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Caffeinated Comics – State of the Toy

What do supply chain issues mean for local toy stores? Mike Caplan, owner of Mr Wayne’s Pop Culture Collectibles is here to explain it all. Mike and Jon discuss the plight of the little guy against Target and Wal-Mart, the overpromises of Hasbro and the retail vacuum TRU left […]

Caffeinated Comics – Dave Pinto

The co-host of “Shaken Not Heard” is here! Jon and Dave discuss how Dave got involved with James Bond, the differences between Ian Fleming’s novels and the Broccoli produced films, and where the podcast can go when they run out of movies. Plus, the parallel between the James Bond […]

Caffeinated Comics – Disney Plus Day 2021

More stuff at home! Disney announces dozens of Marvel shows and surprisingly little from Star Wars. Jon and Steven discuss Marvel’s willingness to back multiple series on new characters, balance release dates against moving feature films and whether everything needs to be in the MCU. Plus, they both lose cats and […]

Caffeinated Comics – The Eternals

Marvel’s long awaited epic is out! Does the serious tone and new character roster jibe with the established MCU? Are the Easter eggs from a different film? Who is the villain? Plus, Jack Kirby’s multiple attempts to create a race of gods inside a superhero universe. [EP252]

Caffeinated Comics – Late Stage Capitalism

What starts as a Halloween themed episode with Hasbro announcements ends up being an examination on the intertwining of collecting and the collapse of American society. How do companies get away with offering more for less each year without losing collectors? Why do our collectibles both pollute the world forever and not last […]

Caffeinated Comics – Hasbro Pulse Con

2 days of Star Wars, GI Joe, Marvel Legends and more! Jon and Steven check in on the Youtube livestream for the latest announcements. Are new characters as important as upgrades? How does the MCU drive the production of comic figures? And what is the Star Wars Galactus? Plus, the new “Dune”. [EP250]

Caffeinated Comics – Shatner in Space

The first captain of the Starship Enterprise boldly goes where only trained astronauts have gone before. The host of the “Strokecast” Bill Monroe joins Jon to talk about what a 90 year old celebrity in orbit means for science and public relations, the effect it has on Shatner’s outlook […]

Caffeinated Comics – No Time To Die

The final Daniel Craig James Bond is here! Jon, Steven and Elliott Serrano talk MASSIVE SPOILERS about the shift of tone from the tropes of the franchise, Craig’s newfound ease of the character and whether the villain’s plans make any sense. Plus, the debt Bond owes to Chistopher Nolan, […]

Caffeinated Comics – Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Steven wouldn’t see it so Jon and Owen O’Riordan took a big cinematic bite of this slice of goofy pie. They discuss whether director Andy Serkis made the difference in the shift in tone, two great actors taking it easy, controlling motion capture blobs of symbiote on screen and, of course, […]

Caffeinated Comics – Remembering Norm MacDonald

Jon still misses Norm. So does Mike Drucker. Jon and the co-head writer of “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” discuss Norm’s legacy from his dark minimalism to his commitment to a bit in the face of apathy or disdain. Plus, the genius of the Fantastic Four sketch and what […]