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Destination Eat Drink – Chicago Pizza

Deep Dish pizza, Tavern Style pizza, even Quad Cities pizza. We try it all and figure out what to drink with it as we visit Chicago and talk with Jonathan Porter of Chicago Pizza Tours. [EP65]

Show Notes:

Chicago Pizza Tours

Lou Malnati’s Pizza

Pizano’s Pizza

Pizzeria Uno […]

Destination Eat Drink – Portland, Oregon

Food cart pods, the country’s largest craft beer scene, and great breakfast spots. This week we’re in Portland, Oregon for all that plus donuts and pinot noir with Eat Adventures Food Tours Angie Johnson.

Show Notes:

Eat Adventures Food Tours

Prost Marketplace

The Barley Pod

Viking Soul Food […]

Destination Eat Drink – Cape Town, South Africa

Beignets with a Senegalese flair, a bunny dish with NO rabbit, and the best drink to keep away the mosquitoes. This week we’re in Cape Town, South Africa with Elsje Erasmus of Cape Town Culinary Tours for all that plus coffee touba and a dish called bobotie. [EP63]

Show Notes:

Cape […]

Destination Eat Drink – Palermo, Sicily

Rice balls in different shapes, gelato in a brioche bun, and a market named for yelling, this week we’re in Palermo, Sicily for all that plus a trip to the restaurant with the best dishes made from local mushrooms and pasties made by a former nun. Marco Scapagnini of […]

Destination Eat Drink – Rio

A dish named after Romeo and Juliet, Brazillian moon shine, and how to best enjoy Carnival, this week we’re in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In addition, we’ll visit Rio’s famous beaches as we talk with Rio foodie tour guide Tom Le Mesurier. [EP61]

Show Notes:

Eat Rio

Bar do Momo […]

Destination Eat Drink – Budapest and Sicily

A fried bread called Langos, Hungarian moonshine and suitcases full of paprika. We’re in Budapest, Hungary for thermal spas and delicious desserts, too with Eszter Vajda of You, Me & Silicy. Plus, we talk some cool things to do in Sicily and Eszter’s exciting new venture. [EP60]

Show Notes

You Me […]

Destination Eat Drink – Vienna, Austria

Schnitzel, opulent coffee houses and the best thing to eat after a late night of drinking, this week we’re in Vienna, Austria where it’s much more than fancy palaces and classical music. We talk with Melinda Borzsak-Schramm of Vienna Food Tours. [EP59]

Show Notes:

Vienna Food Tours

Lugeck restaurant

Destination Eat Drink – Lisbon, Portugal

Custard tarts, cherry liqueur, and soulful Fado music, we’re in Lisbon, Portugal for sheep’s milk cheese, wine bottles opened without a corkscrew, and lots and lots of climbing of the Seven Hills. [EP58]


Show Notes:

Lisbon Foodie Travel Guide

Pasteis de Belem

Pastelaria Santo António


Terra […]

Destination Eat Drink – Pittsburgh

Croatian cookies, pepperoni rolls and cooking lunch on a steel blast furnace, this week we’re in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Food Tour Guide Sylvia McCoy tells up about riding inclines, watching racing perogis, and eating a sandwich topped with french fries and cole slaw. Of course, there’s beer, too as we […]

Destination Eat Drink – Copenhagen Denmark

A Shakesperean castle, a drink to keep you warm, and a pastry you can’t call danish. This week we’re in Copenhagen, Denmark to try an overflowing sandwich and the new Nordic cuisine with foodie tour guide Maria Beisheim. [EP56]

Show Notes:

Maria’s food tour company Food Tours EU

New Nordic […]