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Destination Eat Drink – Cairo with Sally Elbassir

We visit Cairo for fava bean falafel, Turkish coffee, and Egypt’s national dish Koshary with Sally Elbassir of Passport and Plates. Sally also talks about mummies, pyramids, and what it means to keep Halal. [Ep 104]

Show Notes:

Passport and Plates, Sally Elbassir’s website

The Egyptian Museum website

Koshary […]

Destination Eat Drink – Buenos Aires with Shafik Meghji

Malbec wine, passionfruit ice cream, and a powerful tea. We’re in Buenos Aires for caramel in a jar and a unique dish called alfajores with travel writer Shafik Meghji. [Ep 103]

Show Notes:

Shafik Meghji’s website

Shafik’s Rough Guide to Argentina book

Malvon restaurant and bakery

Destination Eat Drink – Wales with Pip Jones

Amazing cheese, surprising wine, and what NOT to say in a pub. This week we’re in Wales with Pip Jones of Pip and the City and the Travel Goals podcast. Plus, we’ll talk castles, rugby, Welsh rarebit, and craft beer. [EP102]

Show Notes:

Pip Jones website Pip and the […]

Destination Eat Drink – Beer

The best place for a Guinness, an unlikely museum, and beer in church, this week it’s all about beer as we sample Copenhagen beer, mango beer in India, and beer in Rio. Everything from Pilsner to Porter to Stout and everything in between. Ep 101

Show Notes:

Food Tours EU

Destination Eat Drink – Porto, Portugal with Andre Apolinario

In Porto, Portugal we talk about the new wine museum, a battle between breakfast pastries, and the city’s craft beer scene with foodie tour guide Andre Apolinario. [Ep 100]

Show Notes:

Andre’s first appearance on Destination Eat Drink. Episode 46

Taste Porto, Andre’s food tour company

World of Wine in Porto […]

Destination Eat Drink – Florence, Italy

Finding your family in Italy, how to pick the best gelato shop, and what to do with all that Panettone and Pandoro. We explore the food of the historic city of Florence, Italy [Ep: 99]

Show Notes:

Taste Florence, Toni’s food tour company

Perché no!… gelato shop

Gelateria Della […]

Destination Eat Drink – Poland with Aleksandra August

We’re in Poland for traditional Krakow bread, a queen’s favorite dessert, and a ferocious leprechaun. Plus we talk Polish wines and bagels. [Ep 98]

Show Notes:

Visit for website links.

Aleksandra August’s TV show Flavor of Poland website

Aleksandra’s first appearance on Destination Eat Drink Episode 85

Adoria […]

Destination Eat Drink – Clumsy Girl Travels with Marika Devan

This week on the podcast it’s fried tarantulas, Finnish pancakes, and a boat that needs to sleep it off. Marika Devan of Clumsy Girl Travels tells us about her adventures, food and otherwise, plus the most random way to pick your next destination [Ep97]

Show Notes:

Clumsy Girl Travels

Destination Eat Drink – Desserts and Sweets

Pastries in Paris, cookies in Pittsburgh, and donuts in Portland. This week it’s all about sweets plus the story of a wayward nun who steals.[EP96]

Show Notes:

Athens, Greece podcast episode

Athens culinary tour

Auckland, New Zealand podcast episode

Cibo restaurant in Auckland website 

Euro bar in Auckland

Destination Eat Drink – Detroit with Shannon Cason

Master storyteller Shannon Cason talks about the revival of his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. We talk Detroit style pizza, all the cultures that have influenced Detroit cuisine and Shannon’s life altering road trip. Plus, Shannon shares the absolute worst place to get a restaurant recommendation. [Ep95]

Show Notes:

Shannon Cason’s