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Free Kicks – Battle of the Titans

Adam and Rick discuss the Titans of the Premier League–Liverpool & Manchester City–their close calls against lesser foes, and their upcoming battle against each other.  [Ep50]

Stephs In The City – Alright, Alright, Alright

Twitter bans political ads while Facebook admits they won’t fact check them. Want a hooker? There’s an app for that! Booze News, plus new music from Annie Nirschel and a lot more! [EP36]

The Prussman Hour – Adam Hunter from MTV?

Stacey and Angela talk about their post #Halloween antics, Stacey #hauntedHouse horrors, Angela’s nieces car wreck, what really happened on the #DFWM Don’t F$ck w/ Me Tour and more! [EP101]

Caffeinated Comics – Age of Apocalypse

Hasbro announces a full line of X-Men from the groundbreaking alternate reality! Jon and Steven discuss why the 90’s is still so prevalent for Marvel’s mutants, even while Jonathan Hickman is reinventing the franchise. Plus, action figures are like board games, Spider-Verse and Ant-Man return for sequels and snow […]

Flippin Out Radio – A Drunk Asian Lady

James Flippin @jamadrop and Mike Montone explore what the point is of Sober October, and No Nut November. Be careful with the second one because you’ll likely face wet dreams. Plenty of discussion on train travel, including James’ being accosted by a drunk asian lady, and questions over conductor […]

Minutia Men – Hash & Potash

Rick and Dave discuss a dead boyfriend, a lady in Red, a hash funeral, Rick’s brush with guitarist Adrian Belew, and they interview WGN-TV newscaster Larry Potash.  [EP156]

The Mr Nailsin Show – So Grinds The Ass!

Speedo clad pervert stalks sorority house. Some idiot threatens to shoot up a school. A woman grinds her ass on a cop while getting arrested. Baron Void attempts a rescue mission. Meanwhile in Louisiana a woman runs over a pregnant woman! All this and classic bits! [EP277]

The Bite Goes On – Terri & Mark Stark

On this week’s episode we follow the path of Terri and Mark Stark, owners of 6 (and one on the way) well loved and delicious Sonoma County restaurants. We discover how they met, who does what, how they work together and make their marriage work. We spend some time […]

Destination Eat Drink – CJ Chenier, The Crown Prince of Zydeco

Cooking soul food on the bus, jars of Tony’s seasoning, and bringing a musical party around the world. This week, we’re talking to the Crown Prince of Zydeco, CJ Chenier about his groundbreaking albums, his favorite things to eat while on the road and the zydeco seeds he planted […]

The Wine Makers – John Myers returns!

The guys welcome back into the fold Mr. John Myers. Steve Waymire, grower at Lazy Dog Vineyard sits in, fresh from a night pick of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. We might talk a bit about the fire too.