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Back 2 You! – Teaser

Three Chicago TV personalities, Howard Sudberry, Steve Baskerville, and Alyssa Ali, talk about the things you don’t see on the air and other work place experiences that everyone can relate to. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s about a lot of this and that including travel, food, what they […]

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Minutia Men – 02/16/19

EP125: Rick and Dave discuss a giant soccer appendage, take a Minutia Men quiz about washing hands, Jenkins scams the wrong man, Rick tells the tale of his brush with Deepak Chopra, and they interview Zach Ward–who played the bully Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story.

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The Mr Nailsin Show – Keep On Trekkin’!

EP231: Doug reviews the recent episodes of Star Trek Discovery and The Orville. Mr Spot finds a potential murder suspect in the latest episode of Bubba Stargone And The Uranus Patrol. Doug ends by mumbling about headaches & jury duty and stuff.

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Sports Dorks – Then Came Monday

Scott & Andy talk about a poker trip for Andy, take a virtual trip for spam & poi, take a good look at ‘The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh”, and so much more.

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Destination Eat Drink – The Sherry Triangle

EP11: The Sherry Triangle of Spain has sherry, of course, but also features some of the world’s best tapas restaurants, beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches, and stirring Flamenco performances.

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The Wine Makers – Master Somm. Ian Cauble

The guys sit down for a real life look at being a Master Sommelier with the star of first Somm movie, Ian Cauble.
Co-founder of SommSelect Wines, Ian talks all things wine and life after the movies…which sounds pretty damn good.

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The Bite Goes On – Jay Rooke

EP15: We got lucky to get Jay to sit down with us on The Bite Goes On to tell his story of how career choices in being a culinary instructor and restaurant owner led to his becoming a personal business coach and start-up guru. This past fall, Jay created and produced Seeding Sonoma, which […]

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Flippin Out Radio – 02/14/19

James Flippin went quail hunting in Georgia, he and Mike Montone discuss the great Roger Stone, plus the (blackface) madness in Virginia, and how in America these days – it’s all race all the time.  Plus, James on stomach disasters brought on by sugar alcohols, his new glass piece, and irrational anger.

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Free Kicks – 02/14/19

EP30: Adam and Rick discuss the worst loss in Chelsea history, the race for the top six, and take an Arsenal quiz.

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Shut It Down – Empty Pockets

Here we are Taffertins! Another exciting installment of your favorite podcast about your favorite television show, Bar Rescue. We are talkin about a lovely establishment called “Zanzbar” which has, you guessed it, the crown of the Statue Of Liberty in it. Cross-branding? Sure! It’s run by a man named Ami, a guano crazy guy […]

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