On – Heather Irwin & Fran Meininger

EP56: Sonoma Family Meals & Kitchen Table Project

Chef Made Meals for Fire Survivor Families, Served Weekly Since October 2017. SFM is a 501c3 non-profit.

More than 160,000 meals served…and counting. During the 2017 wildfires, more than 5,000 homes were destroyed in a matter of hours. Thousands remain displaced, living in […]

Car Guys Report – A Falcon Comes Home

The charming story of a 1960 Ford Falcon that found its way home! This story and more!  [Ep28]

The Prussman Hour – Chad Zumock

Who’s Chad Zumock? After Stacey’s brief Twitter war with Chad. Stacey goes one on one with @chadZumock. We learn all about Cleveland’s 2011 eligible bachelor history, his intense loyalties, his enemies, what happened at The Roast of Kevin Brennan and more! #twitterwars #kevinbrennan #cleveland

MM Celebrity Interview – Dwier Brown

Rick and Dave interview actor Dwier Brown, who played Ray’s father in their favorite movie “Field of Dreams” [Ep01]

Shut It Down – Vic Vegas Interview

Taffertins! We got a special treat for you…it’s not a regular recap episode. It’s an interview with Vic Vegas, Bar Rescue expert! (IG: @chefvicvegas) That’s right y’all…an exclusive talk with the amazing chef himself. And get this…we talked to Vic, while he was getting a tattoo! Crazy! […]

And Friends – The 20-Year-Old Recipe!

It has taken two decades to perfect this “dish” and is fully examined and shared for Thanksgiving by your new best friends, Kimmy, Tommy, and Samuel!  All that and more on “And Friends!” [Ep14]

Stephs In The City – Suck On Your Whole…

Chill out your entire family this Thanksgiving with Cannabis! Elon Musk’s net worth plunges after cybertruck fiasco. Woman desperately chugging coffee becomes impeachment hearings hero, plus new music from Palace Gardens and a lot more!