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Minutia Men – Mitchell, Movies and Missing Millions

Rick and Dave interview sportswriter and author Fred Mitchell, and discuss a really unfortunate cleanup, a really inappropriate use of a public library, and Rick’s brush with football Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher. [EP170]

Minutia Men – Inside the Comic’s Mind

Rick and Dave talk to comedian Ross Bennett, and analyze what makes a comic tick. They also discuss a story that will give you nightmares, Dave’s impersonation of a bodily fluid, and Rick’s brush with soul singer Sam Moore. [Ep169]

Minutia Men – Bags, Batman and Barney

Rick and Dave discuss Arabic numerals, Teabag condoms, bags full of drugs, Rick’s brush with the Empire Carpet Man, and they interview comedian Mike Toomey (WGN-TV). [EP168]

Minutia Men – Valentines, Honest Abe, & a Nun

Rick and Dave discuss a Kimono Dragon mishap, a spiteful Valentine’s Day idea, Dave’s famous Abe Lincoln poem, and they interview Catholic Comic Vicki Quade about her new upcoming stage show. [Ep167]

Minutia Men – The Mooch Chimes in on Impeachment

Rick and Dave interview Anthony Scaramucci about impeachment, and opine on stories of the day like the Corona Virus, an overweight owl, Nazi beer, and Rick’s brush with Harry Caray. [Ep166]

Minutia Men – Yin and Yang

Rick and Dave discuss Jenkins at Facebook, Cockfighting Kismet, Rick’s brush with Kathie Lee Gifford, and they interview author Myke Cole about cybersecurity. [Ep165]

Minutia Men – The Royals…and the Cubs

Rick and Dave talk about Jenkins the bank robber, Prince Harry gets a job, Rick’s brush with the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, and they interview Cubs TV play-by-play man Len Kasper. [Ep164]

Minutia Men – Escaping court, McDonald’s, and Berlin

Rick and Dave discuss a unique court case, annoying homeless people at McDonald’s, Gwenyth’s candle, Rick’s brush with Mayor Richard Daley, and they interview author Lou Macaluso about his Berlin Wall book. [EP163]

Minutia Men – Reefer & Rutles

Rick and Dave discuss medical marijuana, a soccer match gone bad, and Rick’s brush with soccer announcer Arlo White; plus they pay tribute to the late Rutle Neil Innis, and interview Midnight Express author Billy Hayes. [EP162]

Minutia Men – Take it to the Banks

Rick and Dave discuss sketch artist hijinks, maximum efficiency toilets, Rick’s brush with Bob Newhart, and they interview sportswriter/blogger/podcaster/bon vivant, Paul Banks.  [Ep161