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Caffeinated Comics – A Troubadour in Quarantine

Beer Babe Jess goes on the road! Jess travels to Georgia, South Carolina and Florida to escape her locked down Chicago apartment. Jon and discuss travel etiquette in a pandemic, where to find local breweries available for curbside and patio dining and how to meet new people while being […]

Caffeinated Comics – The Riots

There was nothing else we could talk about. Jon and Steven discuss the overwhelming feeling of ever major city exploding into violence, the forces that left people with no alternative and the inherent selfishness of the American dream. Plus, what out of control crowds in the summer will do […]

Caffeinated Comics – The Snyder Cut

The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut people are happy today. HBO Max has agreed to premiere the original cut of “Justice League” in 2021. Jon and Steven discuss whether making the movie less like “Avengers” will help, how emboldened fans become when they get what they want and how two different versions of […]

Caffeinated Comics – Star Trek TNG S2

Steven boldly goes to the second season! Jon and Steven discuss the improvements over the first season and the distance it still has to cover to become one of the greatest television shows of all time. Plus, recycled plots from the 70s! Crusher gets fired! Pulaski gets robo racist! […]

Caffeinated Comics – Christopher Lee Dracula movies

Thanks to quarantine, we’re all starting new, big, non-essential projects. That’s how Howie Weingarten talked Jon into watching every Dracula movie starring Christopher Lee in one week. Jon and Howie discuss the style Hammer imprinted on all its films, the loose rules around killing vampires and why you should […]

Caffeinated Comics – Comedy in Isolation

The head writer from “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” is here! Mike Drucker returns to talk about running a television show from his apartment, missing live performing and what the Black Plague can tell us about the coronavirus. Plus, embarrassing celebrity encounters.

Caffeinated Comics – Frikkin Spawn

Todd McFarlane raises two million dollars on one figure! Jon and Steven discuss the Image creator’s business acumen in the face of character irrelevance. Plus, DC pushes to open it up while Marvel flattens the curve, Steven survives Star Trek: the Next Generation season 1 as Jon flies through […]

Caffeinated Comics – Trekkie Newbie

Steven is broken! Our co-host finished Picard and is now deep into the first season of Star Trek: the Next Generation. Hear his pain. Plus, SDCC is cancelled on its 50th anniversary. [EP171]

Caffeinated Comics – An Extrovert in Quarantine

The host of “She Ra: Progressive of Power” is here! Lauren Faits returns to talk her hit podcast, how Netflix changed everything with its new animated series and how a trip to the Dreamworks animation studio helped her get through her divorce. Plus, starting a new job when no […]

Caffeinated Comics – Will Print Survive?

Diamond has stopped distributing new comic books due to COVID-19. Jon and Steven remotely discuss what this means for comic book stores that were already struggling, whether publishers will turn away from periodicals for graphic novels and if this is the time digital will take the spotlight. Plus, why […]