DEEP with Stacey Prussman Episodes

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Andrea Mezvinsky

Stacey talks to her dearest friend, talented comedian, actress, and writer Andrea Mezvinsky. They discuss quarantine in LA, her New show called The Ranting Zig -Zag Girl, being sawed in half by a magician, being #metoo by a booker, not being invited to her cousin’s wedding to Chelsea Clinton and […]

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Larry Sharpe

Stacey goes deep with Larry Sharpe the Libertarian candidate who ran for governor of NY 2018. They discuss what libertarianism party is and his political views,  how this pandemic has been handled, how he would have done things differently and more . This interview informative and insightful . Follow Larry […]

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Natalie Cuomo

Stacey Talks to talented and tattooed comedian Natalie Cuomo. They talk about Natalie’s new Magazine #classytrashymagazine , her tattoos, life in quarantine, creativity in the time of Corona and more. @Nataliecuomo on Twitter and instagram. Follow her Magazine on instagram at @classytrashymagazine

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Mike Jenkins

Comedian, actor, and former wrestler and ring announcer Mike Jenkins aka Mad Dawg Jenkins talks about wrestling, performing at Lincoln Center with the Opera, his TV roles, comedy, and the exciting  grand  opening of a store he recently attended )but kept social distance) and more. [EP8]

Follow him at @maddawgjenkins on […]

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Nurse Aileen

Stacey talks With a nurse on the front lines of Covid19 who is working in a NYC Hospital. Nurse Aileen gives tips on how to protect yourself and what life in an NYC Hospital is like during the Pandemic. Important:Wash your hands and Gargle with Salt water. [EP7]

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Carole Montgomery

In this episode Stacey talks to the amazing  veteran comedian Carole Montgomery who is the creator and comic on  The #Showtime Comedy Special Women of A Certain Age  (2 Specials on Showtime) She talks about life as a comedian for over 30 years, how #woaca came to be, life today, […]

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Christine Meehan-Berg

Stacey talks to funny and insightful comedian Christine Meehan-Berg who is in quarantine. They discuss her overcoming postpartum , life without going onstage, the same 4 walls of torture and more. Get her album Bumped follow her @funnychristine [EP5]

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Sharon Simon

Stacey’s guest is funny comedian and mental health advocate Sharon Simon. They discuss Borderline personality disorder and it’s treatments, mental health. Stacey recent relationship and its downfall.  Sharon gives great advice how to stay sane and happy during these trying times! [EP4]

Follow Sharon Simon Website

Deep With Stacey Prussman – Chrissie Mayr

Stacey talks to comedian and host of The Wet Spot on Compound Media Chrissie Mayr about doing press at the #AVNAwards, how porn and comedy is similar, life in quarantine and a video she is releasing! Check out @ChrissieMayr on Twitter, instagram and even Tik Toc. [EP3]

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Jodie Wasserman

From a Brain Aneurysm to a Pandemic . Comedian Jodie Wasserman life changed forever this January after suffering a brain aneurysm, now recovered she is talking about her experience and how awful the Chinese government is. Follow her on Instagram @jodiewasserman [EP2]

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