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Lossano and Friends! – 11/5/17

Ep97: Tony Lossano sits down with Mark Lach, the Creative Director of Premier Exhibitions, to talk about his latest exhibit, Saturday Night Live: The Experience, at the Museum of Broadcast Communications!

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The Master Debaters – Dean of the Dead

EP81 This week Sean and Jamie join Toffa on the podcast train. We discuss films that scared us as kids, what still scares us today and if Terry Crews had a vagina, would Sean still have sex with him/her…they/them? Also, Toffa has an awkward moment in a disable toilet and Jamie makes a new […]

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The Mr Nailsin Show – Fall Of The City!

EP111 Doug accidentally deletes the show. Manafort and Papadopoulos indictments, Fusion GPS, NYC Halloween Terror attack and Clinton rigging Democratic primary are discussed with Lefty and Red. Doug then presents old classic radio show Columbia Workshop’s Fall Of The City with Orson Welles and Burgess Meredith from 1937.

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Conservatives, Liberals & Patriots! Oh My!!

JAZ & Andy shower each other in compliments, Johnny Mo plays a Twitter game called “Bannon, Jones or Seagal” and we talk politics & comedy with the star of the new Clickhole feature “Patriothole with Doug Baxter”, Daniel Houle!

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The Wine Makers – The Lost Episode

After being so rudely interrupted by the horrendous Nor-Cal fires, The Wine Makers invite you back to Sondra Bernstein’s Rhone Room for a show originally intended for release on October 13th. Let the world know Sonoma and Napa are indeed open for business and are really on track.

Our guests are Ian Blessing from The […]

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Minutia Men – 11/02/17

EP72 – Rick and Dave discuss strippers who steal guns, memorable protests, beer cooler dos and dont’s, Circus Solly Hofman, and Rick’s brush with Burt Ward from Batman.

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The Stacey Prussman Hour – 11/01/17

Stacey is joined by Comics Vicky Kuperman (author of How to Spy on Your Neighbor) and Vanessa Hollingshead. Both friends and cast-mates of The Vagina Monologues . They discuss their adventures in Florida, the show, men, lube, comedy life and scandal.

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The Rob Saul Show – Halloween 2017!

Rob and crew visit with psychic medium @kristyrobinett. They’re unable to contact Medicated Tammy but instead contact Mike ‘s late grandfather. Mr Nailsin’s Dracula audio play is discussed while Rob’s friend “Jack” inspires Rob and mike to recall old humiliating drunken tales.

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The Busy Border Beavers And The Dam

Years of peace in the Enchanted Forest is disrupted after a group of otters moves in without first getting permission from the Head Gnome of the forest. Some want to welcome these new visitors, while others believe all the rules of the forest must be obeyed and the otters must go.

Narrator: Dave Stripling
Burt the […]

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Dishing Bitches – The Red Pill

Halloween pick-up lines, is the perfect costume hidden in your zodiac? Creepy Clown arrested; real or fake? Music from Late Hala, Morning Fuzz and a lot more!

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