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Eamus Catuli – Looking Back & Looking Ahead

On this final episode of Eamus Catuli, Andy puts a bow on the 2016 Championship Cubs and shares his thoughts on 2017 and beyond…


Andy still isn’t convinced that he didn’t die and that this isn’t heaven. And if so, he’s fine with it.

Eamus Catuli – World Series Game 7

This is the podcast episode Andy was born to host. Come chug some Cubby Kool-Aid to calm your nerves.

Eamus Catuli – World Series Game 6

Two wins shy of the promised land, Andy fights to keep sane. It hasn’t been easy.

Eamus Catuli – All Tied Up

World Series, 1-1. – The Cubs and Indians are tied, but Andy is very optimistic as the World Series heads to Wrigley Field.

Eamus Catuli – World Series Preview

World Series Preview – It’s Real. It’s Happening. Let’s Do This. Andy fought off laryngitis to give his preview of Cubs/Indians.

Eamus Catuli – NLCS Game 6

NLCS 3-2. With the Cubs on the verge of history regardless, Andy is calmer and more optimistic than would be expected. He must have upped his meds.

Eamus Catuli – 10/17/16

NLCS 1-1. – Andy can’t decide if it’s a roller coaster or a scary hayride, but, he’s determined to stay optimistic and have fun. Cubs/Dodgers is turning out to be a classic.

Eamus Catuli – NLCS Preview

NLCS Preview – Andy is still reliving the roller coaster from games 3 & 4 with the Giants, plus Cubadaweek and a look at the NLCS with the Dodgers.

Eamus Catuli – 10/10/16

NLDS 2-0. A disturbingly optimistic Andy has a lot to say about the series so far with the SF Giants.