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Destination Eat Drink – Preserving Fruit with Darra Goldstein

Award winning author Darra Goldstein talks with Brent about preserving fruit and the unique and delicious ways to preserve fruit including candied figs, fruit scrap vinegar, and nuts dipped in thickened grape juice from Georgia. [Ep 274]

Show Notes:

Full show notes at https://radiomisfits.com/ded274/
Preserved: Fruit book

Destination Eat Drink – Condiments with Darra Goldstein

Darra Goldstein is an award winning author, food scholar, and professor at Williams College. Her latest project is a 6 volume set called Preserved. She talks with Brent about Volume 1: Condiments including a mustard catastrophe, Worcestershire sauce made with figs, and funky ketchup. Plus, red hoisin sauce and purifying […]

Destination Eat Drink – Curious Traveler Christine van Blokland in Poland, France & Switzerland

Brent talks with Christine van Blokland about the latest season (the 6th!) of her great show on PBS Curious Traveler. She tells Brent about chocolate covered medicine, a candy to make a king’s fiance smile, and the patron saint of perogies. Plus, a visit to an artistic salt mine! [Ep […]

Destination Eat Drink – Switzerland with Rick Kaempfer

Award winning author and podcaster Rick Kaempfer recently visited Switzerland and he tells Brent about dishes like Spitzbuben, Swiss chocolate, and sampling horse meat. Plus, fondue and stinky feet cheese. Rick also talks about his trip getting cut short with a gruesome accident (don’t worry, everyone’s ok). [Ep 271]

Show Notes:

Full […]

Destination Eat Drink – Cocktails from Italy, Bolivia, the US & Colombia

It’s cocktail time with Aperitivo from Venice, Chicha from Colombia, Chuflay in Bolivia, and a unique take on an old fashioned. [Ep 270]

Show Notes:

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Monica talks Venice on Destination Eat Drink radiomisfits.com/ded90
Monica’s book Andar […]

Destination Eat Drink – Kuala Lumpur with Pauline Lee

Pauline Lee is a foodie tour guide from Simply Enak in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She shares the best things to try in KL including Curry Puffs, the King of Fruits, and an amazing coffee drink. Plus, the influence of Indian, Chinese, and Indonesian cuisine on Malaysia. And, rating different Satay […]

Destination Eat Drink – Lafayette, LA & South Korea with Darley Newman

Darley Newman returns to Destination Eat Drink to talk with Brent about Season 11 of her show “Travels with Darley.” She talks about Boudin for breakfast and Zydeco dancing with the right hat in Lafayette. Plus, staying in a Buddhist temple in South Korea and the best sweet potato ever! […]

Destination Eat Drink – Foodie Alabama with Darley Newman

Darley Newman is the charming host of the TV show “Travels with Darley.” She tells Brent about the new season of her show and visiting Alabama for Beignets covered in a mountain of powdered sugar, a cocktail called Nicodemus, and Mac & Cheese as a vegetable. Plus, vegan cauliflower wings. […]

Destination Eat Drink – Wine from Italy, Croatia & Bolivia

Brent visits with Katie Parla to talk about pairing Italian wine with pizza. He also talks wine from Croatia & Bolivia. Plus, Robbin Gheesling tells Brent about the famous wine doors of Florence. [Ep 266]

Show Notes:

Full Show Notes at https://radiomisfits.com/ded266/
Robbin Gheesling’s full […]

Destination Eat Drink – New Year’s in Venice, Japan, New Zealand & Malaysia

We’re popping corks and celebrating New Year’s in Venice with elaborate fireworks and sparkling New Zealand wine. Plus, elaborate Bento Boxes in Japan and turning the calendar page in Malaysia. [Ep 265]

Show Notes:

Full Show Notes at https://radiomisfits.com/ded265/
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Andar per bacari – english version book signed […]

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