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Minutia Men – Jenkins, Jealousy, and Jocks

Jenkins is in charge of farewell party invites, Gwyneth explodes, Ben’s life-size jealousy, and a brush with radio legend Larry Lujack. [Ep213]

Minutia Men – The $240 Million Password

Rick and Dave talk about Ricky Gervais and the lions, a $240 million password mixup, walking a husband with a leash, and Rick’s brush with NFL Hall of Famer Walter Payton. [Ep212]

Minutia Men – New Year, Younger Minutia Men

Rick and Dave re-introduce themselves before discussing an 11-year-old gun-toting robber-taunter, dirty Shakespeare, the Haymarket Riots, and a real-life brush with Harry Caray. [Ep211]

Minutia Men – Milk & Moore

Rick and Dave discuss brown cows, the most punchable face in the world, a mother/son lawsuit, and Rick’s brush with Mary Tyler Moore.  [Ep210]

Minutia Men – The Rick and Dave Holiday Special

Rick and Dave discuss Hanukkah at the Stern house, Twas the night before Christmas at Rick’s house, and the usual assortment of wacky stories including breaking into the wrong house, tricking someone to change your diaper, and Rick’s brush with Elvis. [Ep209]

Minutia Men – Kangaroos, Kasper, & KFC

Rick and Dave discuss the KFC movie, Bob Dylan’s song rights, the moment Len Kasper decided to go to the White Sox, Sarah Jessica Parker’s effect on kangaroos, and Rick’s brush with Donny Osmond. [Ep208]

Minutia Men – Rick & Dave’s European Vacation

Rick and Dave give us minutia from Hungary, Austria, and the United Kingdom, and Rick shares his memorable brush with Larry King. [Ep207]

Minutia Men – Thanksgiving Special: Listener Questions

Rick and Dave discuss their favorite Thanksgiving memories (not for the faint of heart) and answer listener questions. [Ep206]

Minutia Men – Cold Cuts & Cold War

Rick and Dave discuss coldcut superspreaders, a cold war mystery revealed, an interview went awry, a college sex guide, and Rick’s brush with baseball HOFer Tony LaRussa. [Ep205]

Minutia Men – Colonoscopies, Crosby, and Chick-Fil-A

Rick and Dave discuss an 11-mile charity run for Jenkins, the fake FBI at Chick-Fil-A, a tribute to recently deceased comedian Norm Crosby, and Rick’s brush with film star Dennis Hopper.  [Ep204]