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Stephs In The City – Grandma Candy

Would you like to smell Gwenyth Paltrow’s orgasm? Well now you can! Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says ‘F You’ To Donald Trump. The original 100 Calorie Vodka Martini Skinny Freezers now available. Also new music from Deanie Boy and a lot more! [EP63]

Free Kicks – The Premier League Returns

Adam and Rick discuss the return of the Premier League, including the first batch of games, the jam packed schedule, and what we can expect over these next few weeks. [Ep72]

Car Guys Report – What Kind of a Driver are You?

It’s one of the eternal car guys questions, What Kind of a Driver are You?  This story and more! [Ep56]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Unmasked!

Doug talks to Pat Dixon of New York City Crime Report about the Covid-19 lockdown and it’s relationship to the BLM protests. [EP310]

And Friends – The One Where Joey Takes A Bath With His Mom

Kimmy explains why you shouldn’t sunbathe near a railway. Tommy adds in a fascinating find for this week’s sex talk. Samuel’s quiz has everyone stumped, but are you able to figure out the real song? All that and more on “And Friends!” (Ep35)

MM Celebrity Interview – Shane Obedzinski

Rick and Dave interview one of the stars of “The Sandlot”, actor Shane Obedzinski. [Ep24]

Back 2 You – Black Lives Matters is very personal

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville have an important and frank discussion on the Black Lives Matters movement. You will not want to miss Steve’s powerful personal stories of his experiences growing up as a black man in America. (Ep39)

Lossano and Friends – Season Two: The Next Generation

Catch up with the crew (both new and old).  Introducing Evie Olson, along with Jen DeSalvo, Dave Heaster, Ann Sheehan, Chris Cwiak, and Allen Rubin joins Tony Lossano  season 2 of Lossano and Friends!  Enjoy all 5 seasons of Lossano and Friends!  Only on Vintage Lossano and Friends!  [EpV09]

Caffeinated Comics – DC Leaves Diamond

In the midst of an industry shut-down comes an industry shake-up! Jon, Steven and Dani Romero discuss the signs that DC Comics would leave the world’s biggest distributor, how Diamond had adhered to the status quo for decades, and what UCS/Lunar means for comic book store owners. Also, remembering […]

Minutia Men – A Cobbler’s COVID Solution

Rick and Dave discuss an illegal workout, a cobbler’s COVID solution, Ben Dover, Rick’s brush with a celebrity, and they interview Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg. [Ep182]