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Caffeinated Comics – Avengers: Endgame

**SPOILERS** Jon, Steven, Lisa Brown, Tina Canfield and Joe Pakovits go deep into the SPOILERS of the most SPOILERIFIC Marvel movie ever made. Plot points, character resolutions, tone and crying will all be discussed. SPOILERS!

Caffeinated Comics – Star Wars Celebration 2

Jon and Steven can’t stop the FOMO so Elliott Serrano and Marco Garcia stop by to tell them what it was like. How different was the show from C2E2 which was held in the sam place by the same people? How hard was it to get into those panels? […]

Caffeinated Comics – Star Wars Celebration

The Force is strong in Chicago! Jon and Steven discuss the FOMO of skipping the show one month after C2E2, the live streaming p – anel and trailer for Episode IX and the shift to Disney+ later in the year. Plus, the new “Hellboy” movie is very, very bad.

Caffeinated Comics – Shazam!

DC changes direction once again! Jon, Steven, Dani Romero and Owen O’Riordan talk their surprised reactions to a new tone, how to introduce a character in film after multiple comic reboots and why it was a New Line film, not Warner Bros. Plus, the many, many lawsuits of Captain […]

Caffeinated Comics – Batman 80th Anniversary

Batman hits octogenarian status as his first comic hits a mellennium. Jon and Steven discuss the Dark Knight’s current state with Tom King’s intrsopective style on the comic, “Gotham” ending and no release date for the next movie. Plus, they return from C2E2 and report from one panel each.

Caffeinated Comics – Continuity Crisis

While Jon and Steven prepare for C2E2, they reflect on comic history. Are comics fictional biographies of heroes or simply ways for different creators to tell their own stories? Plus, the long long, long, unintentional origin of Cable!

Caffeinated Comics – Mutant Massacre

After watching the new “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” trailer, Jon and Steven discuss the ending of the FOX run of films. Is this the final installment? What happened to “New Mutants”? And does anything in this movie matter before a Disney reboot? Plus, hate for the new “Hellboy”.

Caffeinated Comics – Captain Marvel

The dream of the 90s is alive in the MCU! Jon, Steven, Lisa Brown, Tina Canfield, and David Brown discuss whether two directors diluted the vision of the story, spotting Kelly Sue DeConnick in a crowd, and whose side to take in a Kree/Skrull war. Plus, is Carol Danvers […]

Caffeinated Comics – Dan Gvozden

The host of “Amazing Spider-Talk” is here! Dan and Jon discuss their entry points to the comics, how long it takes to collect every issue, the worst runs ever and why 2018 was the most popular year for Spidey yet. Plus, Hobgoblin

Caffeinated Comics – Binge Watching

Jon wonders when he’ll get to “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 2 while Steven wonders if he’ll ever get to “Star Trek: the Next Generation”. Is it easier to binge 10 sitcoms than 5 dramas? Plus, Marvel charges a hundred bucks for a crossover while DC slashes titles!