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Destination Eat Drink – Beer

The best place for a Guinness, an unlikely museum, and beer in church, this week it’s all about beer as we sample Copenhagen beer, mango beer in India, and beer in Rio. Everything from Pilsner to Porter to Stout and everything in between. Ep 101

Show Notes:

Food Tours EU

The Bite Goes On – Rachel and Andy Berliner, Amy’s Kitchen

This was truly an honor to be able to talk to the founders of Amy’s Kitchen , a company born (1987) in our backyards and possibly the largest employer in Sonoma County. Both Brian and I are huge fans of the pioneers in the organic and vegetarian frozen foods […]

Wine Women – Sierra Zeiter, Oak Farm Vineyards

Sierra Zeiter immediately impressed us with her passion and strong instincts. We were a little surprised to hear that she told her parents she wanted to be a winemaker long before she was of drinking age! (She does not come from a wine business family!) But she knew it […]

Back 2 You – A Presidential Bubbly Wubbly

Howard quizzes Steve on some American history and is stunned at how well he did! Then they take some surprising twists and turns into a conversation. On the next Back 2 You! (Ep57)

Free Kicks – Literary Football

Rick and Adam throw in a little Shakespeare to their Premier League discussions. [Ep90]

And Friends – Big Cat Trouble In Little Florida

Tommy gets everyone to expose themselves. Kimmy looks at safe sex during COVID.  Samuel tells the tales of Florida, Florida, Florida.  All only on “And Friends!” (Ep55)

MM Celebrity Interview – James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn

Rick and Dave chat with parenting humorist/author (Xploding Unicorn, Bare Minimum Parenting, Prance Like No-One’s Watching) James Breakwell. [Ep44]

Stephs In The City – Scrotal Recall

50 Cent Tweets ‘F**k Donald Trump’ after Chelsea Handler says she’d give it another go with him, Kim Kardashian West’s Clueless Birthday Party, German police shut down 600-person ‘fetish party’ plus new music from AJ Rosales and a lot more! [EP81]

Lossano and Friends – Powerful Men Wearing Pretty Dresses!

Larry Wert, President of Tribune Broadcasting, comedian Susan Messing, and reoccurring guest Ben Capraro join us to talk unicorns, selfies, Bozo the clown, and epic dance fails! That and so much MORE!  Enjoy all 5 seasons of Lossano and Friends!  Only on Vintage Lossano and Friends!  [EpV29]

Car Guys Report – It’s Modern Muscle time with our Man in the Field!

It’s a great discussion about the Modern Muscle Car with our Man in the Field, Roger Rexroade! This story and more! [Ep76]