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Minutia Men – Cubs and Cows

Rick and Dave discuss specialty masks, how a cow makes milk, sex dolls in the stands, Rick’s brush with Leave it to Beaver’s Barbara Billingsley, and they interview Beau Thompson, a man who is trying to collect one million Cubs baseball cards. [EP180]

Minutia Men – Grocery bags and body bags

Rick and Dave discuss the lighter side of the virus with stories about Dave’s senior advantage, a woman who doesn’t quite get the concept of the mask, the best place in the world to be quarantined, and a government employee who just made one heck of a goof. Also, […]

Minutia Men – Michael Jordan and Josh Gondelman

Rick and Dave discuss the most unusual smoothies ever, the fact that Michael Jordan can do absolutely anything he wants, Rick’s brush with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Neil Young, and they interview writer/comedian/producer/author Josh Gondelman. [Ep178]

Minutia Men – The Who, The Bulls, and The Dry October

Rick and Dave discuss the least successful tip line ever, the dry Oktoberfest, Joe Buck and Harry Caray, Rick’s brush with the 1990s-era Chicago Bulls, and they interview Loren Gold, the keyboard player for The Who. [Ep177]

Minutia Men – Passengers, Poker & Peterik

Rick and Dave discuss wrestling in Florida, a COVID joke, a French ejection, Rick’s brush with recently departed Cubs Glenn Beckert and Jim Frey, and they interview poker pro Tristan Wade and rock star Jim Peterik. [Ep176]

Minutia Men – Curly, Clue & Krauts too

Rick and Dave discuss CoronaVirus pick up lines, Germans who don’t follow orders, Pat Robertson’s theory about the virus, Rick’s brush with Harlem Globetrotter Curly Neal, and they interview comedian/motivational speaker Tim Clue. [Ep175]

Minutia Men – A Corona Show with Shoeless Joe

Rick and Dave discuss Malaysian CoronaVirus don’ts, play a few CoronaVirus ditties, ask inappropriate French CoronaVirus questions, Rick tells about his brush with the recently departed Adam Schlessinger, and they interview the man who once played Shoeless Joe Jackson–actor DB Sweeney. [Ep174]

Minutia Men – The Lighter Side of CoronaVirus

Rick and Dave talk about a moronic “influencer”, Morgan Freeman’s toilet paper poem, stripper delivery, Rick’s brush with Bobby Sherman, and they interview comedian/author/Melania Trump impersonator Lauren LoGiudice. [Ep173]

Minutia Men – An Indoorsman’s Guide to CoronaVirus

Rick and Dave put on their well-worn indoorsmen’s hats and give you tips for passing the time during self-quarantine. They also interview the famous Dr. Ian Smith about medical issues that can help you through this crisis. [Ep172]

Minutia Men – St. Patrick / Coronavirus Day

Rick and Dave fill the St. Patrick’s Day void with Irish musician and singer Timothy O’Shea, plus Dave shares some scientific info that can yank you out of your Coronavirus doldrums. [Ep171]