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Caffeinated Comics – Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Steven wouldn’t see it so Jon and Owen O’Riordan took a big cinematic bite of this slice of goofy pie. They discuss whether director Andy Serkis made the difference in the shift in tone, two great actors taking it easy, controlling motion capture blobs of symbiote on screen and, of course, […]

Minutia Men – Artsy Fartsy

A German marching song, Amy Landecker’s story about Meryl Streep, a statue of Humpty Dumpty, and Rick’s original poem is among the artistic minutiae discussed by the unartistic Rick and Dave. [Ep245]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Poo Bandit At Large!

A man poops on a bag of pizza rolls. Sun King fights robots then discovers his past. Naked driver flashes Toll Collectors. A look at the Lemp family curse [EP378]

The Wine Makers – Harvest in the Valley

Sam, Bart and John are joined by Tanner Walle from Valley Bar and Bottle and cover all things harvest, shortages and Fall Releases from Dane and Sixteen600.  Lots of listener questions and the Bix Clan is heading for Sonoma!  [EP207]

Destination Eat Drink – Transplanted Cuisine

We’re exploring Transplanted Cuisine on Destination Eat Drink. A Czech pastry that found its way to Texas, an Italian digestiv that has exploded in popularity in Spain, Korean/Russian/Uzbek fusion cuisine as well as Malaysian food in South Africa [Ep 148]


Show Notes:

Rachel Laudan on Destination Eat Drink

Rachel Laudan’s

Wine Women – Harvest and the Hosts

While harvest is underway across wine country, we check in with the hosts in this episode. Unsurprisingly, everyone reported mighty tight and busy schedules, with Misty Roudebush Cain just in off a night harvest where she was working with a videographer for St. Supery hours earlier.

Lisa Adams Walter […]

Free Kicks – Special Teams Coaching

The Champions League is back and Rick and Adam discuss the decline of the Spanish teams, plus they analyze what a special teams coach can do.  [Ep131]

GWIA – Baby Steps, Caitlin Anderson from Tranquil Waves Yoga

Just start with baby steps and keep it going.  Caitlin Anderson from Tranquil Waves Yoga joins us and talks about the importance of physical therapy and John’s favorite subject, Chair Yoga.  It’s all about the little things. Enjoy. [EP17]

Planted – Tina Gordon, founder of Moon Made Farms

Sara sits down with Tina Gordon, cultivator and founder of Moon Made Farms, to talk about advocacy, regenerative practices and her shift from city dwelling musician to Humboldt cannabis farmer. [EP37]

Twitter: @moonmadefarms

RTA – Pleasure Syndicate – Scott Jacobson, Todd Levin, Jason Roeder, Mike Sacks, Ted Travelstead

“Writing with other people makes the solitary writing life a lot more fun, especially when it’s the same sensibility which is a rare thing.” – Mike Sacks

Today I interviewed Scott Jacobson, Todd Levin, Jason Roeder, Mike Sacks & Ted Travelstead. Authors of Sex: Our Bodies Our Junk and humor […]