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Eamus Catuli

Eamus Catuli – NLDS Preview

A very excitable Andy breaks down the SF Giants, breaks down the series, and simply breaks down.

Eamus Catuli – 10/04/16

103-58. The regular season is over and Andy looks to the playoffs with a rallying cry worthy of "Braveheart".

Eamus Catuli – 09/30/16

101-57. A strange Cubadaweek seems in order the day after a game ends in a tie.

Eamus Catuli – 09/28/16

101-56. The Cubs top the century mark, and Andy starts building his shield for the playoffs.

Eamus Catuli – 09/27/16

99-56. After a series victory over the Cardinals, Andy's in a great mood to toast David Ross.

Eamus Catuli – 09/23/16

97-55. After a sweep of the Reds, Andy hopes to put a little hurt on the Cardinals.

Eamus Catuli – 09/21/16

96-55. With four 15 game winners in the rotation, Andy enjoys some delicious Cake.

Eamus Catuli – 09/19/16

94-55. After clinching, Andy has two very important words: F*CK CURSES.

Eamus Catuli – 09/16/16

93-53. The Cubs clinch the Central, but Andy has bigger plans.

Eamus Catuli – 09/14/16

92-52. Time for another rubber game, so grab your Sex Packets as Andy prays for a midweek humpday beatdown.