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GWIA – Brian Keenoy & “Take Out” Physical Therapy

Ever get frustrated with your therapy because it’s just not the same at home as at the PT clinic?

Well Brian Keenoy has a few really good ideas about making your work at home easier and more effective, in harmony with in-clinic sessions.  From Northern Michigan, Brian helps a huge number […]

GWIA – Phil Madden, Acupuncture Therapy

Ever wonder what was really happening with Acupuncture?  How it worked and how it helped?  How it works on the body and your energy system?  Well then listen to Phil Madden, a therapist with decades of experience in Acupuncture, as he details for us the inner workings of the energy […]

GWIA – Leslie Jaubert, “Simple water therapy kills pain”

Want freedom from pain?  Water therapy is a huge key to that freedom.  Listen to Leslie Jaubert talk about why aqua therapy is so good for you and exactly how easy it is to get going.  Through your doctor, your clinic or physical therapy you can take advantage of water’s […]

GWIA – Human Touch

This week John sits down with Shiatsu Acupressure Massage Therapist Gary Ruiz who helps us understand the importance of human touch in the healing arts and how this form of “barefoot medicine” can help us all understand the human condition and our own pathway to getting well.  It’s really quite […]

GWIA – Baby Steps, Caitlin Anderson from Tranquil Waves Yoga

Just start with baby steps and keep it going.  Caitlin Anderson from Tranquil Waves Yoga joins us and talks about the importance of physical therapy and John’s favorite subject, Chair Yoga.  It’s all about the little things. Enjoy. [EP17]

GWIA – She was Practiced at the Art of Deception

Call it what you want but getting better can be tough work and just doesn’t show you the results you want instantly.  But Progress not Perfection becomes our mantra this week as we talk failure, relapse and getting back on the horse.  How’s that attitude been working for you John?  […]

GWIA – Brian Wirick, Chiropractor

This week the podcast sits down with a well known and well regarded Chiropractor from Sonoma, Brian Wirick.  Today’s chiropractic sessions involve a whole lot more than simple back adjustments and Brian is in the forefront of that movement.  Find out about the real mind/body connections and exactly why more […]

GWIA – Marianne Harms, Coaching for Life

Following on last week’s show with Josh Cutler and his The Day Hospital book,  we talk with an old friend who has spent her life coaching and helping people in need.  Marianne Harms,has helped people with mental health issues through therapy and coaching for decades.  Her work has been key […]

GWIA – Josh Cutler

Without a doubt the most intense and enlightening of the “roadmaps to getting well” that we’ve presented, Josh Cutler gives us an inside view from The Day Hospital and what it’s like to come to grips with mental health and what to do when you need help in balancing your […]

GWIA – Sara Payan

Certainly one of the most interesting of all the roadmaps to getting better that we’ve done on the show.  Meet SaraPayan, Sara is an award-winning educator specializing in cancer related symptom management, Public Education Officer at the Apothecarium (San Francisco), writer, patient advocate and host of the […]

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