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Flippin Out Radio – Is This Thing On?

James Flippin hosting with Mike Montone, Lady E, and Johnny Appleseed joining by Zoom… James was added to the Georgia Democrat’s text-message list, he also got confused by a TikTok and thought it was a bird in his chimney, Appleseed is NOT on parole, Lady E is a poll […]

Stephs In The City – Tainted Butt Wipes

Cottonelle recall, It’s a four-peat!, It’s officially cuffing season, plus music from Sunshine Boys, listener feedback and a lot more! [EP78]

Lossano and Friends – Showering In A Baby Pool

Shower stories, contemplate life without a smartphone, discuss the differences between men & women’s drinking habits, and debate if reboots of popular films are a good idea or a waste of money! That and so much MORE!  Enjoy all 5 seasons of Lossano and Friends! Only on Vintage Lossano […]

Car Guys Report – The Goldfinger Aston Martin comes alive!

Aston Martin has started production of real Goldfinger DB5s! This story and more! [Ep73]

Caffeinated Comics – State of the Marvel Art

Does the House of Ideas still have good bones? Jon and Steven discuss the lengthy run of Nick Spencer’s “Amazing Spider-Man”, Donny Cates on “Thor”, and why you should be reading Dan Slott’s “Fantastic Four” but his “Iron Man” is a toss-up. Plus, Nick Fury gets a Disney+ show, […]

Minutia Men – Bad songs, bad men, and bad hair

Rick and Dave discuss the worst songs of all time, a man who stole over a million dollars in toner ink, McDonald’s french fries saving baldness, and a brush with Gilligan Island star Dawn Wells. [Ep199]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Venus Attacks Bubba!

Thanks to Hurricane Delta(Yeah another Hurricane) Doug’s out of action again. So here’s a Nailsin Double Feature of Venus Attacks and Bubba Stargone [EP327]

Destination Eat Drink – Clumsy Girl Travels with Marika Devan

This week on the podcast it’s fried tarantulas, Finnish pancakes, and a boat that needs to sleep it off. Marika Devan of Clumsy Girl Travels tells us about her adventures, food and otherwise, plus the most random way to pick your next destination [Ep97]

Show Notes:

Clumsy Girl Travels

The Wine Makers – Rosalind Reynolds, Emme Wines

Rosalind Reynolds started her journey into wine at a young age, working on experimental techniques in the lab for Gallo. Her passion for making wine pushed her to “harvest hop” around the world, finally settling in as assistant winemaker to Pax Mahle in Sebastopol. Rosalind then started her own […]

The Bite Goes On – Brian + Sondra

The Restaurant Act + More On this episode Brian and Sondra talk about the state of economic affairs in the restaurant business during Covid. Sparked from Sondra’s recent appearance as a witness on a Congressional hearing with the Ways and Means Committee regarding the need for continued assistance to […]