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Back 2 You – Pet peeves!

Things that bother everyone, and do you have a superpower? Howard says he does….you be the judge. (Ep50)

Free Kicks – Peacock Plunder

Adam and Rick recap week #1 of the Premier League, predict scores for the big matches in week 2, and complain about having to shell out an extra $5.99 a month for the Peacock Network. [Ep84]

And Friends – The One Where Joey Tickles His Nose

Tommy takes the show into a rabbit hole on the greatest soundtracks. Samuel goes back to the great state of Florida, with a jet ski chase! Kimmy talks of a certain doctor who wants people to stop calling him daddy. All that and more on “And Friends!” (Ep48)

MM Celebrity Interview – Amy Landecker w/ Bradley Whitford

Rick and Dave interview Amy Landecker star of Transparent and her husband Bradley Whitford, star of The West Wing. [Ep37]

Stephs In The City – Farticles

Joe Exotic asks Trump for pardon. ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is officially OVER. Plus Booze News, sex position of the day, new music from ‘If By Whiskey’ and a lot more! [EP74]

Lossano and Friends – My Name Is Ingo McDaniel. Prepare To Die!

Tony tries to figure out the true meaning of a “hipster,” and if beards will die out, plus is it the man or woman who rushes marriage, and finally are high heels actually appealing. That and much much more!  Enjoy all 5 seasons of Lossano and Friends! Only on […]

Car Guys Report – Three Righteous Mopars for sale, take your pick!

Three rare and awesome Mopars for sale! This story and more! [Ep69]

Caffeinated Comics – Star Trek Day

CBS celebrates the 54th anniversary of the Final Frontier with panels on every series! Jon and Elliott Serrano discuss the different status each series enjoys from TOS to “Strange New Worlds” and how they evolve over the years, how to get over “Enterprise” reaching 20 years old, and how […]

Minutia Men – Packets Of Pot And Bottles Of Booze

Rick and Dave discuss packets of pot falling from the sky, being banned from an airline, free-lance license plate art, Rick’s brush with one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and they play a clip from their interview with Amy Landecker & Bradley Whitford. [Ep195]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Blue Beetle!

Doug, Red & Lefty listen to an old radio episode of The Blue Beetle! [EP323]