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Caffeinated Comics – Loki

Disney Plus wraps up their latest series with a tease for everything? Was that Immortus? With a season 2 in the wings, will we not see Loki in Thor: Love and Thunder? Plus, Stveen is mad at Marvel omnibus spines and would you pay $400 for a Galactus Marvel […]

Flippin Out Radio – Koehckennenbahlltz: Built For Speed

James announces he and Chris have picked a wedding venue, Evan’s tough week includes a motorcycle crash, bolt and washer in a tire (who is throwing all these nails around?), and a missed Monster Truck Show. Also: Cock and balls… how is it spelled? [EP407]

Minutia Men – Oprah’s First Gig in Chicago

Inappropriate storytime in the UK, kids say the darndest things, Oprah’s first gig in Chicago, Woke Coke, a really bad popping noise, and a brush with stars of the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High are among the minutiae discussed by Rick and Dave. [Ep237]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Spank The Monkey!

Doug, Lefty & Red talk about Biden,Cuba, Covid and censorship. Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey goes to a library. Bubba and the gang race to save Flare Gorgon. Shark victims are bigots or something and a Poo bomber is brought to justice. [EP367]

TWM – Little Trouble Wine Co. – Jennifer Reichardt & Sara Morgenstern

Jen & Sara were going to make wine together, and they knew that it started with organic grapes and that the wine would be a reflection of the vineyard. What they didn’t know was what the winery would be called. Now inspiration comes in many forms and “Trouble” comes […]

Destination Eat Drink – Barcelona tapas, cava & cheese with Paula Mourenza

Barcelona has its own unique tapas dishes like artichoke omelettes and bombas. And, there’s dozens and dozens of local cheeses like tupi and serrat. Cava is also from the region. Foodie tour guide Paula Mourenza from Culinary Backstreets tells us about all this and more. [Ep 137]

Wine Women – Martha Barra, BARRA of Mendocino

Martha Barra was not destined for the wine business from an early age. (Our show guests come to the wine business from all walks of life.) Martha’s journey into wine started with a walk down the aisle. She married Charlie Barra, a pioneer of organic grape growing in […]

Free Kicks – Euros Wrap Up

The wrap-up of the incredible European Cup tournament with a discussion of the finals and its unpleasant aftermath…this week by Adam and Rick. [Ep123]

GWIA – First, Take a Deep Breath

This week the guys discuss simple deep and controlled breathing as a way to relax while having a pain flare up or just in everyday life.  Jeff has practiced and taught meditation for decades and taught John how it could help get him through a big surgery.  Spend a […]

Planted – Celia Carter

Sara visits with Celia Carter, Co-Founder & CEO of Roshi to talk about technology in cannabis, supply chain management and the importance of affordable technology solutions for the survival of small companies.