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Eamus Catuli

Eamus Catuli – 09/12/16

91-51. Andy recaps the Houston series, anticipates St. Louis, and looks back at the 2001 Cubs.

Eamus Catuli – 09/09/16

89-50. The Cubs drop a game and a series to the Brewers so not surprisingly Andy is a tad frazzled.

Eamus Catuli – 09/07/16

89-49. The Cubs await a rubber match with the Brewers as Andy gets impatient for October.

Eamus Catuli – 09/05/16

88-48. Frisco is in the rearview with the Brewers on deck, Ron Santo memories, and more.

Eamus Catuli – 09/02/16

86-47. September begins with Andy's streak of optimism continuing.

Eamus Catuli – 08/31/16

84-47. As rare as a shooting star or a four leaf clover, Andy is happy and content with the Cubs.

Eamus Catuli – 08/29/16

82-47. Andy works through his anger after the Cubs drop a series to the Dodgers. Plus, the 1989 Cubs!

Eamus Catuli – 08/26/16

81-45. The Cubs sweep the Padres, and Andy is witness to one of the games. Plus, Cubadaweek and more!

Eamus Catuli – 08/22/16

78-45. The Cubs lose two, and Andy loses his mind. But he has a reason to be happy.

Eamus Catuli – 08/19/16

77-43. After a 4 game sweep of the Brewers, it's Cubadaweek and a look ahead.