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Back 2 You – The Presidential Test

Howard quizzes Steve on some American history and is stunned at how well he did! Then they take some surprising twists and turns into a conversation. (Ep21)

The Prussman Hour – Send Me No Photos

Stacey and Angela discuss #twitter feuds, queens of the compound show at White Plains Comedy Show, Angela’s dislike for people sending her photos from places she isn’t invited, Halloween and #Baghdadi dead.

Caffeinated Comics – Scorcese Hates Superheroes

Can you like both “Goodfella” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”? Jon, Steven and Kevin Ryan discuss classic filmmakers Martin Scorcese and Francis Ford Coppola commenting on the sea change of cinema and how much weight their voice carries. Plus, a deep dissection of the final “Star Wars: the Rise […]

Minutia Men – Yes, Please

Rick and Dave discuss Jenkins in Mattoon, Jesus’ shoes, a man who can make it rain, Rick’s brush with Paul McCartney, and they interview Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Alan White–the drummer from Yes.  [Ep155]

The Mr Nailsin Show – The Bogeyman Returns!

Night Knight must defend Club Night’s Halloween party from the horror of The Bogeyman! [EP276]

Free Kicks – Old Trafford

Adam and Rick discuss the power of Manchester United’s home stadium–Old Trafford. Also, play along with the Guess the Premier League Star game. Can you guess him before Adam does?  [Ep48]

Sports Dorks – Charlotte’s Web of Lies

Scott and Andy waste their good drinking years talking about Grampa, bemoaning abysmal NFL rushing that has Walter Payton spinning in his grave, mourn Two Socks, and so much more. [S3E13]

Destination Eat Drink – Marrakech, Morocco

A pie made with pigeon, Moroccan spices, and the Souk mama, this week we’re in Marrakech, Morocco talking with local foodie tour guide Amanda Mouttaki about the fascinating cuisine of her adopted hometown. [EP47]

Show Notes

Marrakech Food Tours https://marrakechfoodtours.com/

Zaalouk, smoked eggplant dip https://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/recipes/8722940/Zaalouk-recipe.html

B’ssara, fava bean soup for breakfast […]

The Wine Makers – Todd Jolly, Sonomas Best

This week we sit down with our friend Todd Jolly, he runs the best wine program in Sonoma out of a small deli at the end of 8th St. East. Todd brings some epic Riesling for us to try. We cover a wide variety of subjects on this show […]

The Bite Goes On – Dave Ehreth, Sonoma Brinery

If you hear us crunching on this episode, it’s because we are chomping on the FRESHEST, crunchiest pickles you can possibly eat. Lucky for us, Dave Ehreth from Sonoma Brinery left his role in tech and decided to turn his pickle hobby into a thriving business. You can feel […]