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Caffeinated Comics – The DC Bloodbath

AT&T slashes 20% of DC Comics’ budget! Industry legends have been laid off! DC Direct is dead! Trades are sidelined! Jon and Steven discuss what this means for the rest of the industry today and what the future of comics looks like, according to Jim Lee. How does Marvel […]

Caffeinated Comics – Star Trek: Lower Decks

“Star Trek” goes animated! Elliott Serrano is back to talk about the latest extension of the franchise. With four series in production, is there room for a new tone? What have we learned from “The Orville”? Is there any way people won’t get upset? Plus, Comicsgate, the magic Of […]

Caffeinated Comics – Spider-Man Day

It’s the 58th Anniversary of Spider-Man first appearance in 1962. Jon and Steven take a while to get to it but cover how the celebration came organically from fans and artists rather than Disney, the need for a light, fun Spidey in dark times and the intolerable wait for […]

Caffeinated Comics – Foundations in Lockdown

Michele Sileo is getting restless. While in quarantine, raising two kids and continuing her law career, she keeps creating non-profit organizations to benefit people hurt by the pandemic. Plus, her passion for “Rick and Morty”, “Bob’s Burgers”, “the Mandalorian” and why her father classic comic book artist Dom Sileo […]

Caffeinated Comics – Tomes of Nonsense

Jon and Steven are getting rid of their long boxes. But will the loss of single issues just mean buying the same stories in omnibus form? Even when the stories are bad? How do the format changes of comics relate to the deluge of new streaming platforms? Plus, why […]

Caffeinated Comics – Retail in Lockdown

Mike Caplan, the owner of Mr. Waynes Pop Culture Collectibles, is back! Mike tells Jon and Steven what curbside pickup is like in a vintage shop, how social distancing works in a small, local store and how the disruption of the toy supply chain boosts the used market. Plus, […]

Caffeinated Comics – Is Joss Whedon Bad?

Ray Fisher didn’t like working with Joss Whedon on “Justice League” but Alan Tudyk comes to the rescue. Plus, Dean Cain is definitely bad, why Pierce Brosnan is a euphemism for wasted casting and so many dweeby Spider-Men. [EP182]

Caffeinated Comics – Remembering Joe Sinnot and Joel Schumacher

A legendary inker and a controversial director have both passed. Jon and Steven discuss how the pairing of Joe Sinnot with Jack Kirby created the best of the Marvel Age, and how his stamp became the look of the Fantastic Four for decades. Then they look at Joel Schumacher’s […]

Caffeinated Comics – Juneteenth

Jon and Steven are relieved the new holiday have given people a chance to calm down and support one another while gearing up for the debacle in Tulsa. Plus, the genius of Alex Toth, how improv comedy influences Marvel Legends and remembering the many iconic performances of Ian Holm […]

Caffeinated Comics – DC Leaves Diamond

In the midst of an industry shut-down comes an industry shake-up! Jon, Steven and Dani Romero discuss the signs that DC Comics would leave the world’s biggest distributor, how Diamond had adhered to the status quo for decades, and what UCS/Lunar means for comic book store owners. Also, remembering […]