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Free Kicks – Back in the Saddle

The Champions League, the Premier League, and how is the former US President Alexander Hamilton connected to any of this? Only one way to find out. Adam and Rick are back! [Ep110]

Back 2 You – Laughter is the Best Medicine

Steve’s new maniacal laugh has him concerned and is Howard becoming the neighborhood’s social director? (Ep77)

And Friends – Denizens of Pen Island

Lesson in queening and felching. Why booze and botox don’t mix. A hard look into streaming.  Kimmy, Tommy, and Samuel only on “And Friends!” (Ep84)

MM Celebrity Interview – Director Joe Duca

Joe Duca, the director behind the critical smash “Evergreen” chats about his brand new movie opening, “Her Name Was Jo” with Rick and Dave! [Ep65]

RTA – S2 Teaser

We’re back with Season 2 of Reconcile the Aisle!

Stephs In The City – Eyeball Licker

Regé-Jean Page Not Returning For Season 2 Of ‘Bridgerton. DMX is on life support and in a “vegetative state.” Are you ready for some MORE football? Plus sex position of the day, ‘Five Things’, new music from Raised on TV and a lot more! [EP98]

Car Guys Report – Buick Specialist Bill Kubik Returns!

Buick Specialist Bill Kubik returns to talk everything automotive!  This and more on the next episode of The Car Guys Report! [Ep98]

Caffeinated Comics – Godzilla Vs. Kong

The Titans clash for the first time since 1962! Howie Weingarten is here to bring a long-time Godzilla fan’s perspective. How does this line up with the latest Godzilla and Kong franchises? Do we need a plot when we have two monsters? And do we love blockbusters more now […]

Flippin Out Radio – Flippin Got Engaged

James Flippin ( @jamadrop ) and Evan Petracca host as James is now engaged, the story is discussed, as well as a Facebook commenter who claims it’s all degenerate. Quick discussion of MLB moving the all star game, plus is Evan a sinner for associating with such degeneracy? We […]

Minutia Men – Nuclear Codes and Mob Cooking Shows

Rick and Dave chat about a nuclear code mishap, baseball traditions in out-of-town ballparks, a mob cooking show gone awry, and Rick coaches Dave on the appropriate way to renew his wedding vows. [Ep223]