Minutia Men – Elvis Weddings Have Left the Building

The late Yes drummer Alan White, a cereal that doesn’t seem like a great idea for breakfast, Cockroaches, Sex-Ed through fishing, and the end of the great Elvis wedding tradition are among the topics discussed this week by Rick and Dave. [EP273]

Nick D – Rose Abdoo from “Gilmore Girls” & Best 90s Movie Songs

Nick is joined by actress Rose Abdoo from the great shows “Gilmore Girls,” “Hacks” and more. They talk about her career and her years working in Chicago on stage, and with The Second City. Then Esmeralda Leon visits for a discussion about the best 90’s movie songs, terrifying facts about […]

Destination Eat Drink – Amsterdam Stroopwafels and swearing like a real Dutch person

We’re in Amsterdam with Thijs of Amsterdam Food Tours for Stroopwafels, Pancakes on a boat, Stamppot, and how to swear like a Dutch person (don’t worry, it’s G-rated!). Plus, we talk about how the Dutch handle soft drugs like weed. [Ep 185]

Show Notes:

Amsterdam Food Tours

Reverse Culture Shock


Nick D – TV Talk with Dan Fienberg and Classic TV Theme Songs

Nick is joined by TV critic Dan Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the season finale of “Barry,” the new Jeff Bridges show “The Old Man,” some great documentaries and much more. Then Esmeralda Leon stops by to talk about scary bathroom stories, TV theme songs sung by […]

Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn makes the Marvel Universe his own! Jon, Elliott, Dave and Tom Juettner discuss how Marvel brings outer space into the mix, who could have played Star Lord and how “Star Wars” this film really is. Plus, why “A” list actors are lining up for some very small parts. […]

The Mr Nailsin Show – New Age Rituals!

Doug, Lefty & Red talk about Doug going to the hospital, Amber Turd, Ezra Miller and JJ Abrams. Florida man claims he exposed his genitals for a new age ritual. Bug-Man returns! A look at New England vampires and some idiot buries his dad’s dog alive! [EP416]

The Wine Maker – Tom Darling, Darling Wines

The cool blues and relaxing vibes of Tom Darling’s new Sonoma Plaza tasting room will draw you in, his exploration of single vineyard wines from extreme coastal California will keep you there. The guys go on-location to Darling Wines and sit down with Tom to find out how a guy […]

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