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JAZ & Andy wonder where in the world is Johnny Mo, everybody wonders how seven small dogs could possibly kill a person & we talk about the wonderful world of comedy with comedian & satirist Sydney Davis, Jr. Jr. (Yup, that’s two juniors!)


JAZ & Andy reminisce about Senior Prom, Johnny Mo tells us about news & the people who tell us about news & we learn about the Chicago film & television industry from professional actor & casting professional: Jose Antonio Garcia

The Game Show Show – Rational Coversations About Crazy Things!

JAZ & Andy are lonely ‘cuz Johnny Mo’s gone, but they fill the void with the insights & input of A Red Orchid Theatre’s Lance Baker! Call your mom!!

The Game Show Show – Mother I’d Letcha’…

JAZ & Andy try to amuse, Johnny Mo delivers the news & the whole wide world is givin’ them the blues! Let’s talk about stuff!!

The Game Show Show – The Bottle Episode

JAZ & Andy are riffing on pornography & rifling off funny film titles, Johnny Mo is catering around the world & the gang is saving money on production costs with a good old-fashioned BOTTLE EPISODE! Don’t know what that means? Look it up! Or just listen in.

Dishing Missfits – 05/24/16

It's Stephanie's birthday! Pornhub’s sexercise program, X-Rated ‘American Idol’, the girls are making travel plans, music from Lauren Strange and more!

Lossano and Friends – 05/15/16

Ep72: Guests Robyn Lynne Norris from #DateMe, comedian and WGN morning radio host Patti Vasquez and Tony's co-host from Nude Hippo, Amy Zanglin, all join us for a fun filled episode! Amy relives her proposal last year on LAF, Robyn retells her moment with John Locke and Patti reminisces of her days in grade school. That and so much more!!!

Dishing Missfits – 04/12/16

Samantha recalls her accidental visit to a nudist resort in Florida, Loud sex is good for your health, Khloe Kardashian: ‘I’ve Never Seen a White Penis', music from Late Hala a special announcement and a lot more!

Lossano and Friends! – 02/10/16

EpLI - Tony and Evie debate whether it's ok to "go dutch" on a first date, Jen questions the perception of the female sports fan, we play an exciting new game of Name That Movie and we all share some secrets. PLUS MORE!!!

Lossano and Friends! – 01/24/16

Ep46 - Easily the filthiest podcast with the funniest guests, Jeffrey T. Mason & Aly Bockler & more!