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Dishing Missfits – 10/06/15

Ep85 'Funky Spunk' - Ed cooks for the ladies. 5 Chicago foods you shouldn’t eat while on a date. Men and Women's sexual regrets. Do you have Toxoplasmosis? New music from Edewaard and a lot more!

Dishing Missfits – 09/22/15

Ep83 - Arrrrg! Guest producer Chris Cwiak joins the girls on 'talk like a pirate day.' WTF is up with 'The View'? Samantha recaps Riot Fest and its lack of toilet paper. How many parking tickets do you have? Kansas State band apologizes for perverted halftime show, and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – 05/19/15

"Sixty-Nine Is Divine" It's Episode 69! Betty gets into a fight w/ a neighbor. Tips for better 69. History of 69. What foods would you choose over sex? New music from David Duchovny believe it or not... and a lot more!

Lossano and Friends! – 12/27/14

“Lossano and Friends!”  “The Island of Radio Misfits Holiday Special” Samantha Rosedale, Betty Belden, and Gina Scotlynd from “Dishing Bitches;” Dave “The Masshole” Friedrich, Sugar Mama, and Hungry Hindu from “Masshole & The Minions;” and Andy Lurie from “Ready, Set, Vent!”.