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On A Quest – Hell of a Podcast

EP18 – Jill speaks with Larry E. “Buck” Hunter who gives an eyewitness report of seeing HELL first hand. You have to listen to know how he got there so you don’t go!

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Flippin’ Out Radio – 05/10/17

.@jamadrop is discussing Roger Goodell and Chris Christie on pot, Jimmy Kimmel, BST 2017 NFL Draft Special with @kyleflippin, and American assimilation, very good!

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Dishing Bitches – “Schlitz & Tits”

Samantha recaps her trip to San Francisco, Cubs catcher catches something in his face, emojis unlock hidden porn on Instagram, plus music from Polista, and a lot more.

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The Game Show Show – Comedy & Stuff!

JAZ & Andy talk about why doing theatre is a waste of time, Johnny Mo perfects his elevator pitch & the whole gang gets serious about jokes…& guns…& other stuff with Sydney Davis Jr. Jr.: Comedienne Extraordinaire!!

Poop Culture – WTF Flix

EP82: Please donate on www.poopculture.com & Help us raise money to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

This week on the show we find out who the 4 Horsemen of the Pooocalypse really are & the guys decide that Eric needs to take a shot (in the mouth) of the ole vitamin “D”. Then we […]

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War Stories – “Bitches aint shit”

Wild one! @mrkenboyd “Bitches aint shit”, @davemerheje throws puss blood, @lovablelucas drinks it. @richieredding

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The Rob Saul Show – Chris Cope!

Rob and crew visit with comedian Chris Cope. Rob discusses his splashy encounter with Jerry Springer-An update with Medicated Tammy’s ailments.

Lossano and Friends! – 05/07/17

Ep91: Legendary talent, John “Johnny Records” Landecker and Rich “Svengoolie” Koz chat about appearing in the Dick Tracy comics, being part of a big movement along with Caitlyn Jenner, the real dangers of chicken throwing, goofing off in the White House, again with the Hot Crotch, plus the LAF podcast team reunion, and so […]

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The Master Debaters – Go long, Daddy! Not long long!!

EP61: This weeks episode it out of this world…The podcast train goes galactic as we review Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Also, after being warned by Toffa, Michael has watched X-Men Apocalypse and has a few interesting things to say. Salt mode! Activate!

Artie Lange – The Great Bob Saget

The Great Bob Saget joins Artie and they hit the ground running with a rumor that Artie has heard.  Bob and Artie discuss all that Artie has survived.  They both agree than a R-rated ‘Dirty Work’ would have been better.  Artie tells Bob why Don Rickles grabbed his chest on the set.  Bob tells […]

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