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Stephs In The City – How’s your hole…family?

It’s Mental Health Month, Chicago artist is filling potholes with stunning mosaics of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, Bill Murray and Guy Fieri will face off in a Nacho competition, because why not? Plus new music from White Rabbit Object and a lot more! [EP60]

Back 2 You – Back After Testing

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville, these ramble brothers argue about cold pizza & reveal an online test that analyzes their personality type. You can take the test as well….on the Next Back 2 You! (Ep36)

Lossano and Friends! – 1st voice in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’

Cheryl Scott (ABC Chicago), Fred Winston (Radio Icon), Rob Hart (WBBM NewsRadio) join Jim Gronemann, Ashley Lobo, Chris Cwiak, Ann Sheehan and Tony Lossano. Enjoy all 5 seasons of Lossano and Friends! Only on Vintage Lossano and Friends! [EpV04]

Caffeinated Comics – Christopher Lee Dracula movies

Thanks to quarantine, we’re all starting new, big, non-essential projects. That’s how Howie Weingarten talked Jon into watching every Dracula movie starring Christopher Lee in one week. Jon and Howie discuss the style Hammer imprinted on all its films, the loose rules around killing vampires and why you should […]

Geek/CounterGeek – Reviewing Star Wars: The Clone Wars

This month’s Pop Culture Blind Spot will be either “Logan” or “Logan’s Run,” vote in the poll at twitter.com/geekcountergeek Misty Callahan and Keith Conrad share their thoughts on the series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.Plus, Misty is making progress on creating her comic book while Keith’s novel […]

The Wine Makers – Virtual Wine Tasting Part Deux

We had another great virtual wine tasting with Dane Cellars & Sixteen600. This is just some “bonus” content if anyone would like to hear it.


Minutia Men – Grocery bags and body bags

Rick and Dave discuss the lighter side of the virus with stories about Dave’s senior advantage, a woman who doesn’t quite get the concept of the mask, the best place in the world to be quarantined, and a government employee who just made one heck of a goof. Also, […]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Out Like Flynn!

Doug, Lefty & Red discuss the Flynn case. Some twins share too much. A jail employee has sex with inmate. Bubba Stargone confronts Dr Leer. A man beats his father to death with a bat. Meanwhile police are on the lookout for a chicken! [EP304]

The Bite Goes On – Crista Luedtke

Restaurauteur, Chef, Hotelier  Crista Luedtke is an amazing gift to Sonoma County  – “almost singlehandedly, Luedtke transformed Guerneville into a buzzing vacation getaway.” -Forbes   She purchased  a hotel in 2008 and established eat + drink in 2009 and hasn’t stopped yet.  She is an extremely hard worker and instills […]

Destination Eat Drink – Chocolate

Chocolate in Costa Rica, chocolate in Peru, making chocolate in Hawaii, and getting kicked out of your apartment because of chocolate. This week it’s all things chocolate with David Menkes of Letterpress Chocolate.

Show Notes:

Letterpress Chocolate https://letterpresschocolate.com/

Hotel Chocolat St. Lucia https://www.hotelchocolat.com/uk/about/cocoa-estate.html

Madre Chocolate https://www.madrechocolate.com/

Taza Chocolate https://www.tazachocolate.com/

Ucayali, Peru […]